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Full Review of TinyTake Video Recorder

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 23, 2024ScreenshotVideo Recorder

File sharing has evolved over the years, and users now have several options for sharing files conveniently. Cloud storage is the most popular way of sharing files wirelessly, and in this review, we will be discussing TinyTake, a software that enables you to take screenshots and record your screens with a built-in cloud storage feature. Our review will take a comprehensive look at TinyTake's features, performance, and functionality and assess its potential as a reliable option for screen recording needs. We will also highlight what distinguishes it from its competitors and evaluate how it performs in different settings. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to screen recording, our review will furnish you with all the information you need to decide whether integrating TinyTake software into your work is the right choice. Let’s start to explore!

TinyTake Review
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Our Verdict

When it comes to screen capture tools, TinyTake is a standout option due to its user-friendly design. It offers collaboration features and cloud integration, which makes it a good choice for many users. However, it's important to note that the free version has some limitations and users may need to invest some time to learn the advanced features. Overall, TinyTake is a reliable and feature-rich solution for anyone in need of a tool for their screen-capturing needs.

It is easy to use.
It has no watermark.
The software offers 2GB of free storage on the TinyTake server.
It supports both Windows and Mac systems.
It offers a variety of recording and capture options, allowing users to select specific screen areas, windows, the entire screen, or webcam images and videos through convenient keyboard shortcuts.
The cloud storage maintains a record of downloaded files for the ease of users.
The free plan does have limitations in terms of storage capacity and video recording time.
Some features are not available on Mac.
9.2 Overall



Ease-of-Use: 9.3


Part 1. What is TinyTake?

Price: $29.95 (Free for basic use)

Platform: Windows, macOS


TinyTake video capture is a versatile software tool that lets its users capture and record activities on their computer screens. It uses advanced screen capture technology to capture video and audio output, making it easy for users to record specific regions or the entire desktop. The software also comes with annotation tools that allow users to add text, shapes, and highlights in real time. Additionally, users can add audio narration to their recordings. With seamless sharing options, including integration with cloud storage services, TinyTake makes it easy for users to create and distribute instructional content, gameplay recordings, software demonstrations, and more. Overall, TinyTake is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that has a wide range of applications. However, it is worth noting that it can only record your screen for up to 120 minutes.

Part 2. TinyTake Review


TinyTake is an intuitive tool that comes packed with a host of features to help you capture, annotate, and share content online. With a handy interface, you can quickly record your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously and annotate your recordings with text, arrows, shapes, and more. This tool is perfect for creating instructional content, including tutorials and demos for products. Additionally, you can directly upload your recordings to the cloud and share them with others via a simple link. Overall, TinyTake is an excellent tool that simplifies the recording process and makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality content.

TinyTake Interface

TinyTake Recording Features

TinyTake is also a software that allows you to capture images and videos on Windows and Mac computers. You can easily capture video from your screen, webcam, full screen, window, or capture region by simply right-clicking your mouse. You can also set hotkeys to make the capture task even faster.

TinyTake Recording Features

TinyTake Built-in Image Annotation Tool

Like FastStone, TinyTake allows you to take screenshots, which can be edited using their user-friendly image editor that is optimized for accessibility. You can save annotated image files on your computer or share them online through various platforms. You can highlight videos by drawing rectangles and ellipses, adding text, arrows, and lines, and drawing with a pencil. You also have the option to customize every element by changing the border thickness, border color, font style, and more. Although the editing tool may be basic, it is highly intuitive and easy to use. This feature is worth commending for its simple design and user-friendliness.

TinyTake Image Annotation Tool

TinyTake Built-in Video Annotation Tool

Additionally, TinyTake also allows users to edit videos directly within the platform. The same tools that are used for annotating images can also be applied to videos, even though video files tend to be more complex than digital photos. Once edited, users can save the videos on their PCs or share them online across various platforms. As the video editor features the same options as the image editor, annotating videos is just as simple as editing images.

TinyTake Video Annotation Tool

TinyTake File Sharing Feature

TinyTake enables users to share edited files online through various mediums such as email, cloud storage, or by posting them directly on their desired website. If the user's PC is connected to a printer, then image files can also be printed directly. Indeed, this practical feature is a big plus point for TinyTake.

TinyTake File Sharing

TinyTake Cloud Storage

TinyTake offers a feature that enables users to post edited files online. To complement this feature, TinyTake has developed an online library that automatically saves the file history of users. This cloud storage solution is highly practical and can significantly improve user performance. With TinyTake's online file-sharing feature, all captured images and videos can be uploaded to the cloud storage, allowing users to access their recordings and images on the go. Additionally, local files and folders can also be uploaded to the cloud storage.

TinyTake Cloud Storage

TinyTake Pricing

TinyTake provides both free and paid plans to cater to different user requirements. The free plan comes with basic features, limited storage, and a 5-minute video recording. On the other hand, the paid plans have advanced features like extended video recording time and additional cloud storage, available on a subscription basis. The pricing structure is reasonable and makes TinyTake accessible for both personal and professional users.

TinyTake Pricing

Part 3. FAQs about TinyTake Review

What is TinyTake?

TinyTake is a software that enables users to record their screen activities and capture videos on Windows and Mac computers. Users can add audio commentary and annotations to their recordings and easily share and collaborate on them, which makes TinyTake a valuable tool for creating tutorials and presentations and facilitating communication.

Is TinyTake safe?

TinyTake is a multimedia tool developed by MangoApps that comes with built-in cloud storage. It's completely safe to use as it doesn't contain any spyware. MangoApps has ensured the safety of its users by developing a product that is free of any spyware.

Is TinyTake free?

Yes, TinyTake can be downloaded for free. The software's free version offers basic features and includes 2GB of free cloud storage. Users have the option to upgrade to one of their several upgrade plans.

Does TinyTake have a virus?

No, TinyTake does not contain any viruses and is completely safe to use. According to its website, MangoApps prioritizes the security of its software to protect its users. In addition, their cloud storage is highly protected and secure.

Is there a time limit on TinyTake?

TinyTake allows you to record up to 5 minutes by default. However, you can upgrade for free and receive up to 120 minutes of recording time by inviting your friends and colleagues to join TinyTake. As they register, you earn extra minutes.

Part 4. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

As previously stated, TinyTake has certain limitations. If you're looking for another multipurpose software, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a great TinyTake alternative.

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: $29.25

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder offers more advanced multimedia capabilities than TinyTake, although it lacks built-in online storage. It is a high-quality tool for capturing and recording your screen, with simple editing tools, just like TinyTake. However, if you require more specific and important features, this TinyTake screenshot alternative might be the perfect option for you. It can also be used for specific recording purposes, such as capturing gaming footage and mobile device screens, thanks to its mobile-casting recording element.

Free Download Free Download


TinyTake's built-in image and video annotation tool makes it a good pick if users are looking for a screen capture tool. Additionally, their built-in cloud storage feature makes it convenient, especially for office work. However, users looking for more advanced features may find TinyTake lackluster since it is focused on being an office support software. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder may be a better choice for more advanced purposes.
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