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All-Inclusive LICEcap Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternative

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 23, 2024Video Recorder

Technology has advanced significantly, resulting in the transformation of programs into more sophisticated processes that offer users a range of convenient options. Through this review, we will take a closer look at LICEcap, a popular, easy-to-use, and free desktop utility program that allows you to capture a specific area of your screen. We will assess its qualities, performance, and functionality and determine whether it is a dependable option for your screen recording needs. Additionally, we will highlight what sets LICEcap apart from its contenders and assess how it performs in various settings. Whether you are an experienced professional or new to screen recording, our review will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether LICEcap is the right choice for you. Let's start exploring!

LICEcap Review
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Our Verdict

LICEcap is a screen recording tool that works across multiple platforms and offers a variety of tools to capture animated GIFs. Its unique feature is the ability to move the recording frame even while the recording is still in progress. Moreover, it is a terrific way to produce animated screenshots quickly.

9.0 Overall



Ease-of-Use: 9.2


It has a quick and accurate Mac GIF recorder.
It is easy to use.
The interface is simple and minimalistic.
The software can record the entire screen or just a part of the screen.
Users can save GIFs in LCF and GIF formats.
The software doesn’t integrate with other apps.
It has no editing tools.

Part 1. What is LICEcap

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux


LICEcap is a great desktop screen capture tool for recording desktop activity, especially when creating demos and tutorials. The program is lightweight, easy to use, and doesn't require extensive technical skills or system configuration settings. LICEcap for Mac works perfectly and for several versions of Windows without causing lags or crashes. Furthermore, it lets users export the options in GIF animation and others. LICEcap is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to record desktop activity on a Windows or Mac device. The tool's minimal interface has made it immensely popular among users worldwide. Although it's a basic screen recording tool, it can help create engaging demos and tutorials. The installation process takes only a few seconds since it's a lightweight program.

In addition, LICEcap offers the capability to save recordings, which ensures that you won't experience any loss of quality or data. Plus, the built-in command utility allows you to convert files to other formats like PNG quickly. Additionally, you can play all the files on various playback tools and third-party software.

Part 2. LICEcap Review


LICEcap has a minimalist interface design that prioritizes usability and efficiency, making it the perfect tool for creating animated screen captures. The controls are intuitive, and the layout is clean, so users can navigate the recording process without encountering unnecessary clutter. The interface allows for ideal customization, enabling users to adjust frame rates and output settings with ease. Its simplicity enhances usability, while real-time previews and resizable recording areas ensure precision and adaptability. Overall, LICEcap's interface strikes a perfect balance between functionality and user-friendliness, making it a top choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free solution for screen capture tasks.

LICEcap Interface

LICEcap Recording Features

LICEcap offers advanced recording features for technical users, including precise capture options for regions, windows, or full screens, adjustable frame rates, and transparency settings. It maintains efficiency with compact file sizes and minimal resource usage while ensuring spotless performance across platforms. It's the top choice for professionals seeking superior screen recording capabilities, as it can also move the screen capture frame while recording.

LICEcap Recording Features

LICEcap Record Mouse Feature

LICEcap's mouse movement recording feature captures dynamic demonstrations with precision, clarity, and seamless cursor tracking. It enhances visual narrative and provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of on-screen actions. This intuitive feature makes LICEcap the go-to tool for producing captivating visual content with ease, as not all screen recorders have this feature.

LICEcap Record Mouse Feature

LICEcap Operating Systems

LICEcap can be used on various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, but it may have limited functionality on older versions. On macOS, it is available for macOS 10.7-12.x Intel 64-bit or M1. Additionally, it is compatible with Linux.

LICEcap Operating Systems

LICEcap File Formats

LICEcap, working as the GIF recorder, saves the recordings in GIF format. GIFs can be easily embedded online, but the output files are large-sized, meaning that it may take some time to upload them to a third-party server. For example, a 5-10-second animation can take up to 0.5 MB. Therefore, a stable internet connection is important for uploading files without any issues.

In addition to GIFs, LICEcap also supports its own lossless LCF files. These files have higher compression ratios and are available in higher quality, with up to 265 colors per frame. They also ensure accurate timestamping. If you save your recordings in LCF format, you can play them in REAPER, which is an excellent playback tool from the developer. Additionally, REAPER can be used to convert files to GIF and JPG formats.

LICEcap File Formats

LICEcap Pricing

LICECap offers a free version with basic features suitable for personal use. For advanced features and commercial use, a commercial license is available at a reasonable price, providing higher frame rates, customizable settings, and priority support.

Part 3. FAQs about LICEcap Review

How can I fix my LICEcap’s black screen?

Some steps to troubleshoot the black screen issue in LICEcap include updating the graphics drivers to ensure compatibility, Experimenting with different capture modes like in Window, Screen, and Custom, Modifying the capture area to exclude problematic regions, Checking for software conflicts in the background, and if all else fails, reinstall LICEcap to reset configurations.

Is LICEcap safe to use?

Yes, LICEcap is generally considered safe to use. It is a lightweight and straightforward software used for creating GIF animations directly from the screen. It does not require installation and does not interfere with system files. However, as with any software downloaded from the internet, it's recommended to download LICEcap from reputable sources to avoid potential risks.

What file formats does LICEcap support for saving recordings?

LICEcap primarily saves recordings in the GIF or Graphics Interchange Format format, which is widely supported across various platforms and applications. Additionally, it also supports saving recordings as LCF or LICEcap Format files, which preserve the original quality and can be edited or re-exported later using LICEcap.

Can I customize the settings for recording in LICEcap?

Yes, LICEcap offers several customization options for recording. Users can customize various recording parameters, including frame rate, capture area, window size, and text captions. These settings can be accessed through the application's interface, allowing users to tailor their recordings to their specific needs.

How do I install LICEcap on my computer?

Installing LICEcap is a simple process. To download the installer, please visit the official website and follow the instructions provided. Once installed, LICEcap is ready to use without any complex setup or configurations.

Part 4. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Like any other software, LICEcap has no excuse for having limits too. Hence, we recommend AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as a LICEcap alternative.

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: $29.25

LICEcap is an awesome tool. However, it can only be used to record short clips to GIF, where it excels. So, if you want a long-form recording, you might want something else like AnyMP4 Screen Recorder.

It is a universal tool that can help you capture videos and audio with ease. Unlike LICEcap, this software offers a range of practical functions that allow you to record any on-screen activities in high-quality images and sound. With a smooth 60 fps frame rate, it can record even games seamlessly and save the output in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, or TIFF format. You can also use it to record webcams for live streaming purposes and take screenshots. Moreover, Any screen recorder also comes with advanced editing tools that let users add shapes, text, and numbers and customize their color to enhance the quality of their recordings.

Free Download Free Download


In conclusion, LICEcap is a free application available for various platforms to create short animations in no time. Even if you are a beginner in animation creation, you do not have to worry as it is easy to understand. You can also utilize other features like adjusting GIF speed and setting the screen resolution using this tool. But just like any other tool, it has its flaws, too, when it comes to navigation. Thus, an alternative to LICEcap, which is the AnyMP4 Screen recorder, has also been introduced in this article.

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