Part 1: Bandicam Recording Problems
Part 2: Solutions
Part 3: FAQs
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Become Aware on How To Fix Bandicam Not Recording Properly: 10 Ways to Solve It

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Video Recorder

One of the most infamous video recorders in the market is the Bandicam. It has one of the most effective and efficient screen recording tools. This software offers impressive features in a recording screen with high-quality audio output. Hence, many users are continuously trusting this video recording software. However, despite the fantastic functions it can offer, users are still complaining about the Bandicam not recording effectively. In line with that, this post proposes to inform you of the common problems we may encounter while using the Bandicam.

Furthermore, it is also essential that we shall solve these problems. That is why we will give numerous ways to alleviate your struggle. Just continue reading, and we hope this article will help you.

Bandicam Recording Problems
Part 1: Bandicam Recording Problems Part 2: Solutions with Bandicam Recording Problems Part 3: FAQs of Bandicam Recording Problems Part 4. Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Part 1: Bandicam Recording Problems

Issue 1: Bandicam Not Recording Video

Some users are reporting that using Bandicam may encounter a black screen problem. Different reasons cause this problem. However, the experts say the problem occurs because of the conflict with codec, media player, video acceleration functions, and more. For instance, you may hear a sound but not see anything in the Video except a pitch-black phase.

Issue 2: Bandicam Audio Not Recording

An excellent recording tool offers a great quality of audio outputs. The audio is a significant element that can give color and enthusiasm to your video recording outputs. However, there are instances where Bandicam does not record audio. Regarding that, the improper configuration of the audio Setting may be one of the reasons why the issue exists. On the other hand, the wrong usage of the primary sound device and input audio source can also be a problem. Further under this is when the Bandicam microphone is not working, it can also bring issues recording our audio.

Issue 3: Bandicam Game Recording Mode Not Working

Other reports coming from the users are the troubles with Game Recording Mode. There are times that the functions do not work correctly. This trouble can bring considerable inconvenience for the users, especially gamers out there. One problem under this is when Bandicam is not showing FPS. Following the user's experience, the updating process brings these issues. Not only that but also the updating process of graphics

Part 2: Solutions with Bandicam Recording Problems

Solution 1: Fixing Bandicam Black Screen

Fix 1: Choosing the Right Codec and Media Player for Bandicam

As a solution with a black screen with Bandicam, choose the right Codecs such as the Xvid or H.264 (CPU) video codecs, then try recording again. If the case is still the same, you may utilize VLC Media Player to play your recording outputs. However, if the problem still occurs, it is now the right time to contact OBS customer support to fix it immediately. In addition, you still have another choice to continue your itinerary. Check the Fix 2.

Fix 2: Trying Game Recording Mode as an Alternative to Screen Recording Mode

If the screen recording mode fails in provisioning a productive output, you may try its other features. The Game Recording Mode can also capture the activities on your screen. Select the Game Recording Mode with Bandicam.

Bandicam Gaming Recorder Alternative

Fix 3: Disabling the Use Hardware Acceleration when Available with Chrome/Edge

1. Go to your Chrome or Edge and locate the Settings.

2. Find the Advanced Settings and uncheck the Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.

Disable Chrome Hardware Acceleration

Solution 2: Check Audio Settings

Fix 1: Adjusting Audio Recording Settings with Bandicam

1. Go to the Bandicam and select Video that you can see on the left portion of the interface. Then locate the Setting below the Record Option.

2. Then, you will see the Primary Sound Device. Go to the Speaker and set it as Default. Same as with the Microphone.

Bandicam Adjust Audio Settings

Fix 2: Checking the Proper Primary Sound on System

1. Go to the Primary and Secondary Sound Devices options.

2. Then, go to the Open Volume Mixer. Modify the sound of the four applications. Could you set it to 70 ton 90? After that, try recording again with Bandicam. It should alleviate the problem.

System Open Sound Mixer

Fix 3: Enabling Input Audio Source

1. It would be best if you plugged the audio jack into your desktop.

2. Go to the Sound portion of your System. Locate the Playback.

3. There, you will see the Speaker and right-click to Enable it.

Sound Playback Speaker Enable

4. After all, click the OK button to finish the process and try recording audio again with Bandicam.

Sound System Ok Button

Solution 3: Other Fixes You Should Try

Fix 1: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Bandicam

One of the main reasons behind the issue with Bandicam is the corrupt files. Thus, this corrupt file brings trouble in utilising some software functions. We need to reinstall Bandicam with your computer to solve that problem. Please take a look at these steps to make it possible.

1. Go to the Settings of your computer and find the Apps.

System Seeting Apps

2. After that, you must locate the Bandicam on the list and click it. Press the Uninstall button under the Bandicam tab. Wait for a few seconds of the uninstalling process.

System Setting Uninstall Bandicam

3. Download the installer of Bandicam again by going to the software's official website. After that, do the installation process and use the functions again.

Fix 2: Restarting the Computer

Too much usage of your computer might bring troubles in utilising your software. That is why restarting can ease the process of your recording. The restarting process of your computer can reduce the unnecessary activities on your computer. Therefore, the CPU usage will become slighter.

1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard.

2. A Windows Tab will appear. From there, locate the Power icon and click the Restart button.

System Restart

3. After the restarting process, you may now try using the software again.


If the issue still occurs, you may try Fix 1 and Fix 3 under Solution 1 to solve the problem. However, it is essential to call the Customer Services of Bandicam if the problem is still occurring. That will be a great solution to bring clear information about the situation.

Part 3: FAQs of Bandicam Recording Problems

What is the reason why the video quality of my outputs is not clear?

One of the common reasons that the quality of your video recordings is not more transparent is because of the wrong player you are using. Video recordings from Bandicam are more compatible with VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player. Try to use one of these players to fix the problem.

What are the simple ways to prevent Bandicam lagging?

There are numerous ways on how to prevent lagging with Bandicam. Some practical ways to fix it are reducing your Video's FPS, size, resolutions, and quality. However, this act may bring you advantages and disadvantages. A few of these disadvantages are the lower quality of your video outputs. In addition, you may also try Hardware-accelerated H.263 encoder.

May I use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as an alternative gaming recorder to Bandicam?

Yes. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder possesses very flexible functions for everyone. One of these is the Gaming Recorder, where you can smoothly capture your gameplay. This feature is beneficial for the gamers out there. An instant process of sharing your skills with different gaming communities such as FaceBook, Twitch, Youtube, and more is now possible through these functions.

Part 4. Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Having all of these problems with Bandicam may cause many complications with our work. That is why having an alternative is also the best solution to solve all problems. In line with that, meet the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as the best alternative to Bandicam. This screen recorder can offer an instant recording process. This software provides easy-to-use functions that are functional. Get to know more about this fantastic recording software by clicking the download button below.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

The most fantastic HD screen recorder with an instant recording process.


There you go, say bye to those trouble with Bandicam by following the solutions we can see above. We hope this article will help you smoothen the recording of your audio or video. However, more users are experiencing the same problem as you. Therefore, you must share it with other people to help, and we are happy to help. On the other hand, contacting customer service is crucial to fix all of our problems with Bandicam.

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