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Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Review
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Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Review: The Expert Converter for Windows and Mac Users

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Feb 24, 2023Audio ConverterVideo Converter

I have a question, is there a time that you feel tired looking for the best converter for your file formats?

It is hard to find a converter that provides almost everything if you are a beginner, right? So, the tendency is you just want to seek a manageable and user-friendly converter. Do not worry because I have good news for you! This article provides you with a review of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Furthermore, you will be amazed by what this software converter offers! Are you now curious? Well, make time to read this article, and we will not fail you about this review.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Review

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1. Our Verdict 2. What is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate? 3. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Review FAQ4. 5. Best Alternative - Vidmore Video Converter

1. Our Verdict

It has batch conversion.
It provides Intel, AMD, NVENC, etc., acceleration that can speed your conversion process up to 30X faster.
This software is convenient to use, especially in editing functions.
It lets you create a music video.
It is safe to use.
It has a limited selection of filters.
It has limitations while using the free version.

Overall ratings

9.7 Overall

Use Friendly:9.8

Batch Conversion:9.7

Conversion Speed:9.6

2. What is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Tipard Video Convert Ultimate

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is a video converter that can convert more than 500 video and audio formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, OGG, WebM, WMV, FLAC, AAC, 3GP, ASF, MKA, and even further. In addition to this, you can convert your file extensions up to 8K/5K/4K UHD and 1080p HD for you to be able to achieve your desired quality images.


Tipard Video Converter Ultimate costs $28.00 for a monthly license. Moreover, if you want to use it for a lifetime, you will pay $55.20.


I love Tipard Video Converter Ultimate because it's compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Also, this software is compatible with Mac.

Main features

◆ It converts more than 500 media formats.

◆ It can rip and copy homemade DVDs to computers losslessly.

◆ It has a complete toolbox.

◆ It provides editing features and functions.

◆ It allows you to personalize music videos.

◆ You can use its photo collage feature.

3. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate review


Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Interface

When it comes to the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate interface, you will notice that this software has a straightforward and clean interface yet is powerful. Its designs are not over-design, and this is perfect for beginners. You can easily add the files you want. Furthermore, this software is easy to manage. Also, you have the choices if you’re going to convert, rip, collage, and explore its toolbox.

Free Download Free Download

Supported Input and Output Formats

Again, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate supports a mega list of input and output formats. Please see that chart below:

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Supported Input File Formats
Video MTS, TS, MP4, MPG, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, MJPG, MJPEG, AVI, 3G2, 3GP, FLV, MOD, SWF, WMV, RM, RMVB, and more.
Audio WAV, WMA, MP2, MP3, AC3, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, APE, CAF, OGG, MKA, AUD, AIFC, RA,RAM, and more.
DVD DVD folder, DVD, DVD ISO files.
4K/5K/8K UHD 4K HEVC/H.265 MP4, 4K H.265 MP4, 4K MPEG-4 MP4, 5K H.265/HEVC MKV, 5K H.265?HEVC MP4, 8K H.265?HEVC MKV, 8K H.265/HEVC MP4, and a lot more.
HD MTS, TS, HD MPG, HD, WMV, HD MP4, QuickTime HD MOV, and more.
Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Supported Output File Formats
Video MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX, XviD, FLV, MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, 3GP, MTV, SWF, H.265, OGV, TRP, TS, MTS, and more.
Audio ALAC, AIFF, AC3, AMR, AAC, M4A, M4B, MKA, MP3, WAV, DTS, and more.
DVD DVD ISO file, DVD folder, MPG lossless.
4K/5K/8K UHD Video 4K H,264/MPEG-4, 4K H.265/HEVC Video, 4K H.264 MOV Video, 5K H.265/HEVC MKV, 5K H.265/HEVC MP4, 8K H.265/HEVC MKV, 8K H.265/HEVC MP4, and a lot more.
HD MKV, MXF, M4V, XviD, MPEG, OGV, FLV, F4V, SWF, AVI, ASF, MOV, TS, MTS, and more.
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Conversion Speed

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Conversion Speed

Concerning Tipard Video Converter Ultimate, this software can convert your file formats in just a split of seconds. I love how it converts files because you will no longer have to wait and waste a lot of time. When I convert an MP4 video in 53 minutes to a MOV movie, it only takes 5 minutes. After conversion, what amazes me more is that it lets me select the output 4K resolution with better quality. All in all, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is quick and easy!

Editing Features

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Editing Features

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate has editing features that even beginners can use like a pro. This software has a built-in editor to edit your video files effectively.

Clip & Merge

Tipard Video Convert Ultimate Video Merge

In clip and merge, you can cut the unwanted part of your long video and split them up to 20 times. Furthermore, suppose you want to create collections. In that case, you can combine all the video parts you want in one video and audio file easily.

Crop Video

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Crop Video

Suppose you do not want an unnecessary background like the black edges of your video. In that case, you can crop your video to remove the unwanted part. What’s good with this is you can change the view ratio to 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, and 4:3 by choice.

Adjust Effects

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Adjust Effects

Did you record a darkened video, and do you want to adjust its brightness? Perfect! Tipard Video Converter Ultimate lets you adjust the effects of your videos. You can change the contrast, saturation, hue, and brightness.

Apply Filters

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Apply Filters

Filters are not just for your photos but also your videos. If you want a creative video, you are applying various Tipard Video Converter Ultimate filters. You can choose filters like; pixelate, warm, sketch, modern, Hongkong more, and more.

Add Watermark

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Add Watermark

To recognize your videos quickly over the Internet, you must add a watermark to your videos. This software enables you to add images as watermarks, or maybe you just want to create one with your font, size, style, position, etc.

Rotate and Flip Video

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Rotate And Flip

Use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate to rotate your sideways video from your phone camera and rotate it into 90 clockwise or counterclockwise. You may also flip your video vertically and horizontally; it depends on your choice.

Add Subtitle and Audio Track

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Add Audio Track And Subtitle

Are you experiencing reading the wrong subtitle? Fix that with this software. It allows you to remove the wrong subtitle and change it to a better one. Additionally, if you do not want the background music, you can change it to what you like.

Other Cool Features

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Toolbox

Aside from editing features, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate has cool and perfect features, and we can find them in the toolbox. This software has the complete toolbox. See them below:

◆ Media Metadata Editor

◆ 3D Maker

◆ Video Speed Controller

◆ Video Rotator

◆ Video Compressor

◆ Video Enhancer

◆ Video Reverser

◆ Volume Booster

◆ GIF Maker

◆ Video Trimmer

◆ Video Merge

◆ Audio Sync

Create and Personalize Music Video

Tipard Video Convetrer Ultimate Music Video

What's more? Do you want to create a music video? Alright! That is good to know. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate provides you with a Music Video Maker, perfect for your needs. Upon creating your music video, you can apply great themes available in the list. Every theme has its different transitions, filters, and music. So, just pick depending on what you love. Suppose you do not want the music available on the theme. In that case, you can customize your background music by changing it and adding your favorite one. Afterward, you can preview your music video in real-time. The good thing about this software is if you are not satisfied with your current video, you can re-edit your music video.

What is Best for?

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is best for converting your file formats into numerous file formats with 60X faster speed with no quality loss! That is great, right! Also, this software is best for batch conversion, and it lets you convert your files simultaneously. In addition to this, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is perfect for beginners who want to create an excellent video to share on any social platform. They can effortlessly use this to edit their videos and even make music videos!

4. FAQ

Does Tipard Video Converter Ultimate support Money-Back Guarantee?

Yup! Tipard Video Converter Ultimate supports 90-day Money-Back Guarantee. Not just that, if you have concerns, they have 24/7 customer support.

Is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate safe to use?

Of course, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is 100% secure and safe to use! In addition to this, all your data exchanged while processing the payment process are SSL-secured.

Is it essential to download the latest version of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate?

Definitely yes! We recommend you download the latest version of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate since it has the recent updates that you want to experience. Moreover, it is more potent if you use the latest version.

5. Best Alternative - Vidmore Video Converter

The best alternative to Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is Vidmore Video Converter. As we review Tipard Video Converter Ultimate and Vidmore Video Converter, both have the best offers. They convert numerous file formats. Also, they have a complete toolbox you will love to use. Moreover, they both have editing features. Furthermore, you have the choice to choose which best one will fit you.

Free Download Free Download


As we conclude, we hope you understand Tipard Video Converter Ultimate as we explained its price, system requirements, and primary features. Moreover, you can also use their cool features for you to be able to create a unique video! Thank you for reading. See you in our next article!

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