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Doplr Video Recorder Review: Is it Still Usable Nowadays?

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 13, 2024Video Recorder

Knowing Doplr Recorder is a cutting-edge technology that promises to transform the way we record and transcribe audio. But, that is only an overview. In this complete review, we will look at Doplr Recorder's features, usability, and general features. We will see things from its elegant design to its powerful transcription features. Furthermore, we will also know if Doplr Recorder delivers on its promise of simplifying the process of recording and transcribing audio, making it a must-have tool for professionals looking to improve their workflow. We shall now start the review.

Droplr Review
Part 1. What is Droplr Part 2. Droplr Review Part 3. FAQ about Droplr Review Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

Smooth screen capture.
It offers editing features.
Video screen recording at 4K resolution
Premium enterprise add-ons.
Companion apps for mobile devices are supported.
Cloud storage and team file sharing are available.
OCR feature is not available.
The tool has limited file types.
There are no free options for its services.

Overall Ratings

Droplr is a simple, low-cost way to capture screenshots and screen recordings on a range of synced devices, with premium upgrades available for professional teams.

8.5 Overall




Part 1. What is Droplr

Droplr enables easy visual collaboration for everyone. While industry incumbents are bogged in folder-based architecture, email attachments, FTP, or ad hoc hacks, Droplr is changing the game with its simple, secure platform: in a single step, Droplr converts any file into a URL that can be shared via any communication platform. Droplr aims to be deeply integrated with the tools that creative teams utilize. We will dig deeper more about it as we continue to read this article.

Droplr works with a variety of platformers. Like Vimeo Record, it was largely utilized as a Google Chrome addon. It is also available as a desktop program for Windows and Mac, as well as for the Edge browser. Android and iOS users can use mobile companion apps to take advantage of the built-in screen recording capabilities. Anything you record on one device is synced to all other devices for easy cloud access. Snagit and Screencast-O-Matic sync with their mobile companion apps, whereas Ashampoo Snap's Android app is essentially self-contained.

Main Features

Having said that the tool is great, which means we can expect features that we can use with the task we need. See the overview to know what we can get, then we will elaborate on each feature in the next portion.

◆ Video recording features.

◆ Video editing tools.

◆ Creating GIFs with its GIF recorder feature.

◆ Supports wide formats.

Part 2. Droplr Review

Screen Recording Feature

Droplr's video recording is similarly simple. You can record only your screen, or you can use your webcam and microphone to record yourself as well. I found the default icons to be a little small, but they may be resized. You can also specify which camera and microphone Droplr should use. Record up to 4K video with a maximum file size is 10GB or create infinite animated GIFs (desktop programs required). There are no meaningful editing choices aside from cutting your video. As a premium add-on, Screencast-O-Matic provides a more robust video editor that includes live video annotation, green screen filters, and access to asset libraries.

Droplr Screen Recorder

Editor Markup

After taking a screenshot, utilize Droplr's image editor to mark it up. You may add text, draw colorful shapes, and even use emojis. Add images that, when clicked, serve as links. You can modify the text size, however there is only one font style. As a result, it is not appropriate for tasks such as filling out a form with a digital signature. Unfortunately, Droplr does not support Optical Character Recognition or OCR, therefore it cannot recognize and modify text on the page like Ashampoo Snap and Snagit.

Droplr Markup

Collaboration of Works

Droplr allows you to not only capture pictures and recordings, but also share and organize files for yourself, your team, or even the general public, depending on the privacy and collaboration options you choose. Non-enterprise tiers get 100GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth each month, which is comparable to what Screencast-O-Matic provides.

Your dashboard displays all of your files, which have been synchronized from all of your devices to your account. You can annotate picture files that you are still not satisfied with, as well as download and distribute them with shortened URLs. To manage files, divide them into themed Boards that you design, such as photographs for a mood board or films for certain tasks.

Droplr Sharing Colaborating

Instant Transfer of Records

Droplr allows you to distribute files as large as 10 GB using simple Drag & Drop capabilities. Simply drag and drop your file into the Droplr icon on your menu bar or online Droplr dashboard, or use the Droplr app's Upload File feature; Droplr will handle the rest. Your file will be uploaded to your workspace, and a link will be copied to your clipboard, ready for sharing. Here's more information on file transmission in Droplr. This feature will make the process of sharing your recording easy for collaboration.

Droplr Upload Files


The Pro Plus subscription allows individuals to use Droplr for $6 per month. Droplr's Team package is available for $7 per month and can support up to 15 users. This plan also includes a few additional capabilities, such as custom branding, domains, and SSO account management. Enterprise customers gain additional benefits, such as greater team sizes and limitless bandwidth and storage. You will need to get a quote for that tier. Prices increase if you want to be billed monthly rather than annually: $8 per month for Pro Plus and $9 per month for Team.

$6 Individual Users.
$7 Up to 15 Users.
$9 Team

Intuitive Personal Space

Droplr's Personal Workspace allows you to manage your drops with ease. It allows you to conveniently filter, search, and share your drop files. You can even curate a stunning collection of your drops on a board and choose whether to share it with a select group, simply your team, or keep it private. You can also invite users and allow them to upload files to your board. That means video recording a specific task will be an instant with this tool.

Droplr Personal Space

Part 3. FAQ about Droplr Review

Is Droplr secure?

Droplr takes security seriously and uses a variety of safeguards to secure user data. This involves encrypting files in transit and at rest, as well as following industry-standard security practices. Users should always be cautious while providing sensitive information online.

Can Droplr be used for business?

Yes, Droplr has capabilities developed exclusively for corporations and teams. These include team collaboration tools, centralized billing, and administrative controls. Droplr can help businesses optimize their file-sharing and collaboration procedures, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Can Droplr be used with mobile devices?

Yes, Droplr provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access and collaborate on files while on the road. The mobile apps function similarly to the desktop version, allowing users to share files, take screenshots, and record their displays from their mobile devices.

Can Droplr be accessed via mobile devices?

Yes, Droplr provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access and collaborate on files while on the road. The mobile apps offer comparable capabilities to the desktop version, allowing users to share files, take screenshots, and record their displays from their mobile devices.

Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Droplr might be one of the best tools for recording your video or screen, but we understand not all of us can afford to subscribe to its Pro Plus. For that, a much more affordable alternative is needed. That is why, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is here to save you. As we introduce you, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a smart screen recording application. It has various features that allow users to create high-quality screen captures up to 4K resolution, clearer than other tools. It also has a huge number of annotations that may be added to a screen-captured video. With that, reel-time editing while recording is possible, which Droplr cannot offer.

More than that, each recorded video is in high definition, making it excellent for producing demonstrative videos with a lot of detailed information. No wonder, these features make it an excellent alternative to Droplr.


◆ Record your screen at 4K resolution.

◆ It allows you to edit the demonstrative video you're recording in real time.

◆ Wide features for annotating video recordings.

◆ Webcam, audio, and video recording modes are available.

◆ Mirror our phones to transmit the video to the recorder.

Free Download Free Download


Doplr has so much to offer as a screen recorder. With its editing features and other extra functions, no wonder why many people will use it. However, its cost might prevent you from choosing it since we cannot afford to spend money on such a thing. That is why, we have the best and free Doplr alternative which is the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder which can also give the feature we need for free or a much lower price but not lower the quality of your output.

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