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Reviewing Subway Surfers: An Incredible Endless Running Game (Tactical Play)

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on May 30, 2023Games

Subway Surfers is a video game in which you run indefinitely. The game begins with a tap on the touchscreen as Jake (the game's initial character) or any other player sprays graffiti on a subway and is caught in the act by the inspector and his dog, who chases the character. While sprinting, the player can swipe up, down, left, or right to avoid colliding with moving subways, poles, tunnel walls, and barricades. More points can be obtained by swiping quickly as the speed increases. A crash ends the game, although the player can continue running by pressing keys or watching an advertisement.

If you think that Subway Surfer gameplay is interesting, you must see the full details and features it offers. Fortunately, this post is for you because it gives us a full review of Subway Surfer. Let us see what we can learn from it.

Subway Surfers Review

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1. Subway Surfer Review

Why were Subway Surfers Created?

In real life, you might be familiar with the story of Subway Surfers. The game is frequently connected with a train and a young boy. The plot begins with a young boy skating on the railroad tracks. The child was unaware of the approaching train, resulting in a horrific disaster. Subway Surfers was then based on this plot. We researched and spoke with a former creator of the popular game. None of them confirm the boy's accident on a train track. The report is nothing more than a fraudulent assertion made by an anonymous Twitter user. Subway Surfers was created entirely for fun purposes. The concept of the game depicts global variety and street culture.

Then, what Motivated the Owner to Create Subway Surfers? A large development team created Subway Surfers. Kiloo and SYBO Games developed the game. Consider Mathias Gredal Norvig, the CEO of the SYBO game, to be one of the game's proprietors. He has revealed the major reason for creating this game. His remark attempted to paint an image of enthusiasm and street culture in relation to the game concept. Furthermore, cultural diversity may be seen in hoverboards, clothing, music, etc. The creation of Subway Surfers was created solely for the sake of entertainment.

What is Subway Surfers Game?

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game. This is a much more active and fast-paced game that rewards awareness and reflexes, as well as flaws and foibles, but strategy games can be fun to play while waiting for the next batch of resources to be completed. The principle is fairly basic. You're a graffiti artist on the run from a security guard (and his dog). Along the journey, you leap over or dodge hazards while collecting coins. There are three lanes to run in, and subtle shifts between them simply by scrolling across the screen. Some paths will have barriers, while others will have coins.

You can also jump on a train’s ramp to sprint along the train’s rooftops. Swiping down allows you to duck under some ramps, and swiping up allows you to jump over them. When you reach an easier hurdle, the security officer can catch up. If you collide with a train, the game is finished, and you must finish from the beginning. After a while, the game picks up speed, increasing the rate at which your game character moves and, as a result, the rate at which new obstacles appear. The obstacles also become more difficult, with moving trains requiring a faster reaction time to avoid. Your success in the game is mostly determined by your ability to swipe quickly. The coins you earn throughout each of your runs can be used to unlock additional features like gameplay improvements or cosmetics. They also present their own scoring system, albeit separately based on how far you've managed to run.

The game is entertaining and addictive.
It is appropriate for people of all ages to investigate.
The easiest method to win this game is to declutter and focus on one's main skills.
Another feature that adds to the game's realism is the cartoon characters.
Swipes aren't always read; when they are, they aren't always read correctly.
Itecomes even more difficult.
The title is also inappropriate for the game.
The framerate of the game also drops.

Overall Rating

4.5 Overall




Subway Surfers has its flaws and foibles, but it provides players with a pleasant experience. The cartoony figures reveal trade secrets, such as what it takes to become a successful player.

2. Subway Surfers Characters (2012 and 2023)

2012 (Original) Characters

Character Image Character Name Outfits Remarks
Subway Surfers Jake Jake 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Tricky Tricky 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Fresh Fresh 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Spike Spike 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Yutani Yutani 1 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Frank Frank 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Ella Ella 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers King King 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Lucy Lucy 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Ninja Ninja 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Tagbot Tagbot 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Tasha Tasha 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Zoe Zoe 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Brody Brody 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Prince K Prince K 2 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Zombie Jake Zombie Jake 1 Not Limited
Subway Surfers Elf Tricky Elf Tricky 2 Limited

2023 (Latest) Characters

Character Image Character Name Outfits Remarks
Subway Surfers Rabbit Rabbit 0 Limited
Subway Surfers Soul Soul 0 Limited
Subway Surfers Tutti Tutti 0 Limited
Subway Surfers Frutti Frutti 0 Limited
Subway Surfers Spraybot Spraybot 0 Limited

3. Subway Surfers High Score

On Subway Surfers, the highest score of 2,147,483,647 points is unbeatable. This is easily explained by the game's operating system, which, while seemingly boundless, has limitations. To understand this, consider the storage/saving of points in the game during your race. The result is saved in an integer-32 (int32) variable with a value between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647 points. Attempting to beat the Subway Surfers record by exceeding this score would result in a negative number. If you wish to learn more about the issue, Wikipedia has a comprehensive explanation. You'd have to play over ten days to get a score like this!

4. 7 Games like Subway Surfers

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Developer:Hipster Whale

Platforms:Android, iOS, tvOS, Windows Phone

Crossy Road is a pixel-based mobile game where players use their unique character and the equally unique pixel block world to cross a busy traffic street. Combining Frogger's original gameplay with an endless component has proven to be an addictive combination on both the iOS and Android platforms, with future releases on the Microsoft Store (Windows 10) and a web-based version.

Temple Run

Temple Run

Developer:Imangi Studios

Platforms:iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, PC, Arcade, Samsung Gear VR

Temple Run is one of the first endless running games. Players must escape from demonic monkeys with their stolen precious idol from their temple adventure using hops, slides, swipes, and tilt features. It is an addicting iOS and Android experience frequently credited with popularizing a new type of mobile gaming centered on the high-score competition with friends and your bests.

Run Sackboy! Run!

Run Sackboy! Run!



Run Sackboy! Run! introduces the LittleBigPlanet franchise into the endless runner area with a charming side-scrolling game brimming with collectibles for your mobile device or PS Vita. While the game will undoubtedly appeal to LittleBigPlanet enthusiasts, there is no barrier to entry if this is your first foray into the genre, and the brilliant, vibrant classic worlds provide a fun visual adventure.

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

Developer:Toco Games

Platforms:Microsoft Windows, macOS

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition introduces the gameplay from the Last Knight on iOS devices to the PC sector with tons of more content while striving to polish the experience with the greater hardware available outside of the mobile arena.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead


Platforms:Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8

Into The Dead is a simple endless runner in which you must avoid the terrible grip of zombies while running through mostly open fields. Choosing to depart from the market's customary colorful and vivid endless running titles, Into The Dead provides something more dramatic that waives your heart beating.



Developer:Dylan Fitterer, Audiosurf, LLC.

Platforms:Microsoft Windows, Zune HD

Audiosurf is a rhythm and puzzle game that allows you to surf your own music by constructing a track based on your favorite tunes. Visualize your music in ways you've never seen before while competing against other players to obtain the best possible score.

One Epic Knight

One Epic Knight



In terms of gameplay, One Epic Knight follows the classic Temple Run format quite closely. Still, it has a few entertaining improvements that make it a must-install for endless running enthusiasts looking for something fresh. In One Epic Knight, you'll guide a knight through a dungeon, gathering riches, avoiding traps, jumping over gaps in your route, and slaying enemies with a sword.

5. FAQs about Subway Surfers Review

When did Subway Surfers come out?

Subway Surfers was published on May 24, 2012, and has received periodic holiday updates since then. Since January 2013, updates have focused on a World Tour concept, which rotates the game's setting every three (or four, depending on seasonal holidays). In 2018, Subway Surfers became the first ever game on the Google Play Store to reach one billion downloads. In May 2018, Subway Surfers had two billion downloads. App Annie says Subway Surfers is the second most downloaded game in the iOS App Store.

Is there an ending to Subway Surfers?

Is there a conclusion to the game Subway Surfers? The game is meant to make it possible to conquer obstacles indefinitely; there is no end goal or anything; it's just that the game keeps speeding up, forcing the time window to react to obstacles to get shorter and shorter until it becomes inhumanely difficult to react.

How to add friends on Subway Surfers?

Connecting the game to your Facebook account will automatically discover and list your friends who are currently playing. If you don't have any Subway Surfers pals, you can always promote the game to them on Facebook.

How to enter codes in Subway Surfers?

If you are asking how do you use Subway Surfers 2023 codes? Well, we need to launch Subway Surfers and select Settings which is a cog icon in the upper-right area of the screen. Then after that, please scroll to the bottom and select Promo Codes. Lastly, we must type or copy-paste the desired codes in the Code Field and tap on the green tick box.


Subway Surfers is a game that both children and adults like playing. This game is already a top game to play, with good ratings on both the Play Store and the App Store. If you want to play this game on your smartphone like millions of others, click here. The details above are the supporting statement with that. Therefore, you can play Subway Surfers if you want to be entertained now.

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