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3. KigoSoft Free Video Converter Review
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Essential Review of the Details You Need to Know about KigoSoft Free Video Converter

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 17, 2022Audio ConverterVideo Converter

Do you need an audio and video converter that can help you to make your file compatible with multiple devices? As we know, the compatibility of our media files is essential. Since there are various existing media file formats, incompatibility may occur. For that, an excellent video converter like KigoSoft Free Video Converter is a massive help in making our work effective. This media software will allow you to convert and edit media files easily.

In addition, many users state that KigoSoft Video Converter is an excellent tool because of its fantastic features. In line with that, this post will review the functions of KigoSoft. By looking at its features, we may know if it is indeed an efficient tool to use. Thus, reading this post is essential before using the software.

KigoSoft Free Video Converter Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is KigoSoft Free Video Converter? 3. KigoSoft Free Video Converter Review 4. FAQ 5. Best Alternative- Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

1. Our Verdict

It has an intuitive interface.
Instant downloading and installing process.
Instant downloading and installing process.
The converter is very informative.
It includes a quick guide.
The media converter is very user-friendly.
It supports multiple devices.
An all-in-one tool with an easy process.
The media converter is not free.
There is no version for mobile devices.
It has a oldy interface and key buttons.

Overall Ratings

KigoSoft Free Video Converter offers impressive and professional tools. Thus, everyone can use it. This Software is suitable even for the media personnel out there. In addition, the quality output it produces is one of the significant factors why it is one of the leading tools nowadays. Lastly, one of the fantastic facts about this converter is its speed. Thus, converting or editing your media files is faster than any other tool.

9.1 Overall




2. What is KigoSoft Free Video Converter?

Price: $16.95

Platforms: Windows and macOS

KigoSoft Video Converter Overview

KigoSoft Free Video Converter belongs to the Software that offers the immense experience converting our media files. This Software possesses numerous features that enable us to achieve our work. You can also experience a fantastic editing process of your media files through this Software. In addition, all of the features it offers contain a straightforward process. Thus, even the novice user can utilize this anytime. That is why KigoSoft Free Video Converter is a rising software among its loyal users. Indeed, one of the flexible tools in the digital market nowadays.

Main Features

There are a lot of users that say KigoSoft Free Video Converter is one of the most flexible tools. That is because of the features it offers to the mass. To prove that, this portion will show you the main features of the KigoSoft Free Video Converter.

◆ Broad support for media file formats.

◆ Compatibility with multiple devices.

◆ Batch conversion.

◆ All-in-one video functions.

◆ For iPhone Converter.

◆ High-quality outputs.

3. KigoSoft Free Video Converter Review


kigoSoft Free Video Converter Interface

The KigoSoft Free Video Converter interface gives us classic vibe software. We can all notice the dominant faded blue on the design. In addition, we can also see the small icons and buttons that bring instant progress for its users. Another best thing about the interface of this software is the informative design. The tab windows also present all the information details for us users. Moreover, the interface is a significant factor in a smooth process for the users.

Supported Input and Output Formats

KigoSoft Free Video Converter will also enable you to convert most video formats. Hence, compatibility will never be a problem. Therefore, you can now convert any video files to make them compatible with many devices. In line with that, here are the few input and output formats it supports.

Supported Input and Outputs: DivX, MOV, XviD, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to MPEG-4, MP4, and more.

Batch Conversion

KigoSoft Free Video Converter Batch Conversion

Let us talk about one of the main features of the KigoSoft Free Video Converter. As we all know, this converter will enable us to convert multiple media files with ease. Thus, this tool will be a great help in saving a lot of time. This feature is just easy to use. Add the files you want to convert. The process is just a normal process. Then after that, you may now choose the output format and click the convert button to start the process.

All-in-One Video Tool

This amazing tool also allows you to enjoy all of the video or movie files on your mobile devices. That is possible because KigoSoft Free Video Converter offers an amazing video tool for us. Thus, this feature is one of the proof why KigoSoft Free Video Converter is more than just a converter. It is a software that is adaptable and flexible.

Extended Features

KigoSoft Free Video Converter Extended Features

This portion will talk about the best-extended features of the KigoSoft Free Video Converter that we should introduce. As we can see in the interface, all of the information we need to know about our media files is present. At the top portion and right corner, we can see all the details with our media files. It is a great help for the user to help them understand what kind of media files they have.

4. FAQ

Is Kigo Image Converter for Windows 7 still working?

Yes. It is an excellent tool of KigoSoft that will help you modify the file formats of your images. As you know, this software supports Windows and macOS platforms. Thus, even with your Windows 7 operating system, it still works.

Can Bigasoft Total Video Converter convert MTV files?

MTV is a file extension for Video files coming from Windows Media Center that plays multiple contents. It encodes video utilizing MPEG-2 compression. The good thing is that Kigosoft Free Video Converter can convert MTV to any media files like audio.

How safe is the KigoSoft Free Video Converter?

KigoSoft Free Video Converter is a fantastic video converter that offers a very secure and safe process. It may possess unique advanced technology.

5. Best Alternative- Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

KigoSoft Free Video Converter brings classic vibes, especially with its interface. Also, there are times when the software is complicated to use. However, you do not need to worry about that because we are the best alternative converter for you. We introduce you to the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate that can offer excellent features. This software is indeed a tool that will help us with our work.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

This software is a powerful media converter that gives quality outputs for everyone.


There you go. We can now say how excellent KigoSoft Free Video Converter is in performance. Not only that but also in giving users fantastic features. For that, we hope all of the information above will help you with your itinerary in converting. You may share this post so that we can help other people.

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