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Full Review of Loom Screen Recorder: Is It Good for Everyone?

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What is Loom Screen Recorder? Loom Screen Recorder is a powerful video recorder that can be used on the computer, chrome, and mobile. If you don't want to download any software, you can install the free Loom Screen Recorder Chrome extension on your Chrome browser. It has a free version and a business version that costs $12.50 to $ 15.00 per month. What's the difference between them and is it worth buying the pro one? Here is the concrete review of Loom Screen Recorder you should not miss before you make the decision.

Loom Screen Recorder Review

Table of contents

Part 1. 5 Main Features of Loom Screen Recorder Part 2. Overall Reviews of Loom Screen Recorder Part 3. Free Trial V.S. Paid Version: Which One is Better? Part 4. 3 Best Alternatives to Loom Screen Recorder Part 5. FAQs of Loom Screen Recorder

Part 1. 5 Main Features of Loom Screen Recorder

1. Record Screen Videos.

As an easy-to-use video recorder, Loom Screen Recorder can capture videos with different modes and regions. There are three modes you can choose from, including the screen, camera, and both of them. You can select different modes according to your needs, for example, the screen and camera mode is suitable for recording a lecture with the PPT and yourself. As for the recording area, you can choose to record the full screen, a window, or a customized area. However, the operation of window recording is not so convenient.

All of your recorded videos will be uploaded to an auto-generated website. You can view(at double faster speed), edit, share, and download within this link. The export video format is in default MP4.

More to notice, the weakness of Loom’s screen recording may be the lack of automatic recording area detection.

2. Take Screenshots.

Loom Screen Recorder also provides the screenshot function. With one click you can start selecting a region freely and capturing the screenshots. Moreover, you can also use the hotkeys to take screenshots quickly and easily. Yet, Loom’s screenshots feature is not so understanding for there are no annotating and customizing tools.

Loom Screen Recorder Screenshots

3. Customize the Preferences.

Before starting your capturing, you can change the preferences in advance, including the recording quality, mouse marks, tool menu, and so on. In addition to the basic settings, you can also change the shortcuts of the commonly used functions.

Video Preferences

4. Share the Recording and Interact with Others to Edit Recordings.

The most famous feature of Loom Screen Recorder lies in its sharing and synchronous editing functions. The recordings can be simply shared by link, and through the link, the watchers can edit the recordings at the same time to react with each other. Loom offers you basic editing functions like trimming, adding chapters, adding links, and more. However, the video quality on the website is very low. Even when we download the video to our device, the video is still not so clear.

Share the Recordings

5. Special feature of Speaker notes

If you are hosting an online class or meeting, this feature can bring you many conveniences. You can add it to your desktop and write your speech outline on it. Then, you can follow the outline to give your presentation and the outline won’t be seen by your viewers.

Loom Screen Recorder Speaker Notes

How We Test

We picked two computers: a PC and a Mac to run Loom on each. Also, we tested Loom in two browsers: Chrome and Edge.
Then, we used Loom to record based on different area requirements: full screen, window, and customized area.
During the recording process, we used it to take screenshots, open the mic/cam, add notes, etc. to make sure whether there was lagging and other issues.
For the resulting video, we used its editing tools to customize the video. Also, we checked its quality from both the website and the download file.

Part 2. Overall Reviews of Loom Screen Recorder

It’s lightweight for both browsers and computer storage. You can save the recorded video in the cloud space at first.
The interface is stylish and easy to use.
It provides a community forum for users to share and discuss.
Apart from the desktop version, it also provides online and mobile versions to meet different requirements of users.
Easy to share the recordings through the link, which is helpful for teachers to share lectures with students.
The drawing tool only provides a pencil to draw, which makes it difficult to add words and regular graphics.
No support for only audio recording.
There are lagging situations during screen recording.
The video quality that Loom records is not so well.
There are only 5 output video formats available.
There are limited editing functions in the screenshots feature.
The Chrome extension version has a lot of bugs and the recordings are not played smoothly.
No tutorial on Loom Screen Recorder to guide you to use the complex functions.

Supported Devices: Computer (Windows and Mac), Chrome, Mobile (iOS and Android)

Overall Scores: 4.4/5

Part 3. Free Trial V.S. Paid Version: Which One is Better?

Loom Screen Recorder provides a free trial, a business version, and an enterprise version. The enterprise version will provide the designed functions whatever you need, so it will not be discussed today. What's the difference between the free and business version and is it worth paying for it? You can learn from the following table.

Free Version Business Version
Price Free $ 12.50 / month, paid annually
$ 15.00 / month, paid monthly
Limitations and Features 1. The length of the recordings is limited to 5 minutes.
2. Space for saving videos & screenshots is limited to 25.
3. Team workplace.
4. Able to do screenshots and cam bubble.
1. Unlimited recording length.
2. Unlimited space to store recording files on the cloud.
3. Unlimited members in workplace.
4. Able to choose a resolution of more than 1080P, including 1440P and 4K.
5. Remove Loom branding.

Regardless of the time and storage limits, the free version has all the basic features. Thus, if you just want to capture some short videos, the free version is enough. But if you are teachers who want to record the tutorial or lessons for students, the pro version is necessary.

Real Users’ Review

The screen recording feature is invaluable for creating useful information and content for clients. The customer support team are excellent - very helpful and responsive.

The screen recording feature is invaluable for creating useful information and content for clients. The customer support team are excellent - very helpful and responsive.

YES. Loom is a great platform for video messaging, allowing users to record screens, webcams and microphones, or share these with colleagues.

Configuration is so complex and time consuming.

Loom can improve service quality, it happens sometimes that we record videos and these do not work or don't move past the processing phase.

Part 4. 3 Best Alternatives to Loom Screen Recorder

1. Capto

Capto is a versatile screen recorder specialized for Mac with easy-to-use UI. It also can record videos on your iPad or iPhone by connecting the devices to your Mac. What’s more, it has a dual audio editor that allows you to change the system sound and microphone separately.

2. ScreenFlow

If you want to edit your recordings at the same time, you'd better use ScreenFlow, a powerful video recorder that has a lot of editing tools including transitions, animations, freehand annotations, and so on.

3. ScreenFlick

If you are always entangled in what resolution, frame rate, format to choose, then ScreenFlick will be your best choice. You can change all the basic video settings after the recordings. What's more, it a good game capture with high quality and frame rate.

Part 5. FAQs of Loom Screen Recorder

Is there a free version of Loom Screen Recorder?

Yes, there is. Loom Screen Recorder has a free version with the limitation of 5 minutes recording and 100 storage space. It has all the basic features, but if you want to record long videos, you'd better try to use the business version.

Where are my recordings saved in Loom Screen Recorder?

Firstly, you should log in to your account on the official website. Then choose the Personal pane and click the Videos button and you will see all the recordings. You can choose to download or delete them, and you can share them with others by copying the link.

How to use Loom Screen Recorder on the browser?

The online version of Loom Screen Recorder can only be used on Google Chrome. You should download and install the plugin from the chrome extension, then you can open the recorder on your browser.


Loom Screen Recorder is a powerful video recorder for Android, iOS, computer desktop, and Chrome. The recordings are easy to share through the links, so it's one of the perfect screen recorders for lectures and lessons. Although it provides a free version, if you want to record videos longer than 5 minutes, you should pay for the business version of Loom Screen Recorder.

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