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GOM Cam Recorder: A Review of its Recording Feature

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 29, 2024Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

You can use the GOM Cam Recorder to record Skype, WhatsApp, and other communication discussions with friends and family, as well as make video tutorials for YouTube and computer games. You cannot go wrong. It allows you to execute this more fully and efficiently. GOM Cam Recorder 64bit is the most comprehensive video editing program for PCs, allowing you to edit films rapidly! Screen recording: You can access your game account at any moment!

So that's a summary of this program; in this piece, we'll delve deeper into its capabilities and functions as an audio and video recorder. Without further ado, please read this comprehensive GOM Cam review.

GOM Cam Review
Part 1. What is GOM Cam Part 2. GOM Cam Review Part 3. FAQ about GOM Cam Review Part 4. Best Alternative Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

User-friendly interface.
Provides multiple recording choices.
It has basic editing tools accessible.
Adjustable parameters for high-quality recordings.
We can direct upload to websites such as YouTube.
Simple editing tools.
Can experience lag or crashes.
Basic audio recording capabilities.
Few possibilities for export formats.
A watermark appears on recordings in the free version.
8.5 Overall


Value for Money:8.5

Ease of Use:8.5

Customer Service:8.0

Part 1. What is GOM Cam

Platform: Windows 10/8/7

Price: $37.00

System Requirements: Microsoft DirectX Runtime

The GOM cam is the screen recorder that has many features, like zooming in to focus on smaller details, capturing screenshots, creating diaries, overlaying recordings, and adding video effects. All you have to do is click the record button after deciding whether to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it. Because it helps you record amazing records, the product saves you time and effort.

Take note of everything that appears on your PC screen exactly as it appears. Make a movie of your PC screen, webcam footage, or a game, then share it with others on Facebook, Google Drive, or YouTube. Additionally, you can record images and replay your capture by sketching on the screen as you record.

Part 2. GOM Cam Instant Review


One obvious benefit of the GOM cam screen recorder is its simple interface, which makes it easy for both novice and seasoned users to become acquainted with its friendly environment. It has easy-to-use options that may be modified via its secondary menu. Since it ensures that the necessary graphical components are established, the establishment interaction typically demands a significant amount of energy. For screen catch activities, an illustrated card is needed.

GOM Cam Interface

GOM Cam Recorder

Three enormous modes are included in the tool, allowing you to select the best option based on the desired action. Specifically, there are capacities in Screen Mode, Webcam Mode, and Game Mode. You can focus on a specific area of the screen by using the Screen mode. Screen snapshots are supported in the same way as live video and audio streams. You can start recording the assignments on a certain area of the screen.

With the GOM cam screen recorder, you may record your voice for the display and create helpful educational exercises for PC software. Every recorded material is available for viewing on the screen, and any document can be played using a media player.

If you need a Mac voice recorder, check them here.

GOM Cam Recording Feature

Visual Effect Library

You can use about sixty different Effects to change how noticeable your photo is. Although the executive's photo initially appears jumbled, if you understand the pattern, it provides an excellent framework for organizing your shots. You can also use these elements to make your video recording more interesting and visually appealing.

GOM Cam Visual library

Editing Features

As we move along with the next feature, it is important to know that the application features newly designed, flawless highlights, updated editing tools, facial recognition, and face location to enable you to take better-looking pictures regardless of rating. You can exchange the photos once you're done editing them. You have complete control over document conditions thanks to that capability. You can even use alternative layouts to rename the record. Using the GOM cam PC program, you may even modify the document output file and its formatting.

Moreover, recorded clips can have their sound extracted and saved as a document. This is useful if you need to study dialects for a specific purpose or just listen to ambient music.

GOM Cam Editing Features

Sharing Feature

Post your videos on Facebook or YouTube so more of your friends can benefit from your manifestations. Additionally, you may link your recordings to mails and archives or move them to Google Drive.

GOM Cam Sharing Files

Part 3. FAQ about GOM Cam Review

Is it safe to download a free cam?

Many people have enquired, Is the Free Cam screen recorder safe? Well, our testing indicates that the Free Cam recorder is free to download and safe to use, but it might not be the best option for everyone.

Is there a time limit on free cam?

It's simple to capture videos, edit them, and post them to YouTube. No time restrictions or watermarks.

Does the GOM Cam Recorder record audio in addition to the screen capture?

Yes, users of GOM Cam Recorder can record audio in addition to screen captures. Users can record microphone input, system audio, or both at the same time, giving them the freedom to record audio according to their needs.

Is it possible to plan recordings using GOM Cam Recorder?

Indeed, GOM Cam Recorder has scheduling features that let users choose particular periods for recording activities. This function is very helpful for recording webinars, live broadcasts, and other activities that happen at set times.

Part 4. Best Alternative Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

There are a lot of decent screen recorders available for Windows, and they're all trying to outperform one another. But good software should have features like music mixing, zone detection, webcam recording, drawing tools, and incredible video editing tools like line and speed adjustments. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is one such program that we have included here as a substitute for the GOM Cam recorder. It helps anyone create a much easier process of recording audio and video that comes with a high-quality resolution.

More than that, it has so much to offer, from reel-time editing and scheduling your recordings for later use. All of these features contribute to and prove how Aiseesoft Screen Recorder has so much to offer in making the process of recording hassle-free.

Free Download Free Download


◆ Tremendous recording option from audio to video.

◆ Real-time editing feature.

◆ Clear resolution and clear audio output.

◆ Schedule your Recording Task.


We learned more about GOM Cam Recorder in this review. We found out a lot of features taht we need in recording our audio or video. More than that, it also shows some drawbacks of the tool since there is no perfect tool. This leads us to have a great alternative. Aisessoft Screen Recorder is a versatile and all-in-one tool for use. With this tool, we can expect and get more from it.

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