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ScreenFlow is Not Recording: Causes and Solutions

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 12, 2024Video Recorder

As one of the best video recorders on Mac, ScreenFlow has gained many users’ favor especially when it updates to its 10th version. However, there’s never flawless software. Some users complained that sometimes the ScreenFlow is not recording properly. Since you are now here reading this post, you might have faced this problem, too. Don’t worry, you can fix it. In this post, we will list some frequent issues of ScreenFlow not recording, explore the possible causes, and offer effective solutions to fix them.

ScreenFlow Not Recording
Part 1. Frequent Issues of ScreenFlow Not Recording Part 2. Solutions to Fix ScreenFlow Not Recording Part 3. FAQs about ScreenFlow Recording Part 4. An Alternative to ScreenFlow: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Part 1. Frequent Issues of ScreenFlow Not Recording

Issue 1. ScreenFlow Not Recording Screen

When using ScreenFlow for screen capture, you might run into scenarios of recording errors. For example, the software prompts that it cannot record the desktop; the recording stops suddenly; the recording screen is completely black. These could be caused by various reasons, such as a system crash, overly high graphic settings, lack of necessary permissions, etc.

Issue 2. ScreenFlow Not Recording Audio

ScreenFlow is a powerful screen recording and video editing software that can capture system audio and built-in or external microphones. However, sometimes it may encounter some audio problems, such as ScreenFlow not recording computer audio, failing to capture the attached microphone, or the audio being out of sync.

Issue 3. ScreenFlow Recording Not Showing Up

Have you ever encountered this situation where you try to start a recording, but ScreenFlow does not show up? This is also another common situation when you find your ScreenFlow is not recording properly. There are several possible reasons, and one of the main reasons is that the ScreenFlow cache is full or corrupted.

Part 2. Solutions to Fix ScreenFlow Not Recording

Although our ScreenFlow review states that it is a powerful screen recording tool, it may have some issues. Here are some potential solutions on how to fix ScreenFlow not recording.

Solution 1. Inspect Your External Peripherals.

If you’re unable to record audio or screen with ScreenFlow, it’s recommended to inspect your external peripherals first. Problems with these devices can result in audio and video errors. Ensure your cameras, microphones, and speakers are correctly connected and configured. If the issue persists, consider disconnecting any external devices from your Mac to see if this resolves the problem.

Solution 2. Verify Authorization Settings.

If you press the Record button in ScreenFlow and encounter an error message of unable to start recording desktop, it indicates that ScreenFlow is not authorized to record your screen. To rectify this, you need to grant ScreenFlow permission in the Security & Privacy settings of your Mac. Here’s how:


Open System Preferences and locate Security & Privacy.

Locate Security and Privacy

Navigate to the Screen Recording section and select the option to authorize ScreenFlow to capture your desktop content.

Select Screenflow App Option

Click the lock icon at the left corner to unlock the Security & Privacy preferences. Enter your password. Then, click the lock icon again to prevent any further changes.


Return to ScreenFlow, launch the software, and try to record again.

Solution 3. Force Quit ScreenFlow and Restart the Program.

If ScreenFlow stops responding or crashes unexpectedly, you may need to force quit the app and restart it. Usually, restarting can fix many issues. To force quit ScreenFlow, you need to press down on three keys at the same time: the command key, the shift key, and the ESC key. Then choose Force Quit ScreenFlow from the menu to close the app. Then, launch ScreenFlow and try to record your screen.

Solution 4. Clear ScreenFlow Cache.

ScreenFlow uses a cache to store frequently used data and functions. The cache can improve the performance and speed of the software, but if the cache becomes full or corrupted, it may lead to the software running slower or freezing and crash or display errors. You can clear your cache by following these steps:


Quit ScreenFlow and open Finder.

Open Finder

Go to the Go menu. Hold the Option key with the menu open, and select the Library that appears.


In the Library folder, open the Caches folder.

Open the Caches Folder

Select and delete all the files named "net.telestream.screenflow".


Restart your Mac and launch ScreenFlow again.

Solution 5. Update or Reinstall the Graphics Driver

The graphics driver is the software that controls how your screen displays images. If it is outdated or corrupted, it may lead to ScreenFlow not recording your screen. You can check for updates for your graphics driver in System Preferences. If there is an update, click on Update Now and follow the steps to install it. If not, try to reinstall the graphics driver and see if the problem persists.

Check Software Update

Solution 6. Rectify Audio Settings.

The out-of-sync audio issues could be caused by problems with the microphone. Please navigate to System Preferences and inspect the Sound settings. Ensure that your microphone is selected as the input device and that it is neither muted nor disabled.

Part 3. FAQs about ScreenFlow Recording

Can ScreenFlow record Zoom meetings?

Yes, it can. ScreenFlow is capable of recording both screen and audio from any source. To record a Zoom meeting, you need to open Zoom’s Preferences first and go to the Audio tab. From there, set your speaker device to Telestream Audio Capture.

Can ScreenFlow export MP3?

No. ScreenFlow does not specifically support MP3 export. However, it does allow you to export in either AIFF or M4A formats, both of which are Apple audio formats.

What kind of support does ScreenFlow offer?

ScreenFlow provides self-service support, including a knowledge base and tutorials. If you prefer to communicate directly with ScreenFlow experts, you can upgrade to the Premium Support program for $39 yearly, which includes email support and a discount on software upgrades.

Part 4. An Alternative to ScreenFlow: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Interface

Finding another alternative is also a good solution to get rid of the frequent recording issues of ScreenFlow. One of the best ScreenFlow alternatives is AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, which offers various screen capture options and powerful video editing tools. What sets it apart is its compatibility with both MacOS and Windows and some unique features, such as more output formats, myriad real-time annotation tools, and the ability to schedule recording tasks. Feel free to download AnyMP4 Screen Recorder from the link below.

Free Download Free Download


To summarize, we've analyzed the possible reasons for ScreenFlow not recording screen and audio. Furthermore, we've suggested some potential solutions, including using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as an alternative. However, keep in mind that these solutions may not resolve every issue. If they do not work for you, seek further help from Telestream support.

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