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Capture for Jira Review - Is It Worth Using for Recording

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 16, 2024Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

Capture for Jira is a solution designed to streamline the recording and management of project-related information in the Jira ecosystem. Capture for Jira provides users with extensive capabilities to capture screenshots and create screen recordings, enhanced by the ability to annotate visual content. The product’s integration with Jira guarantees that all the captured content is connected to relevant tasks or tickets with minimum effort, which significantly improves team collaboration and productivity. Check out Capture for Jira alternative, too, and become a pro in recording projects.

Capture for Jira Review
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Our Verdict

Capture for Jira is an excellent collaborative testing tool that allows teams to give visual feedback directly to Jira with annotations. It's an accessible tool for every team, from validating marketing content to application functionality. With your browser, you can take screenshots and record video screens (for Chrome users). Moreover, it is a great try for everyone.

9.0 Overall



Ease to use:9.0


It can communicate bugs, issues, and feature requests efficiently.
You can easily share the captured image or video with others by providing a link.
The software seamlessly integrates into Jira, allowing users to easily capture images and videos without leaving the interface.
Although it integrates well with Jira, its integration with other tools and systems may be limited.
It has limited data export options.

Part 1. What is Capture for Jira

Price: $10 (per month)

Platform: Chrome

Capture for Jira

Capture for Jira is a testing tool that enables teams to provide annotated visual feedback directly to Jira easily. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing content or validating application functionality, and is accessible to any team. Users have found that the software greatly enhances their ability to track issues, making the process much easier and more convenient. With all issue-tracking functionality in one centralized location, teams are able to collaborate and test together effectively.

The software has been particularly praised for its seamless integration with Chrome, which allows users to capture screenshots and record screens without any hassle. Overall, Capture for Jira is useful for streamlined issue tracking, efficient collaboration, and visual bug resolution.

Part 2. Capture for Jira Review


Capture for Jira is a recording tool with an intuitive interface that has a minimalist layout. It prominently features buttons for capturing screenshots and screen recordings, making it easy to use. The tool seamlessly integrates with Jira's issue-tracking system. Also, we have tested the software and found its quick annotation gestures and customizable hotkeys invaluable for efficient workflows, providing a streamlined user experience. Moreover, we conclude that the simple interface of this tool proves the effectiveness of its use.

Capture for Jira Interface

Capture for Jira Recording Features

Capture for Jira introduces advanced features, including video recording support for Chrome browser, enhancing communication effectiveness. Upon reviewing its recording features, I can say that the users can benefit from the software’s clear audio/visual feedback tools and streamlined browser extension UI across major platforms. Management tasks are also simplified with options to download, delete, as well as to rename screenshots. In addition, it can save you time since there's no need to switch between multiple tools for taking screenshots.

Capture for Jira recording Features

Capture for Jira Annotation Tools

While testing this tool, we noticed that Capture for Jira includes helpful annotation tools that let users add annotations to screenshots within the Jira environment. This feature helps to ensure clear and precise communication by enabling users to highlight, add text, draw shapes, and blur sensitive information directly onto captured images. It streamlines the process of providing feedback and collaborating on visual content within Jira issues. What’s more interesting is it also simplifies the process of annotating videos. It is integrated faultlessly and allows teams to collaborate better by highlighting issues, providing precise feedback, and enabling detailed discussions directly on the video timeline, as this fosters more efficient communication and problem-solving processes.

Capture for Jira Annotation Tools

Capture for Jira Testing Session

This feature of Capture for Jira enables effortless collaboration by allowing users to attach screenshots, screen recordings, and files directly to Jira issues. Upon checking this powerful tool, one of the best features is the collaborative exploratory testing sessions that can be created and joined by everyone, leading to a quicker and more efficient review process. Also as a software tester, we’ve found this functionality improves communication and productivity, providing teams with a straightforward method to share visual information and relevant documents within their project workflows.

Capture for Jira Testing Session

Capture for Jira Pricing

Capture for Jira is a comprehensive test management tool that offers flexible pricing options tailored to various team sizes and needs. Its pricing structure typically includes tiers based on the number of users or licenses required, with options for monthly or annual billing. The special price for small teams is a $10 monthly flat fee for up to 10 users, while $2.30 per user/month for larger and expanding teams. Additionally, Capture for Jira offers discounted rates for academic institutions and non-profit organizations, which fosters accessibility across different sectors.

Capture for Jira Pricing

Part 3. FAQs about Capture for Jira Review

What is Capture for Jira Cloud?

Capture for Jira Cloud is designed for every member of the software to plan, track, and manage work. It is built on the Atlassian platform, and it's customizable and can be integrated with other services.

How to add an extension of Capture for Jira Chrome?

To open Chrome Extensions, click the wrench icon, go to More Tools, and click Extensions. Drag the downloaded extension to install. Find Capture for Jira at the top-right corner after successful installation. In that case, you now have Capture for Jira Chrome extension.

How does Capture for Jira enhance collaboration among team members?

Capture for Jira fosters collaboration by enabling team members to easily share captured screenshots, annotated images, and issue details within Jira. It promotes real-time communication and feedback exchange, facilitating faster resolution of reported issues.

Is there a mobile version of Capture for Jira available?

Yes, Capture for Jira offers mobile support through the Atlassian Jira mobile app. Users can capture screenshots, annotate images, and log issues directly from their mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience for testing and issue tracking on the go.

Does Capture for Jira work offline?

Yes, Capture for Jira works offline, so you can capture screenshots and report issues even when you're not connected to the internet. Once you're back online, everything will sync up with Jira automatically.

Part 4. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a great Capture for Jira alternative if you need multipurpose and high-quality recording software, as it has fewer limits.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a great substitute for Capture for Jira, empowering users with enhanced screen-capturing capabilities. For general purposes, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder’s interface and design exceed that of Capture for Jira on Mac and PC; it offers users an easy and comprehensive way to document and share activities and processes in project management frameworks. As such, it is equally effective for collaboration and productivity in software development and other domains.

Free Download Free Download


Overall, Capture at Jira is a highly effective solution for recording project information and serves as an invaluable asset to teams in need of more rational documentation methods. In a collaborative setting where visual and impromptu notes need to be conveyed quickly and efficiently, this software is most effective. If your group prefers traditional in-person meetings and does not enjoy working online, then this solution may not be necessary. However, if remote meetings are frequent, this software can make the process much smoother. Download Jira Capture for Chrome or any web device now and experience its efficient recording mechanism.

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