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7 Screen Recorders Without Watermark to Capture Clean Screen

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Screen recording programs allow users to easily record and capture whatever is on their screen on any device. While there may be free screen recorders without watermarks or those that offer a free trial version, many of them will restrict users from using the recording by adding a watermark that can only be removed by paying for the program. Therefore, finding free recording software with no watermark can be quite challenging. With so many screen capture tools without watermarks available online, it is advisable to look for a program with features that you can use. Read more.

Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark
Part 1. Best 7 Screen Recorder Without Watermark Part 2. Comparison of Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark Part 3. FAQs about Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Part 1. Best 7 Screen Recorder Without Watermark

If you're looking for a free screen recorder, many free options have limitations and may require an upgrade to access advanced features or remove the watermark. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the top seven watermark-free screen recorders for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Open Broadcaster Software

1. Best Free Open-Source Screen Recorder for Everyone: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is an amazing open-source screen recording software that doesn’t leave any watermarks on your videos. With it, you can capture your screen, add custom backgrounds to your videos, and combine audio and videos to create unique visuals. Additionally, OBS allows users to stream Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos for free.

Some of the notable features of OBS Studio include the ability to switch between video sections using custom transitions and access to streamlined settings to adjust your screen recording preferences, such as output format and recording mode. In that case, it is worth noting that OBS is a completely free screen recording software without watermarks. The only downside is that the configuration and setup are a bit complicated.


2. Best Screen Recorder For PC & Mobile: Screencast-O-Matic

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Price: Free ($1.65/month for upgraded version)

Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recorder and, at the same time, a video editor for PC and mobile devices that does not include watermarks in recordings. It allows you to enhance the quality of your recordings by adding text, images, and design effects. You can record using your webcam and access a built-in library of stock videos, images, and music. You can also import audio, video, and images from multiple devices. However, it’s important to note that while this is a powerful screen recorder, the free plan limits you to recording videos for no longer than 15 minutes.


3. Best Free Screen Recording Tool for Annotation: TinyTake

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

TinyTake is a screen recording tool that is specifically designed for creating video tutorials and presentations. It enables you to capture everything that’s displayed on your computer screen without any watermarks. It comes with a range of features, such as the ability to record your screen along with audio, share screenshots with annotations and comments, set up timed captures, and create GIFs. It is particularly known for its excellent annotation capabilities. However, it is important to note that it can only record your screen for up to 120 minutes.


4. Best Screen Capture Tool for Mac Users: QuickTime

Platforms: macOS, iOS

Price: Free

QuickTime is another versatile screen capture tool that lets you record your computer screen or live video streams for Mac users. It comes with editing tools such as rotation, trimming, splitting, and merging of video clips. With QuickTime, you can split a video into multiple clips and edit them individually. Furthermore, you can upload videos to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube with ease. One of the best features of QuickTime is that it does not add any watermarks to your recordings, but the downside is that you need third-party software to record internal system sound. Overall, It is a multifunctional program that can work as a media player, screen recorder, and screenshot maker.


5. Best Screen Recorder for Educational Content: ActivePresenter

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

ActivePresenter is a versatile screen recording software that can be used to create various types of educational content, such as video tutorials, presentations, and software simulations. You can record full-motion videos that can be further edited and embedded into slides. In addition, this screen recorder also has no watermark and no time limit, and it offers a range of video editing tools, including cropping, splitting, and blur effects. It also supports interactive learning through features such as hotspot questions, quizzes, conditional actions, and advanced interactions/eLearning games.

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

6. Top All-in-1 Free Screen Recording Software: AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Online

Price: Free

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is an all-in-one screen recording software that allows you to capture on-screen activities without any watermarks effortlessly. It offers three recording options: full-screen displays, specific windows, or custom regions, ensuring that your recordings are of the highest quality. This makes it perfect for creating professional video tutorials and presentations or showcasing your gaming skills. One of the standout features is that it lets you capture system and microphone audio simultaneously. Additionally, it has basic editing tools to help you fine-tune your recorded videos. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder also includes annotation tools such as text, airbrush, arrows, shapes, etc., to make your videos more informative and engaging. It highly supports HD, making it the best free HD screen recorder and online screen recorder without watermarks available in the market.

Xbox Game Bar Recorder

7. Best Gaming Recording Tool Without Watermark for Windows: Xbox Game Bar Recorder

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

The Xbox Game Bar Recorder is a helpful tool for recording videos without any watermark, regardless of whether you’re playing a game or not. It comes pre-installed on Windows 10, but it’s advisable to ensure that it’s working properly before you begin recording any important videos. To launch the Game Bar, press Windows + G on your keyboard. The user interface is easy to use, so most people should have no difficulty using it. You can utilize the Game Bar to record game clips and screenshots, play and chat with friends, monitor your PC’s performance, use Spotify, and much more.

You can now choose your preferred screen recording software by considering the reviews we offer to you.

Part 2. Comparison of Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Platforms Price Interface Webcam Recorder Video Editing Scheduled Recording Watermark Output Format
Windows, macOS, Linux Free 9.4 MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, TS, M3U8
Windows, macOS Free 9.3 (in the upgraded version) MP4, AVI, FLV
Windows, macOS Free 9.2 MP4, H.264
macOS, iOS Free 9.3 MOV
Windows, macOS Free 9.2 MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, WebM
Windows, macOS, Online Free 9.5 MP4, WMV
Windows Free 9.3 MP4

Part 3. FAQs about Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark

What is screen recording?

Screen recording or screen capture involves recording the activities that occur on your screen, including app interfaces, notifications, and any actions you take.

Where can I find a free screen recorder without a watermark?

You can easily find free screen recording software without a watermark online. Simply open your browser and search for it. Check out OBS Software, TinyTake, QuickTime, ActivePresenter, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, and Xbox Game Recorder for the purpose of looking for a free screen recorder with no watermark.

What is the best screen recorder with no watermark?

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is an excellent choice for a watermark-free screen recorder. The user-friendly interface provides complete control over voice editing features, making it ideal for both professionals and novices.

What is the best screen recorder for a PC without a watermark?

OBS, Screencast-O-Matic, TinyTake, ActivePresenter, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, and Xbox Game Bar Recorder are one of the great screen recording programs that can run through your PC to record video and stream lives with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces with no watermark. Moreover, they have their respective features that can enhance your experience with video recording and even editing.

Can you remove a watermark from a screen recording?

Many video editors out there let you record and capture your screen without a watermark, but AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is the best because it offers tools you need to record professional videos quickly, online, and for free.


By now, you should have all the information you need on the top options for a screen recorder provided above. With the features of these tools, we hope that you can now confidently choose a screen recorder without a watermark, regardless of whether it has a free version or a paid monthly subscription. Just make sure to select an option with a user-friendly interface that meets all your requirements, including video editing.

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