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Wavosaur Review: Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Audio Editor

What is Wavosaur? It's a free audio and sound editor for editing, processing and recording sounds on desktop devices. This software doesn't need installment and registry since it's free. And you can use the latest version of it on Windows and Mac systems. If you are seeking a professional audio editing tool, you can learn more details about Wavosaur in this review.

Wavosaur Review

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Part 1. Features of Wavosaur Part 2. Pros of Wavosaur Part 3. Cons of Wavosaur Part 4. Alternatives to Wavosaur Part 5. FAQs about Wavosaur
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Part 1. Features of Wavosaur

Wavosaur enables you to record and edit audio with various features. You can adjust and upgrade your audio files flexibly with these functions. It's compatible with ASIO and VST and you can realize recording, editing, batch conversion, audio analysis, looping, real-time effects processing, and resampling.

1. It supports basic editing functions including cutting, copying, pasting, mixing, pasting replace/insert, pasting to a new file, trimming, cropping, deleting, and undoing.

2. The high compatibility of Wavosaur allows you to upload 8,16,24,32 bits audio files in WAV, MP3, AIF, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, raw binary formats.

3. It's compatible with the various plugin. For example, you can add the lame encoder in Wavosaur as a plugin so that you can export MP3 files.

4. The vocal remover is an important function of Wavosaur. You can remove the vocals of a song without damage the tunes so that you can make voiceless music.

5. Extra features like looping songs and batching process to edit multiple audio files at the same time to save your time.

6. Analysis features show you detailed statistics, frequency analysis, real-time oscilloscope, and synthesis features. You can monitor the change and parameters of your audio files in real-time during the editing.


Part 2. Pros of Wavosaur

1. Wavosaur supports various plugins to upgrade the functions.

2. It's lightweight and portable software. It runs and processes fast without crash or freeze issues.

3. The website of Wavosaur provides detailed tutorial and help to solve users' questions.

4. It's virus-free and ads-free software and safe to use. All your files and personal information is secure.

Part 3. Cons of Wavosaur

1. This tool can only process small-size audio files. Some errors may occur when loading large files.

2. The interface is complex and confusing for a beginner.

Part 4. Alternatives to Wavosaur

Here are 3 alternatives to Wavosaur you can use on desktop devices. They are all featured with professional editing and recording functions.

1. Nero Wave Editor

Nero Wave Editor is an ideal tool to edit audio files with lossless quality technology. You can do all the basic editing without damaging the original audio profile in the interface. And it also supports multi-track editing without track limitation. The sound waves are presented on each track so you can check the audio files easily.

Nero Wave Editor
Non-destructive editing enables you to easily undo and customize audio files.
Provides audio effects library to decorate your audio files.
Record from third-party devices including tape or vinyl records.
The complicated interface can be difficult for a beginner.
Only compatible with Windows system.

2. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio a perfect audio editor for podcasters and home musicians. With a well-organized interface and advanced functions, you can record and edit audio files easily. It also optimizes the performance to reduce the crash and freeze issue during the editing.

VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins allow you to access various effects. You can also use real-time preview to manage your projects.
It has no limitation of sizes and numbers of audio files. And it can open audio files without occupying computer memory.
Fully featured spectrogram enables you to check the spectral content of the audio signal clearly.
Compatible with Windows and Mac systems.
It doesn't support effect stacking.
No multi-track editing function.

3. Waveshop Audio Editor

Waveshop is an open-source audio editing tool on Windows XP/Vista/7. It can edit multiple audio tracks by adjusting its portions. And you can pass and cut audio files without damaging the content easily. It also provides advanced features like peaking and RMS analysis, normalizing, fading, audio generation, and undoing.

Waveshop Audio Editor
High-speed processing of audio files.
Compatible with most audio formats including AAC/MP4, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg/Vorbis.
Advanced features like sample rate conversion, real-time spectrum analyzer, and LADSPA plugins supporting to improve the experience and adjust in detail for your audio files.
Lack functions like pitch and tempo change.
It is no longer being developed.

Part 5. FAQs about Wavosaur

1. How to add VST plugins in Wavosaur?

There are many VST plugin features Wavosaur supports including compressor, limiter, equalizer, vocoder, etc. You can download VST plugins as DLL files on the Internet. Then you can add it to the plugins folder of Wavosaur. Launch Wavosaur and it will automatically load the VST plugin.

2. Can I run Wavosaur on the Mac system?

Yes, you can. You can realize it with Wineskin. It allows you to run Windows software on a Mac app. And all the functions of Wavosaur can be used in the app without limitation.

3. Why some of the functions on the interface are in grey?

The greyed features are still under development. They are not fully tested and you need to wait for some time to use them in the future.


This review shows you the features, pros and cons, and alternatives of Wavosaur. You can use its versatile features to recording, editing, and adding effects to your audio files. Besides, you can learn 3 alternatives to Wavosaur. They are all professional audio editors, too. You can download them from official websites and use them to upgrade your audio files.

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