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How to Stop Bandicam Lag
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Best Settings for Bandicam for No Lag Experience: The Ultimate Guide

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 30, 2022Video Recorder

Having the best video recording software is something that can make the recording process smoothly and instantly. That is why, it is essential for us to consider the proper features and functions we are going to use before we purchase it. However, problems and troubles are constant such as lag. Most of the time these issues occurred because of improper configured settings.

Bandicam is one of the popular software that lets you record any content of your desktop. Sometimes, using this software with the wrong settings can cause lag to you. In line with that, in this article we are going to tackle the best setting for the Bandicam without lag. These will be helpful so that you can do your work effectively and instantly.

Use Bandicam Without Lag
Part 1: Best Settings for Bandicam No Lag Part 2: How to Stop Bandicam Lag Part 3: Ultimate Solution - Bandicam Alternative

Part 1: Best Settings for Bandicam No Lag and FPS Drop

Lags are commonly happening when you are recording your gameplay using Bandicam. Therefore, the solution is to properly adjust the settings in accordance with the capacity of your computer. However, in this part we will set the settings into the standard that everyone can use.


When you open Bandicam on your screen, you will now see its interface with its full functions and features.


Find the Gaming icon that is located at the top portion of the interface. From there, look at the left portion of the interface and click the Video tab.


Then it will show you another set of settings. Just click the Settings button at the most right bottom of the tab.

Bandicam Gaming Settings

From there, a new tab will appear again. Make sure that you click AVI over MP4 under file type. Also, set the other settings in accordance with the photo shown below. Then click the OK button.

Bandicam Gaming Settings One

To set the audio of your recording, follow the data shown below. Please take note that this is an optional step. Prioritize step number 5 to remove the lag. Do not forget to always click the OK button to save all of the changes you created.

Bandicam Gaming Settings Audio

Part 2: How to Stop Bandicam Lag

In this part, we will give you some solutions that can really help you to reduce or to stop the lagging of your Bandicam.

Reduce the Video Recording Resolution


Go to the Video Settings and drop down the Resolution to 1280x720.


Now, check the Windowed Mode. In that way, the lag will be reduced.

Bandicam Reduce

Use the Hardware-accelerated H.264 Encoder of Bandicam

The following are the latest graphics cards that you can utilize in stopping the lag in Bandicam.

● Nvidia® CUDA™/NVENC H.264 Encoder.

● Intel® Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder.

● AMD VCE H.264 Encoder.

Change the Graphics Performance Settings In Windows 10


Go to your Windows Start Menu and search for the Graphic Settings.

Graphics Settings

When you are already in, click the Browse and select C:Program FilesBandicamdcam.exe.


When you have already added the program, click the Option button. From there a new tab will appear where you can choose between Power Saving and High Performance in Graphics specifications.

Power Saving

Part 3: Ultimate Solution - Bandicam Alternative

All of the solutions and ways to fix the lag in Bandicam are sometimes not enough to alleviate the hindrance. Therefore, if that is the case you will be needing an alternative to Bandicam that can still offer the features and functions that you need to utilize. Do not worry because we've got you covered. We look for the best alternative for you and we strongly believe that this can also be the ultimate solution to your problem with Bandicam.

Introducing you to the amazing Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This screen recording software is not the best for no reasons. In fact, the reason is, it can offer more than what Bandicam can offer. To prove you that, here is the list of its features and functions that are intended to help you record your screen with no lag unlike in Bandicam.

Record the Screen Video with Ease

The main purpose of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is to allow you to capture everything on your screen by recording it. This software offers tools for recording that can be easily utilized. Also, you do not have to worry about the quality of your recorded video because it can guarantee you a super high quality output. Perfect for your professional itinerary.

Optimization of Audio Recording

In recording a screen video, it is also important that the audio has been recorded successfully. Visual is not enough, because the sound can give a hues to the video. That is why, Aiseesoftt Screen Recorder provides a technology that is assigned in optimizing your audio recording quality. This includes the amplification of the weak audio, to reduction of the audio noise, and alleviating the audio echo while you are in the process of recording.

Select the Area to Record

Privacy is important, that is why Aiseesoftt Screen Recorder has a tool where you can select the area and region you want to record. This helps in removing unnecessary information or private information that are shown on your list.

Easy to Use Screen Recorder

Aside from offering unique and powerful tools. One of the best things about Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is that it is not complicated to use. All of the functions you want and need can be utilized in just one click away.

To show you that, here are the few steps that can teach you on how to screen record using Aiseesoft without any issue and problem.

Free Download Free Download

Launch Aiseesoftt Screen Recorder on your desktop and familiarize yourself with its functions and features.

Aiseesoft Recorder Screen Recorder

On the interface shown on your screen, click the Video Recorder that is placed at the first function box and it will lead you to another tab.

Aiseesoft Sr Video Recorder

On the new tab, you will see different settings prior to the recording. Here, just select your preferred recording mode. You may choose between Full Screen and Customize. Also, do not forget to turn on the System Sound or Microphone to include audio.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Mode

After you configured the right settings, you may now click the REC button that is located at the right corner of the interface to start the recording.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Button

Then, while recording a floating bar will appear. This is also the place where you can finish the recording by clicking the Stop icon.

Aiseesoft Sr Recorder Stop Button

Finally, click the Save button and place your file to your preferred file location.

Aiseesoft Sceen Recorder Sb


As a conclusion, the proper way to remove the lag with Bandicam is to properly set the settings. Make sure that you followed the steps correctly. However, if all of the guides presented above do not alleviate the problem you may use an alternative. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the ultimate solution for it can offer you many features that can be used instantly. Also, help a friend by sharing this article to them.

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