GarageBand Review – Is GarageBand Good to Use for Beginners

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GarageBand is a full-featured music creation studio for Mac and iOS users. You can mix instruments, presets for guitar, and voice with human-sounding drum tracks and electronic loops. Even though there is no instrument, you can still create, record, and share your music all over the world like a pro. GarageBand is popular among indie musicians.

Many people like GarageBand because of its simplicity and composition features. However, some people dislike GarageBand due to some frustrating loops and limited controls. Is Apple GarageBand the best music recording software for everyone? You can continue reading to find the answer.

GarageBand Review
Streamlined music writing process.
Diverse loops of EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, etc.
Create music with 28 beat-making drummers and 3 percussionists.
Tweak sounds with 100 EDM- and Hip Hop-inspired synth sounds.
Offer built-in free piano and guitar lessons.
Large output file size.
Cannot save preferences.
Consume lots of computer sources.
No official GarageBand tutorial videos.
Not friendly to non-Apple users.
Part 1. Features of GarageBand Part 2. Pros of GarageBand Part 3. Cons of GarageBand Part 4. Alternative to GarageBand

Part 1. Features of GarageBand

What you can get from GarageBand? Here're the main features.

GarageBand Drums

There is a virtual session player in GarageBand. You can choose from EDM, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Blues, Metal, and other 28 beat-making drummers. Each drummer is equipped with a signature kit. You can create multiple grooves and fill combinations. Moreover, you can customize prerecorded acoustic and electronic loops into your song.

GarageBand Drums

GarageBand Synths

Every GarageBand synth has the Transform Pad Smart Control. Thus, you can drag the rectangular framing box ground the Transform Pad to adjust the sound. The sound of GarageBand snapshots can be transformed to create a new sound. As for GarageBand for Mac software, you can use the Touch Bar to control Transform Pad snapshots instead.

GarageBand Synths

GarageBand Lessons

There are 40 genre-based lessons in GarageBand, including blues, rock, pop, classical, etc. Moreover, you can also watch the recorded lessons from actual artists. Sometimes you can get instant feedback to improve your musical skills within the GarageBand app.

GarageBand Lessons

GarageBand Loop Library

You can choose from 3,000+ GarageBand loops and 400+ sound effects for music production. The first time you use those GarageBand sound effects and loops, you need to choose Sound Library from the GarageBand drop-down list. Choose Download All Sounds to access them.

GarageBand Loop Library

Part 2. Pros of GarageBand

GarageBand is regarded as a personal music creation studio for many musicians. You can record songs and add tracks on iPhone, iPad and Mac for free. Why so many people love GarageBand? The following paragraphs can explain.

1. Free to Use

Is GarageBand free to use? The answer is Yes. GarageBand itself is free to download and use. You can download the latest version of GarageBand for Mac and GarageBand for iPad from the Apple Store directly. If you want to get more advanced features, you can upgrade to Logic Pro (GarageBand Premium) for $199.99.

2. Free GarageBand Plugins

You can enhance music effects with multiple GarageBand free plugins. Here you can choose from Ambience by Smart Electronix, MFree Fx Bundle, Vinyl/Vocal Doubler by iZotope, Synth1 by Daichi Laboratory, TDR Nova, ValhallaFreqEchi, etc. Be aware that GarageBand is not compatible with VST plugins. You need to install AU plugins for GarageBand.

3. iCloud Integration

All Apple users can edit music with GarageBand. If you are on the road, you can use iPhone or iPad to add tracks into GarageBand for Mac with the help of iCloud. Moreover, you can quickly record ideas and voices with iPhone whenever you get inspired. iCloud can help you import those song ideas into GarageBand for Mac software easily. Or you can use GarageBand for iOS to arrange and mix audio tracks as well.

Part 3. Cons of GarageBand

Though GarageBand is powerful and free to use, there are still many GarageBand dislikes. Let's see what those GarageBand disadvantages are.

1. GarageBand Learning Curve

For newbies, GarageBand is not an entry-level tool for music recording and mixing. People may spend hours getting familiar with GarageBand functions.

2. GarageBand Export Issues

The GarageBand mastered files are stored in Final Touch. You need to export it to Dropbox and other similar apps to get the mastered track out of GarageBand Final Touch. In addition, you need to use iMovie to share GarageBand music to Facebook and YouTube.

3. GarageBand Audio Levels

The audio level line is not easy to be moved to the desired level.

4. Large Output File Size

The GarageBand project files are large in file size. For example, a 30-minute GarageBand podcast episode with 4 tracks takes around 1GB of storage space.

5. Consume Large Computer Source

GarageBand is not friendly to low-end computers. Many users complain that their computers tend to get hot easily after the GarageBand installation.

6. No GarageBand for PC

There is no GarageBand for Windows or Android version. Only iOS and Mac users can use GarageBand automation, fade in, fade out, and other music editing tools.

7. No GarageBand Official Tutorial Video

GarageBand itself doesn't release any how-to videos. All those GarageBand quick start videos for beginners are uploaded by other users.

8. Painful GarageBand Automation Bug

The GarageBand automation not working and crashing issue is complained by many users. You may also encounter GarageBand track volume keeps resetting issue while editing with GarageBand.

9. GarageBand Interface

Some people say that GarageBand has a streamlined and slick interface. However, there are still a group of new users complain about the cluttered GarageBand interface. The GarageBand for iOS interface is rather confusing.

Part 4. Alternative to GarageBand

1. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is free audio editing software for Windows. You can regard Wavosaur as a GarageBand for PC alternative. With the support of numerous VST plugins and ASIO driver, you can create music loops, record, convert, and analyze audio on Windows. The Wavosaur quick start guide is also helpful to beginners.

2. Nero WaveEditor

Nero WaveEditor allows users to record and edit audio files on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. You can get multiple filters and sound optimizations. It is easy to cut, paste, edit, and mix audio segments within Nero WaveEditor.

3. Ocenaudio

Compared with GarageBand, Ocenaudio has a clean interface. You can edit audio on Windows, Mac, and Linux for free. There are also many Ocenaudio sound effects you can use. However, there is no multi-audio track editing support. You cannot record and mix multiple instruments. But if you want to edit stereo music and mono audio files, Ocenaudio is a good choice.


This is the latest GarageBand 10.4.3 review in 2021. You can use GarageBand to create your own music and have fun. What makes GarageBand different? Well, its virtual session player and prerecorded loops are incredible. You can record, mix, and edit up to 255 audio tracks like a pro. The GarageBand reverb, visual EQ, stereo panning, and volume levels are also good to use. Moreover, you can also use Piano Roll Editor to fine-tune your music with further editing.

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