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Fraps Screen Recorder Review: The Original and Unique Game Recorder for Windows

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This article review is perfect for you for those gamers who want to share their wins with everyone. Suppose you are looking for a screen recorder that focuses on recording your gameplay, Fraps Screen Recorder. It is not a usual screen recorder that can record your screen or webcam, and it will only record your screen if you are playing games. Not just that, it can also record your audio while playing and recording your gameplay. Moreover, it has effortless benchmarking capabilities, and it can measure performance no matter what game you are playing. Because of that reason, this article can help you enough, so read now!

Fraps Screen Recording Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Fraps Screen Recorder? 3. Fraps Screen Recorder Review 4. FAQ for Fraps Screen Recorder 5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

1. Our Verdict

It has a reliable frame time benchmark.
It has a maximum resolution of 7680x4800
It allows you to take a screenshot at every specific interval.
It lets you record DirectX and OpenGL games with excellent quality.
It is confusing to use.
Fraps recording only 30 seconds in the trial version.
It is outdated.
It cannot record your computer screen and webcam.
It is not supported with hardware acceleration codecs like Intel QSV, Nvidia NVENC, etc.
It lacks built-in options.
Fraps Screen Recorder Mac is not available.

Overall Ratings

8.3 Overall

Easy to use:8.0



2. What is Fraps Screen Recorder?

Price: $37.00

Platform: Windows

Main Features

They usually use Frap Screen Recording upon determining a computer performance in one game and recording gameplay. To spoil you, Fraps Screen Recorder is one of the original screen recorders over the Internet, but the sad thing about this is Fraps Screen Recorder is outdated. Nevertheless, here are some of the features that Fraps Screen Recorder offers. Please see them below:

◆ It provides benchmarking software.

◆ It has screen capture software.

◆ It provides Real-time video capture software.

◆ It lets you customize benchmarking hotkey, overlay hotkey, and screen capture hotkey.

◆ It enables you to record the computer sound and your voice-over simultaneously.

◆ It allows you to hide the mouse cursor in a video.

◆ It will enable you to lock the framerate while recording.

3. Fraps Screen Recorder Review


Fraps Review Interface

Fraps Screen Recorder has an outdated interface. Our research has not been updated since February 2013, so there is no doubt that its interface is not good. In addition to this, you may notice that it has a confusing interface that makes you conclude that it is not easy to use. However, you will quickly see the main options such as General, FPS, Movies, and Screenshots. Every option has different functions. In the General part, you can have a choice to enable Start Fraps minimized, Fraps window always on top, Run Fraps when Windows starts, and Minimize to system tray only. Below, we will detail FPS, Movies, and Screenshots.


Fraps Review FPS

Going to FPS, you can choose a folder to save your benchmarks. Furthermore, Benchmarking Hotkey and Overlay Hotkey are customizable. It means you can change it. When it comes to the Benchmark Settings, you can enable the FPS, Frametimes, and MinMaxAvg. Moreover, you can choose a corner where you want to display the control button. Or, you can hide the overlay.

Movies/Screen Record

Fraps Review Movies

Bear with us in this part because we will discuss it further for you. Same with FPS, you can choose a folder to save your movies. In addition to this, you may as well customize the Video Capture Hotkey. Going to the Video Capture Settings, you can choose 60 fps, 50 fps, 30 fps, full-size, and half-size options. Guess what? You can add your fps. Now, we will proceed to Sound Capture Settings. You can choose between Stereo and Multichannel. In addition to this, you must enable the Record External Input.


Fraps Revoiew Screenshots

Again, same with FPS and Movies, you can choose a folder on your computer to save your screenshots. Plus, it has a customizable Screen Capture Hotkey. Fraps Screen Recorder screenshot supports BMP, JPG, PNG, and TGA formats. When it comes to the Screen Capture Settings, you can include frame rate overlay on screenshots, repeat screen capture, and set the seconds you want.

Performance of Fraps Screen Recorder

According to our research about Fraps Screen Recorder, one of its significant issues may affect the in-game performance. Users' records decrease about 13 percent in their performance when they attempt to record using Frap Screen Recorder. It can cause lag and slow progress of their PC, and maybe the reason for this is your game's settings are high, and it is needed to set your game in the lowest option and run your game at a lower resolution.

Nevertheless, it is notably consistent in increasing the frames every second, and they calculate it, and the result is 9 percent. What does it mean? Every large jump among minimum and maximum frame rate are missing. Also, it has no problems with its latency upon starting and stopping the recording process.

The good thing about this is Fraps Screen Recorder is proficient in recording up to 120 frame rates every second. Nonetheless, Fraps Screen Recorder fails to compress recordings. It can be up to 3.96 GB in every two minutes of gameplay, and It takes too much storage memory. However, another good thing about Fraps Screen Recorder is that it is impressively good with its built-in benchmarking tool, where it can show the user how many frames they are getting in every corner of their screen. Plus, it allows you to save all the information you obtain, and you can use it if you want to adjust the settings.

How To Use Fraps Screen Recorder

Fraps Screen Recorder is not just a typical screen recorder but also a game recorder. You have to keep in mind that you cannot record your screen unless you play a game. To know more, please see the steps below:


Launch the Fraps Screen Recorder, and the main interface will pop up.

Fraps Review Llaunch The Tool

After configuring the settings, you can start recording with Fraps Screen Recorder.


Next, minimize Fraps Screen Recorder. Then, play a game. You will notice the FPS on the upper part of the panel, which means you are now ready to record anytime. In addition to this, you can start recording by pressing the default hotkey.

Fraps Review Play a Game

After that, it will start recording. Then, if you are satisfied with your recording, you can press the default hotkey again to stop the recording, and the recorded game will be saved on where you choose to save your file.


Then, play the recorded game using Fraps Screen Recorder.

Fraps Review Play The Record Game

Tips to Compress the Recorded Files using Fraps Screen Recorder

We all know that one of the issues of Frap Screen Recorder is having an output file that has 3.95 GB for a two-minute recording. That is why in this part, we will show you some tips to compress your recorded files. Please see below:

Tip 1: Lower the frame every second.

Fraps Screen Recorder can speed up its record up to 60 frames each second but do not worry because the video will remain good if you lower the frame per second. You can change it in the Video Capture Settings.

Fraps Review Video Capture Settings

Tip 2: Record a short video.

In the Video Capture Setting, you can enable or choose the Half Size option to record a video with a smaller resolution. It can help you to reduce the output file size.

Fraps Review Video Capture Settings Half Size

Tip 3: Lower the game resolution.

Even if you are recording with full-size or in half-size, as long as you lower the resolution of your game, you can compress your output file size. The recommended resolution is 320x240.

Tip 4: Compress the video after recording.

The added thing you can do is compress the video after the recording process. You can convert your AVI format to iMovie, Movie Maker, etc. You can export as MOV, MPEG, etc.

What is the Best for Fraps Screen Recorder?

Fraps Screen Recorder is best in capturing your screen, especially when you are playing a game. It can record the activities on your computer while recording your gameplay. Moreover, it is best specifically with the Game lover and uses Fraps Screen Recorder to record their gameplay and share their wins with their loved ones, family, friends, etc. What’s more? Fraps Screen Recorder is also the best for gamers because OpenGL and DirectX graphics technology support this recorder software. And, of course, it is not just focused on recording your gameplay, but it can also capture your screen.

4. FAQ for Fraps Screen Recorder

Is Fraps Screen Recorder safe?

While using Fraps Screen Recorder, we conclude that it is safe to use. It has no viruses, and it is also safe to install on your computer. Also, based on our research from users, it is 100% secure.

How long can Fraps Screen Recorder record?

One of the disadvantages of Fraps Screen Recorder is it can only record 30 seconds in the free trial. However, if you use the paid version of Fraps Screen Recorder, you will no longer worry because it has no length limit.

Can I record my screen using Fraps Screen Recorder?

Yes, you can, provided that you are playing games. Take note you cannot record your screen using Fraps Screen Recorder unless you play a game.

5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Alternative

One of the causes why you are looking for an alternative, is because Fraps Screen Recorder fails to meet your needs. Yup, I know the reason why. Fraps Screen Recorder is not an overall screen recorder. Furthermore, the Fraps Screen Recorder alternative is AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. This recorder software is an all-around screen recorder. It has a video recorder that can record your screen in Full and Custom. It can also record your webcam system sound and add voice-over using a microphone. Besides, it has a separate game recorder to capture any games as you wish. The phone recorder can let you mirror your phone game to a computer for recording. As a result, we cannot deny that AnyMP4 Screen Recorder has so much to offer than Fraps Screen Recorder.

Free Download Free Download


Finally, we are about to end this article review. This post includes everything you are looking for, such as the price, platform, and primary features. In addition to this, we also provide some tips and more. There is no question that Fraps Screen Recorder has been one of the classic screen recorders over the years. However, the sad part is it is outdated. To end, we hope that this helped you a lot!

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