1: How to Delete a Partition on Mac
2: How to Delete a Bootcamp Partition on Mac
3: How to Remove Partition Junk Files on Mac
4: FAQs about Deleting a Partition on Mac

How to Delete a Partition/Bootcamp Partition on Mac with Junk Files

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When you need to release up more space by deleting a partition on Mac, Disk Utility is not enough to get the storage space back. Some junk files might still remain in the macOS. What should you do to recapture all storage sizes and optimize your macOS? Here is a detailed guide about how to remove a partition on your Mac.

Remove Partition from Mac
Part 1: How to Delete a Partition on Mac Part 2: How to Delete a Bootcamp Partition on Mac Part 3: How to Remove Partition Junk Files on Mac Part 4: FAQs about Deleting a Partition on Mac

Part 1: How to Delete a Partition on Mac

Just as mentioned above, Disk Utility is the default choice to delete partitions on Mac. Whether you need to create a new partition or remove the previous one, Disk Utility is the best choice to manipulate the hard drive on Mac. Here is the detailed process you should know.


Go to the Applications folder to choose the Disk Utility app from Utilities. After that, you can find the drives and volumes that will appear in the Disk Utility sidebar.

Disk Utility Sidebar

Select the partition you want to delete. Click the Partition button from the pop-up window. It will show the name, format, size, and other information of the partition you wish to delete.

Select Partition

Click the minus (-) button, and if the button is gray, which means you cannot remove the partition from your Mac directly. After that, click the Apply button to complete the process.

Click Minus Button

What Should You Do if Disk Utility Grayed

What should you do when the minus button on the Disk Utility is gray? If you cannot delete partitions on Mac with Disk Utility directly, Terminal is the best alternative to achieve the goal. But you should be familiar with the command line or follow the detailed process below.


Launch Terminal on your Mac and type the command line diskutil list in the terminal window to display all the partitions, including the HDD and SSD on your MacBook.


Enter the following command line diskutil eraseVolume jhfs+ drive /dev/diskname in the terminal. You should replace your partition name in the command line accordingly.


There will be a progress bar displayed in the Terminal interface. When you see the prompt Finished erase on diskname, which means you have already deleted the partition on Mac.

Delete Partition Command

Note: To delete the partition completely, head over to Disk Utility to remove the partition as the process provided.

Part 2: How to Delete a Bootcamp Partition on Mac

If you have installed Parallels or other programs, there is a bootcamp partition created for Windows OS. There are some minimal differences between erasing a partition and deleting the Bootcamp partition on Mac. You should find the detailed process below.


Once you have opened Launchpad on your MacBook, you can click the Bootcamp Assistant app. It will direct you to a list of Boot Camp options to manage partitions.


Click the Restore button to delete the Bootcamp partition on the Mac. You can also tick the Remove Windows 10 or later version checkbox and click the Continue button to remove the Windows partition.


It will restore to a single macOS partition, enter your password when prompted. You can click the OK button to complete the process and check it from Disk Utility.

Click Restore Button

Part 3: How to Remove Partition Junk Files on Mac

Even if you have deleted a partition on Mac, there are still many junk files and caches. You need to remove junk files from the partition on Mac to recapture the space. Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner is the desired software to monitor macOS performance, remove any junk/old/large files, speed up your Mac system, and more.

1. One-click quick scan to locate and identify the junk, large files, and more.

2. Clean emails, iTunes backups, duplicate photos, and seldom used apps.

3. Check disk utilization, memory usage, battery status, and CPU usage.

4. Turn off some unnecessary settings to enhance the Mac performance.

Mac Cleaner Getting started

Download and install Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner, and launch the program on your Mac. Click Status in the main interface, and you can check the CPU usage, Memory usage, and disk usage.


To delete the junk files for the deleted partition on Mac, you can click the Cleaner button and choose a file type that you want to clean, like System Junk. Click the Scan button to retrieve the system junk files.


When it is done, you can click the View button to check the flies from the erased partitions. Of course, you can have a rescan and delete unwanted files by clicking the Clean button.

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Part 4: FAQs about Deleting a Partition on Mac

Will the files be deleted when you erase the partition on Mac?

Yes. Once you have deleted a partition on Mac, it will also remove any data stored on it and free up some disk space. If you have some important files in the unwanted partition, you have to back up your data with Time Machine or related programs.

Can you delete an external partition on Mac with Disk Utility?

Yes. Disk Utility works for both internal and external partitions. But if you are removing a partition from an external drive, make sure is properly connected to the Mac computer through the entire process.

Is it possible to delete a damaged partition on Mac?

Yes. If the entire hard drive is compromised or damaged, you’d better use the First Aid feature of the Disk Utility app to repair any possible damage. Then, you can use the same process to delete the partition on Mac.


Here is the simple guide for removing a partition on Mac, you can choose a suitable way to delete the partition. Disk Utility and Terminal are the built-in features to complete the process. But when you need to release up more space and clean up the caches for the deleted partition, Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner is the best choice you should try.

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