Why Failed to Initialize Codec Bandicam
Solutions to Fix the Problem

How to Solve when Bandicam Failed to Initialize Codec - Simple Steps

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In this post, we are excited to introduce to you Bandicam. It is a recorder software, reliable in recording your computer screen. It can also record your gameplay and gives you an excellent output quality. Nevertheless, you can still encounter problems that you need to fix. For example, Bandicam did not initialize the NVIDIA codec and failed to initialize the video capture device, etc. Suppose that you are experiencing this kind of problem, we just made an article that will help you solve these problems with simple steps. Take the opportunity to read this article and solve your problems now!

Failed To Initialize Codec Bandicam
Part 1: Why Is It Failed to Initialize Codec on Bandicam Part 2: Solutions to Fix the Problem Part 3: FAQs of Bandicam Failing to Initialize Codec Part 4: Alternative - Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Part 1: Why Is It Failed to Initialize Codec on Bandicam

We all know that Bandicam is very lightweight to record whatever you want on your computer including gameplay. But for some reason, there are times that there are many complaints they get due to the error of Failed to Initialize Codec, primarily upon recording their gameplay using the Game Recording mode of Bandicam. Well, there are many possible problems as to why there is a failure when initializing the codec utilizing this software, and maybe Bandicam failed to initialize codec NVEC, NVIDIA, video output, etc. Maybe because of the Graphics Driver of your computer, an outdated version of the software, video resolution, etc. You will see below some methods on how to fix the problem. Take your time to read.

Part 2: Solutions To Fix The Problem

In this part, we prepare methods and solutions that might help you on how to fix the problem. Please read and follow the steps correctly.

Method 1: Check for Updates Bandicam

1. Checking the updates is the first thing you need to do when it fails to initialize the codec.


After launching the Bandicam, find the About option on the left side of the panel software and click the Update Check.

Bandicam About Update Check

Tap the Update Check, and a rectangular window will appear. Enable the automatic update check and select the Check for updates now.

Bandicam Check For Updates Now

After tapping the Check for updates now, a small box will pop up and inform you if you have the version of the latest one or you need to update.

Bandicam Latest Version

Method 2: Adjusting Video Resolution/Video Settings of Bandicam

This method can help you to reduce the resolution on the recording process to fix when Bandicam could not initialize video output.


fter opening the Bandicam, click the Video that is placed on the left side of the interface. Then, find the Settings below the right side of the interface.

Bandicam Video Settings

Upon clicking the Settings, you will proceed to the Format Settings panel. Select the Full Size, or you choose to select the available size. Also, you have a choice to click the Custom and input the right size of your computer.

Bandicam Size

Next, click the FPS to reduce it from 30 to 1. Also, if Bandicam H.264 failed to initialize the codec, choose H.264 (CPU). Moreover, you can lower the quality from 100 to 10.

Bandicam FPS Codec Quality

If you are satisfied with the changes, tap OK.

Method 3: Changing the Recording Mode

Just in case Bandicam failed to initialize the video capture device, you can change the recording mode.


Launch Bandicam, and you can select the Screen Recording Mode, Device Recording Mode, and Game Recording Mode.

Bandicam Changing The Recording Mode

Method 4: Updating Graphic Driver on Computer

It is one of the options when installing the latest version of Bandicam, and it still doesn’t work. Perhaps, let us assume that there is something wrong with your graphic driver on your computer.


Open your Windows Settings on your computer. Then, select the Apps and Features on the left side of the panel.

Apps And Fetaures

Following that, search for the Graphics Driver. Then, click the Uninstall.

Graphic Driver Uninstall

After that, search for the Device Manager on your computer. Select the Display adapters. Next, tap the Uninstall device.

Device Manager

Lastly, you can now install the latest version of Graphics Driver to your computer. Then, restart Bandicam and try recording again.

Part 3: FAQs of Bandicam Failing to Initialize Codec

Will changing the video resolution of Bandicam will affect the output quality?

Yes. You must take note that the output quality will also be reduced whenever you reduce the video resolution of Bandicam. Therefore, if you do not want to affect the quality of your output, do not reduce the video resolution.

What to do if Bandicam keeps on crashing?

Bandicam keeps on crashing, maybe because of the graphics driver. In order to fix that, try method four above. The steps might also help you to solve this kind of problem. For you to obtain an idea, you need to uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver on your computer.

Why can I not use Bandicam on my Mac?

Because Bandicam is not compatible with Mac and is only suitable for Windows users, however, we recommend Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. You can use this recorder software for your Mac. Moreover, you can find more alternatives to Bandicam for Mac.

Part 4: Alternative - Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Alternative

Are you tired of using Bandicam? Is this recorder software not satisfying your needs and has a lot of issue problems? That is so sad to hear. Do not worry, and we have a piece of good news for you. Do you know that there is an alternative for Bandicam? Yup, there is. Introducing to you Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This recorder software has similar functions as Bandicam has. Yet, you can do a lot more with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, and the good thing about this is it has fewer problems than Bandicam. Moreover, it can also satisfy you with its video and audio recorder since it produces higher quality output. What else? It offers a vast number of features. Plus, it is accessible to use. Enough with that, you can visit Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Try it now for free!

Free Download Free Download


Are these four methods helped you solve when Bandicam failed to initialize the codec? Have you tried and followed the steps correctly? If yes, that is great to know! Also, we hope that these FAQs have helped you. We expect you to give us a thumbs up and do not forget to share it with your friends. Till our following article!

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