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Kapwing Video Converter is a free file converter that can convert videos online. You can convert a local digital video file or online video link to MP3, GIF, JPEG, or MP4 format. Different from common online video converters, there is not much video format support. But you can get much more video and audio editing tools within Kapwing Video Converter. If you want to know more, you can check the following Kapwing Video Converter review.

Kapwing Video Converter review

Table of contents

Part 1: Features of Kapwing Video Converter Part 2: Pros of Kapwing Video Converter Part 3: Cons of Kapwing Video Converter Part 4: Alternative to Kapwing Video Converter Part 5. FAQs

How We Test

Steps Description
1. Testing Platforms We selected four major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari to test Kapwing Video Converter’s overall running performance. Meanwhile, we downloaded its latest Android app on our testing Android device.
2. Source Selection Then, we picked several files in different formats like MPEG, OGG, and PNG to respectively convert them to MP4, GIF, MP3, and JPEG.
3. Converting Process During the converting process, we measured the loading speed, editing function, subtitles generating, and overall running stability of the websites and the app.
4. Result File Check-up As for the output files, we compared them to make sure whether there was quality loss or other output issues.

Part 1: Features of Kapwing Video Converter

Kapwing Video Converter is a simple tool that can convert video formats online. You can upload your video and change the format in clicks. After loading your file, you can access many advanced editing tools. Thus, you can apply changes to edit and convert videos online with Kapwing Video Converter.

Convert Online and Downloaded Files

The Kapwing Video Converter interface is intuitive and easy-to-understand. You can quickly upload your video for online conversions. Kapwing also shows a guide of how to use Kapwing Video Converter below. You can follow the instruction to use Kapwing’s free convert video tool properly.

Kapwing Guide

Edit Videos Online

Kapwing Video Converter works along with a built-in video editor. Despite the traditional uploading method, you can paste an image or video URL to import a file as well. Later, you will be in the Kapwing online editor by default. Here you can add text, insert images, customize the timeline, add a scene, and add audio/subtitles/elements. After that, you can use Kapwing to convert video to audio MP3, and other formats.

Kapwing Video Editor

Kapwing Video Converter for Android App

Kapwing releases an application for mobile phone users. You can access online editing tools to make images, animated GIFs, edit videos and convert Kapwing videos. You can get more features from the online kapwing.com. But the Kapwing Android app still needs to be improved. The Android display screen cannot hold so many filters.

Kawwing Android App

Part 2: Pros of Kapwing Video Converter

Here are the main advantages of Kapwing Video Converter. If you need a certain function, then you can choose Kapwing’s converter.

No Watermarks

There will be no watermarks in the Kapwing free version. In the past, you need to pay to remove watermarks from Kapwing videos. But now you can get watermark-free videos with Kapwing Video Converter at no cost.

All Tools Are Accessible

Kapwing Video Converter offers all editing and customizing features. You can use Kapwing Video Converter to convert videos online without upgrading to Kapwing Pro.

Kawping Video Converter Interface

Record Screen, Webcam, and Audio

There is a free screen recorder within Kapwing convert video tool. You can record the computer screen, built-in or external camera, and audio based on your need.

Kapwing Recorder

Kapwing Video Recorder Pricing

In the free Kapwing Video Converter plan, you can convert files up to 250MB. The exported video length should be less than 7 minutes long. All video editing and converting tools are free to use. Thus, it is a good choice to convert Kapwing video to MP4, MP3, and other formats with individuals. Though the Kapwing Pro or Teams plan charges $17 per month.

Kapwing Video Converter Price

Part 3: Cons of Kapwing Video Converter

Kapwing Video Converter is not always perfect. If you convert to MP4 with Kapwing Video Converter, you may encounter the following problems.

May Lose a Bunch of Your Work

Sometimes Kapwing Video Converter is ridden with bugs. Your trimmed video portion will appear in the final export. Some subtitles will be out of sync. It is frequently reported that the Kapwing Video Converter saving process lose part of the portion.

Kapwing Video Converter Glitches

There are some glitches in Kapwing online tools. For example, the Kapwing video exporting process is slow. Kapwing Video Converter may be stuck for hours occasionally.

Learning Curve

Though the Kapwing Video Converter has an intuitive interface, the Lapwing video editor is a bit clunky. Beginners need to spend some time to be familiar with Kapwing tools.

Real Users’ Review

As I stated, Kapwing has a lot of good features and the default configuration with the social networks is very convenient for me. So, my overall experience with Kapwing is very good.


As I stated, Kapwing has a lot of good features and the default configuration with the social networks is very convenient for me. So, my overall experience with Kapwing is very good.


Besides being a very user-friendly desktop editor (much easier to use than Adobe products!) customer service is especially helpful. I had a billing issue which they resolved within 30 minutes of my emailing them. Rare to find these days!


It freezes every time. If you try to refresh the screen it makes you wait 10 min for it to reload. If you upload a new video it actually corrupts some of the other videos that have already been uploaded.


Lack of organization tools, inability to label projects more clearly, deleted projects after period of time.


Part 4: Alternative to Kapwing Video Converter

Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter

Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter is compatible with popular video formats and digital devices. You can get offline playback by changing a supported format for free. If you want to convert video to MOV, AVI, WMV, and other Kapwing Video Converter not supported formats, you can take a look at the Kapwing converter alternative.


Zamzar is more than a free online video converter. You can convert images, documents, and other files for free as well. Though Zamzar doesn’t provide powerful video editing tools, you can finish the online video conversion in 3 steps quickly. Besides, you can send an email with the attachment of the converted video files.


Onlinevideoconverter.com is an unstable video downloader and converter. You can convert online videos to MP4 and other formats from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and many other platforms. However, you may be notified with Your connection is not private.

Part 5. FAQs

Can you trust Kapwing Video Converter?

Yes. Kapwing Video Converter is an online tool with conversion and editing features. There is no virus or ad to use it. You can rely on it to convert video to MP3, GIF, MP4 or JPG online.

Is Kapwing Video Converter completely free?

No. In its free version, there are250MB file upload limit and 30-minute export limit. Even if you log in to it, you can only remove watermarks from the 3 files.

Is Kapwing Video Converter good for YouTube?

The video editing features from Kapwing Video Converter can meet almost all basic needs to create a video for YouTube. It is good for YouTube video creators. But still there other video editing tool options that are good for YouTube.


Kapwing Video Converter is a part of the kapwing.com. You can select a clip and convert to MP4, MP3, GIF or JPEG format. Meanwhile, you can add video effects and apply changes before converting to Kapwing format. The Kapwing Video Converter and Kapwing Video Editor are free and safe to use. If you want to make GIFs or convert to MP4/MP3 format, you can use Kapwing Video Converter to solve the problem. Just make sure your uploaded file should be no more than the 250MB file limit. Moreover, you can publish up to 3 hours of video per month within the Kapwing free video converter online.

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