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How to Share Your Location on iPhone: Three Techniques

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Apple is one of the top-selling companies in the world. They offer numerous devices, especially smartphones. One of the top-selling products is the iPhone, and the good thing about this product is that it has too much to offer with many features. One of the features we need to highlight in this article is sharing location on iPhone.

Since the iPhone offers those features, you might wonder how to find and share locations on the iPhone. Well, this is your lucky day because we will share the accurate methods to share your location. In addition, you will read tips and suggestions before sharing your location.. Please start reading now!

Share Location on iPhone
1. Three Ways to Share Location on iPhone 2. FAQs of Share Location on iPhone

1. Three Ways to Share Location on iPhone

Maybe you ask this question: how can I share my location on my iPhone? Mostly, you need to share your location when meeting someone, but you are unaware of the meeting place. Or, it could be someone asking you for the place, that is why you want to send the directions.

Therefore, there are many reasons why you need to share your location using an iPhone. So, the question is how? Well, this is the main purpose of this article, to show you a solution to all your inquiries and problems about a solution.

After this part, you will see three ways on how you share your location on iPhone. But before doing that, you must know that sharing your location with others will invade your privacy. For that reason, sending your location to the people you only trust is advisable. Too much with that, let us see the three methods below:

Share Location Using Text Message - iMessage

Sending or sharing your location using Text Messages or iMessage is possible on your iPhone. When you use Text Messages for sharing locations, you must have a prepaid or postpaid load. For that reason, your location will be shared successfully.

On the other hand, when you use iMessage to share your location, you must have a data or internet connection. For that reason, your location will be shared successfully. Now, since you have an idea, let us start with the steps.


Click the Text Message and open a conversation where you are about to share your location. After that, click the Name Icon.

How to Share Location on iPhone Text Message Name Icon

You will proceed to the next screen once you click the Name Icon. You will see the three options; Send My Current Location, Share My Location, and Hide Alerts. Then, click Share My Current Location.

How to Share Location on iPhone Share My Current Location

Your current location will automatically be sent to the receiver. So, the receiver must tap the location you shared to see your current location.

If you want to share messages on your iPhone, check this post: Best iPhone SMS transfer.

How to Share Location on iPhone Location Sent

That is how you share your location on message. The process on iMessage is almost the same as the Text Message. Moreover, if you are curious when you tap the Share My Location option, you will have three choices; Share for One Hour, Share Until End of Day, and Share Indefinitely.

Therefore, Share My Current Location and Share My Location have different options. To end this part, we hope that you will try this method. It is easy and fast. Now, let us proceed to the second method.

Send Location Using Apple Maps

Assuming you want to try another way to share your location, we can provide you with that! Aside from sharing your location using Text Messages and iMessage, you can use Apple Maps to share your location.

Apple Maps is a feature from the iPhone that will help you to navigate in many ways or directions. To start learning, please see the steps below:


On the Navigation Tab, click the Maps Icon. Then, you will proceed to the map screen of your iPhone. It will show you your current location, and you can zoom in and zoom out of the maps.

How to Share Location on iPhone Maps Icon

Scroll up to see the My Guides section. Below are the options such as New Guide, Share My Location, Mark My Location, or Report an Issue. Then, choose to Share My Location.

How to Share Location on iPhone My Guides

After tapping the Share My Location button, your iPhone will let you choose where you will share your location, like AirDrop, Mail, and Social Media accounts. Select a receiver, click the Send button, and your location will automatically be shared.

How to Share Location on iPhone Send Button

Using Apple Maps to share locations is very interesting, right? Aside from that, it is also quick to do. For that reason, if you need to share location as fast as you can, you can choose Apple Maps to make it possible. To end this second method, you can try it now and share these steps with your loved ones and friends for them to be aware.

Share Location Using ‘Find My’ Feature

How to Share Location on iPhone Share location Using Find My Feature

Again, aside from the two methods mentioned above, there’s another last method, but not least; the last method you can consider sharing your location is using the Find My feature of iPhone. These features can find and share your location, especially when needed.

To share your location, open your iPhone and find the Find My app. After that, the iPhone will redirect you to the Maps. Again, you have the option to zoom in and out of the maps. If you are going to look at the bottom of the screen, you will see these options; People, Devices, Items, and Me.

You can see the Start Sharing Location on the People and Devices button. Once you click the Start Sharing Location, the iPhone will proceed to your Contacts. Then, it is up to you who you want to share your location with.

Remember, when using these features, you can share your location on Contacts using iMessage because it requires data or an internet connection. So, that is it! You will notice that all our methods are free and manageable to apply to your iPhone.

Besides, you must make sure Find My is enabled. Surely, if you do not want to share an iPhone location, you can turn off Find My to save battery. (How to turn off Find My iPhone without password?)

To conclude this part, we hope that you can consider this method as you share our location with the people you trust. Moreover, you can proceed to the next part if you have some questions. We provide questions that you might ask and already provide answers and solutions.

2. FAQs of Share Location on iPhone

What is the disadvantage of sharing my location on my iPhone?

Sharing your location on your iPhone is helpful because you can direct people to the directions they are unaware of. However, sharing your location will always compromise your privacy. That is why we are reminding you to only share your location with the people you only trust and not share your location with strangers.

Why can’t I share my location on my iPhone?

There are many reasons why you cannot share your location using your iPhone. But one of the major problems, why you cannot share your location, is that the Location Services of the iPhone is turned off. Therefore, before sharing your location, you must check the Location Services first.
To do that, scroll down to your Settings to find Privacy and Security. After that, the first option that you will see is Location Services. If it is turned off, click the button; when you see the color green, it means you turned it on. In addition, you must enable the Share My Location using the ON button.

What are the problems you might encounter while sharing a location?

If you share a location using iMessage, Apple Maps, and Find My features, you might encounter a problem on your internet. There is a possibility that you will lose an internet connection while sharing your location. Therefore, while sharing a location, ensure you have a steady internet connection.


Does this article answer your question, how do I share my location on iPhone? As we suggested the three methods, we hope this article satisfies you and helps you a lot. Moreover, you have seen that sharing location is easier than you thought, right? To end, we appreciate you staying until the end, and if you need an article like this, we have a lot more to offer, so wait for our next one!

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