1. What is Super Auto Pets
2. Super Auto Pets Review
3. Play Super Auto Pets
4. Win Super Auto Pets
5. FAQs

Super Auto Pets: Discovering The Game and How To Play It

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Apr 26, 2023Games

It is enjoyable to play games with uniqueness. Therefore, you can play the game using knowledge and strategy. Luckily, there is a game called Super Auto Pets. It is not just about taking care of pets; you will use those pets to win the battle. Do you want to discover what Super Auto Pets and how to play it? Please read it now!

Super Auto pets Review
1. What is Super Auto Pets 2. Super Auto Pets Review 3. How to Play Super Auto Pets 4. How to Win Super Auto Pets 5. FAQs of Super Auto Pets

1. What is Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets is a fun game about pets. So, if you are an animal lover, you will love playing Super Auto Pets. It allows the player to take care of the pet, so the player must feed the virtual pet and ensure it will be healthy throughout the game.

Therefore, you will notice that Super Auto Pets is very easy to play with and has not had many requirements. Furthermore, your goal is to teach the pet tricks while the pet grows. To sum it up, Super Auto Pets is perfect for all types of ages!

2. Super Auto Pets Review

Arena Mode

Super Auto Pets Review Arena Mode

The Arena Mode is one of the top picks. After clicking the Arena Mode, you will proceed to the game. You will the how many Coins, Hearts, Trophies, and Lives you have. When you tap the Roll on the left bottom part of the game, your Coin will reduce.

After that, choose a pet you want to use for the battle. After choosing pets, you can click the End Turn on the right side bottom of the game. Then, you need to choose your Team Name. Super Auto Pets will give you options.

Now, the battle will begin. During the battle, you will have three options; Play, Auto Play, and Fast. When you click the Play, you will continue clicking the Play until the battle ends. On the other hand, when you click Auto Play, the battle will resume until the End. Lastly, when you choose the Fast, the battle will end sooner. After that battle, your status will appear whether you are Defeated, Winner or the game is Draw.

Versus Mode

Super Auto Pets Review Versus Mode

The next one is Versus Mode. After clicking the Versus Mode, you can pick between the three choices, Join Public, Join Private, and Create Private. When you Join Public, you must wait in the queue and wait for other opponents to join.

Once you are complete in a battle, the battle will automatically start. You need to choose the right pets to win the battle. Moreover, when you Join Private, you must have a specific Private Group and provide the Match Name to proceed on the battle. Lastly, Create Private. Therefore, you are the one who will invite others to join your private group and enter a Match Name.

3. How to Play Super Auto Pets

As we mentioned a while ago, playing Super Auto Pets is quick and easy. Also, you have read the above and have a little idea about the modes of Super Auto Pets. Now, it will be easier for you to understand the game's concept. Please see the steps below.


After downloading the Super Auto Pets, launch the game. You will see these options; Arena Mode,Versus, Pets, Customize, Achievements, History, and Feedback. So, to play a game, click the Arena or Versus Mode.

Super Auto Pets Review Click Arena or Versus Mode

In this part, we choose the Arena Mode. After clicking it, you will proceed to the actual game, where you can select pets. Choose a pet and drag it into the soil above them. You can choose three or more, depending on the available pet. After that, click the End Turn to proceed to the next.

Super Auto Pets Review and Turn

Next to that, Super Auto Pets requires you to Name your Team. The color blue on the upper part is the First Name. Then, the color green on the bottom part is the Second Name. Then, click the Confirm button.

Super Auto Pets Review Confirm

Now, the battle will begin. You have an option during the battle; you can click Play, Auto Play, and Fast. You will see that option on the upper part of the game.

Super Auto Pets Review Play Autoplay Fast

After the battle, wait for the result if you won, lost, or the battle is draw. Then, you can start another game if you want.

Finally, we are now aware of how to play the Super Auto Pets strategy. You can try it now and practice on the Arena Mode before battling into the next level. There is a saying that practice makes perfect!

4. How to Win Super Auto Pets

Above, we discuss how to play Super Auto Pets. Now, we will show you how to win Super Auto. Of course, playing the game is easy, but winning the game is sometimes complicated. So, let us see the steps now to see the victory ahead.


Be familiar with all the tools before playing. Also, choose the right pets with enough energy to fight in battle. You will see the energy of the pets below them. Their energy looks like a heart icon with a number in the middle.

Super Auto Pets Review Choose Right Pets

Fight with a good strategy, and Sell the most used pets, and change them with stronger ones. Super Auto Pets will show you all the pets that are available to use.

Super Auto Pets Review Sell

After gaining more life upon selling the ailing pets, you can enter the battle again. Place the pets correctly, and you will see the Victory at the End of the game.

Super Auto Pets Review Victory

Playing Super Auto Pets requires strategy. Therefore, to meet victory once the battle ended, you must first read your pets with more lives. Take note every level is becoming difficult, and your opponents will also become stronger. In other words, playing Super Auto Pets also requires thinking. Try it now until you meet the victory!

5. FAQs of Super Auto Pets

What is the Super Auto Pets tier list?

The tier list of Super Auto Pets can be made by you alone. What does it mean? It depends on how you will be able to rank your pets. It could be based on their category, strength, and more. In addition, you can also search tier list from your community and, based on that list.

Is super auto pets down?

No. Super Auto Pets is not down. You can still download and install it on your phone. In addition, upon trying the game, Super Auto Pets is working and able to try a battle. Moreover, you can try and play it now!

What is the price of a super auto pets' price?

Luckily, you can play Super Auto Pets for free. You can download Super Auto Pets mobile and install it without paying anything. Therefore, you can enjoy using Super Auto Pets freely.


To conclude, this How-To and review article serves as a guide to knowing more about Super Auto Pets and having an idea of using it. In addition, you will have a prospect to claim victory once you use the correct strategy. Furthermore, we will see you again soon!

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