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iMovie Screen Recording Review: An Exceptional Review For Everyone

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

Screen recorders are beneficial to a lot of users nowadays. Some are for educational purposes, some are for business matters, and some are for those who are watching tutorials and presentations. As a result, we will contribute some information with an article review about iMovie Screen Recording. This is one feature of iMovie to record your screen. In addition to this, it offers you editing features that you will enjoy using. Moreover, in this article review, we will show you what iMovie Screen Recording can do. Therefore, if you are interested, you can read this article now.

iMovie Recorder Video Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is iMovie Screen Recording? 3. iMovie Screen Recording Review 4. FAQ 5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

1. Our Verdict

It has a user-friendly interface.
It has a user-friendly interface.
It provides an aspect ratio in customization.
It is free to use.
It has limited editing features.
It does not record audio from the Mac system.

Overall Ratings

8.6 Overall

Easy to use:8.5


User friendly:9.0

2. What is iMovie Screen Recording?

Aside from making videos, iMovie has the power to record a video and record your audio. iMovie Screen Recording is one of the features of iMovie. iMovie Screen Recording allows you to record a video chat conversion, tutorials, and product review simultaneously.

Price: $39.95

Platform: Mac

Main Features

iMovie Screen Recording is an easy-to-use recorder that lets you enjoy many features. Please see the parts that iMovie Screen Recording offer below:

◆ You can organize and select videos and photos of your choice.

◆ You can add transitions to your recorded video.

◆ It has a built-in editing tool.

◆ It has social sharing after the recording process.

◆ You can easily drag your recorded file to edit.

◆ You can create a quick video.

◆ It can record video and audio.

◆ You can convert videos.

◆ It provides a DVD maker.

3. iMovie Screen Recording Review


iMovie Recorder Video Interface

In the iMovie Screen Recording interface, you can see anything you need in screen recording. It is a manageable and easy-to-use interface that anyone will love. In addition to this, it has a dark color which is aesthetic to see. What's more? You can see all the editing tools above the left panel of the interface so you can edit your recorded video right away.

iMovie Record Screen/Record Video

iMovie Record Video Screen Recording

Recording your screen will help you a lot in many activities. Therefore, iMovie Screen Recording provides you with a sound screen recorder. Recording Video is one of the features of iMovie. You can see it in the right panel of the interface. Upon clicking the Record Camera icon, a new window will appear.

In a new window, you will see the Capture Settings, changing Frame Rate from 10 to 30. Sadly, you cannot change the resolution, and it only has a Display 1 or 1920x1080. Moreover, before the recording process, you can adjust the Volume. After that, you can start the recording process by pressing the Start.

If you want to see your recorded video, click the View Record Files, and you will see it on your computer folders. Upon playing the recorded video, you will see how it is; therefore, iMovie Screen Recording is a screen recorder and provides you with a good quality recorded output file.

iMovie Record Audio/Record a Voiceover

iMovie recorder Video Record Audio

iMovie Screen Recording also provides you with an Audio Recorder. So, to record your audio, tap the Mic icon, and you will see the Start in the left panel of the interface. You also have an option to adjust the volume before the recording process. Then, click the Stop to stop the recording process. After that, your recorded audio will automatically be placed below the interface. You can customize your recorded audio by cutting the part you do not like to include or changing the Speed from 0.01 to 16.

What's more? You can take control of the Fade-in/Fade-out from 0.0s to 36s. You will notice that the output recorded file has a smooth and clear sound upon playing the recorded audio. In short, iMovie Screen Recording also provides you with a high-quality production of your recorder file.

Editing Features

iMovie Record Video Editing Features

iMovie Screen Recording has a built-in editing tool where you can make your recorded video extra special. In this article review, we will show them to you. If you want to edit your recorder video, click the Media on the left side of the interface. Then, add your recorded file. The good thing about iMovie Screen Recording is you can add Music. There is lots of music that is available with a smooth and clear sound. You can choose the music you like, such as Classical, Pop, Rock, Romantic, Sound Effect, and it could be your recorded audio file. What else? You can also add Text to your recorder file. It has 74 texts available and chooses with Simple Text, Bubbles, Intros, Creative, and Vlog.

Moreover, you can also add a transition to your recorder video by clicking the Transition, and you will see all the available in a total of 100 shifts. You can choose with the choices of Fancy, Zoom, Basic, Roll, and Warp, and Whirl. Furthermore, you can also add Effects to make your recorded video lively. iMovie Screen Recording has 123 available effects that you will freely use. What's more? You can also attach funny stickers to your recorded video. It has so many available stickers you will enjoy putting them on. Lastly, there are many more Templates available. After all the editing process, you can tap the Export to finish.

What is Best for?

iMovie Screen Recording aims to help students and business people seeking an audio and video recorder. Additionally, it is also best for those who are watching tutorials and love them to watch again. Not just that, iMovie Screen Recording is best for recording your video and audio with a high-quality output. It is also best for editing your video and your recorded video. Overall, iMovie Screen Recording can suit anyone since it is easy to manage and accessible to use.

4. FAQs

How long will it take to export in iMovie Screen Recording?

It will depend on how many minutes your video is. For example, your recorded video is a tutorial. That means it is a little long. Then, you edit your recorded video, and you add music, effects, transitions, and more. Therefore, it will take a little longer, like a couple of minutes. However, if your recorded video is too short and adds some texts and music, it will only take a couple of seconds.

Is iMovie Screen Recording Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. Therefore, anyone can use this, especially students. In addition to this, all your information is completely secured.

Why does iMovie Screen Recording not record voice-over?

This is one of the problems of many users of the iMovie Screen Recording experience. Sometimes the reason is that while you are recording, maybe the volume leveler has been muted, so you cannot record a voice-over.

5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Alternative

Are you not satisfied with iMovie Screen Recording? Do you still look for something that will satisfy your needs in recording video and audio? Well, Perfect! We provide the best alternative for iMovie Screen Recording, and that is AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. With this recorder software, when recording a video, you have an option to choose if you want to record a complete custom that iMovie Screen Recording does not provide. All in all, we highly recommend AnyMP4 Screen Recorder for a great experience.

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Wrapping it up, in this article review, we learn what the iMovie Screen Recording feature offers, especially its screen and audio recording. Overall, we are looking forward to seeing you in our next article!

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