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Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder Review: Create eLearning for Educational and Training Purposes

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 30, 2022Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

Having a software recorder that can help you with your education, training, businesses, and many more is overwhelming. If you are included in what was mentioned a while ago, it is not an accident while reading this article review. Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder is one popular recorder software that you can purchase and use to create conversational videos for your education, training, business meeting, and all. Below, we will tackle every feature of Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder that you deserve to know, especially if you plan to buy this recorder software. Without further ado, let us start reading.

Adobe Captive Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder 3. Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder Review 4. FAQs for Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder 5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

1. Our Verdict

It is perfect for professionals.
It offers many features.
It supports various languages.
It helps you in your education, training, and more.
It provides a free 30 days trial.
It allows you to create interactive videos.
It is not suitable for beginner users.
It is expensive.
It is not part of the Creative Cloud.

Overall Ratings

8.8 Overall



Easy to use:8.5

2. What is Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder?

Price: Adobe Captivate costs $33.99 a month.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

Main Features

Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder is a recorder tool that enables you to create video not only for entertainment purposes but also for your education and more. It is designed to help every user for their primary purposes. It provides many features, and find them out below:

◆ It lets you record audio.

◆ It allows you to record slides and add a voice-over.

◆ It offers audio and video editing tools.

◆ It has a screen capture tool.

◆ It provides high-definition screencasts.

◆ It has multiple theme support and theme fonts.

◆ It lets you preview live devices.

◆ It has responsive text support.

◆ It offers customizable closed captions.

3. Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder Review

Audio Recording

Adobe Captivate Audio Recording

Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder is capable of audio recording. In addition to this, Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder lets you import audio into the object in a slide in Captivate. The benefit that you can get from it is that audio will play and extract the duration that the thing is displayed to the user. Moreover, Adobe Captivate allows you to record slide audio. While recording your slide, you can add audio by adding a voice-over. With that, you can explain your topic well.

What’s more? Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder offers you to edit your audio. You can take off excess pauses from your recorded slides or on whatever you have recorded by editing your audio. Plus, you can adjust the volume and more.

Tips Before Recording Audio For A Better Quality

Tip 1: Set up

Before recording audio, make sure that you set it up appropriately. Set up your Microphone correctly as much as possible. You can use a good quality microphone to have a better result.

Tip 2: Headphones

Be careful enough if you want to use headphones when recording audio. Why? Because the microphone of the headphones is on. The tendency is it can cause distracting audio feedback. Another tip, you can use closed-ear headphones. With that, you will prevent unnecessary noise.

Tip 3: Select the right recording software

Using Adobe Captivate audio recorder can help you have better results with your audio recording. It includes audio editing tools to enhance your recorded audio. Also, it offers sound effects, and you can add music and supports numerous file formats, especially MP3 or WAV.

Tip 4: Prepare your recording area

One of the essential things that you must consider is the recording area. It is a must to have a quiet recording area. You can go to a faraway room from the highways, no unneeded equipment that can make noise, and more.

Video Recording

Adobe Captivate Video Recording

While recording your screen, Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder lets you record a screen area where you can select a portion on your screen. Another thing, it allows you to record in a customized size. What does it mean? You can choose from the standard sizes that Adobe Captivate provides or create your size. What else? Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder also lets you record your screen in full.

Furthermore, this recorder software lets you customize your background before recording. Choose a plain or one color for a scene to elaborate it for you. Then, delete the background and change it with an attractive background. After that, you will have a clean and good recorded video.

Tips Before Recording a Video

◆ You have to ensure that your backdrop is plain or single color.

◆ You can wear a uniform or clothes that can contrast the color of the backdrop.

◆ Remove needless objects.

◆ Make sure to have good lighting.

◆ Have a minimum gap from the wall behind you.

High-definition Screencast

Adobe Captivate can create a high-quality output file. It allows you to edit your video and enables you to add transitions, audio, innovative shapes, caption, and more.

Ready To Go Slides

It is a new feature of Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder. It lets you create excellent courses effortlessly. You can create and design new slides in just a couple of minutes, and you can have a ready-to-go slide for your project, business, or education purposes. In addition to this, you can replace text, images, and characters immediately. You can also add a video to make your slide lively.

Create a Quick Start Project

It is also a new feature of Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder, and it is dissimilar to the ready-to-go slide because it contains objectives, designing introduction, layout, menu, scenarios, and more. You can also swap text, images, etc.

Numerous Theme Support and Theme Fonts

Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder is fantastic because it provides a lot of themes that you can get the exact theme that you love. Adobe Captivate has the latest version, and you will no longer worry because you can have numerous themes for your project. With that, your output will become unique and perfect!

Furthermore, you can also customize the fonts of your theme with a simple click. Create your project, and Adobe Captivate lets you edit your fonts effortlessly,

iOS Device Capture

This feature helps you level up your recorded file on your iOs device. Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder allows you to record your iOS device screen with an HD video resolution. Then, make your recorded video more stunning by adding mobile-specific gestures that Adobe Captivate provides. These are tap, swipe, and pinch to zoom. In addition to this, you can choose audio sources like device audio, system audio, input microphone, and more.

4. FAQs for Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder

FAQs for Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder

Adobe Captivate's price is $33.99, and you cannot use Adobe Captivate for free. However, there is good news for you. Suppose that you will not use Adobe Captivate for an extended period. You can download this recorder software Adobe Captivate offers a free 30 days trial. It has no limitation, and it allows you to publish. However, after the 30-day free trial ends, you must purchase the software.

Is it difficult to learn Adobe Captivate?

If you are techy, you will appreciate using this recorder software. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner user of Adobe Captivate, you will slightly struggle since it is perfect for professional users. But, Adobe Captivate is easy to learn if you make time to try and use it. To give you a friendly tip, try first the user-friendly recorder software like AnyMP4 Screen Recorder.

Is Adobe Captivate part of the creative cloud?

Many users are always asking this question, and to answer that, No. Adobe Captivate is not part of the Creative Cloud.

I want to screenshot my screen. Does Adobe offer screen capture?

Yes. Adobe Captivate has a feature called responsive screen capture. It also has automatic screen capture with intelligent full-motion recording. You can capture your projects even if it is playing on your devices, and capture including keyboard activity, mouse movements, and more.

5. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Adobe Captivate is expensive, and it is not user-friendly. However, it will not fail you with the features it offers. Nonetheless, if you want to have an affordable yet that provides your every need, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a great recorder software tool. All the features that it offers are usable, unlike Adobe Captivate. It provides many features, and other features are not functional or helpful. Going back to AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, there is no doubt it will fail for every project, content, etc., that you will create. Try it now!

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We are now aware that Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder is worth purchasing, and it is an excellent tool for your activities. Moreover, it is a comprehensive review for all you readers, and we hope you learn from its pros, cons, features, tips, and more. Till our next article!

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