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Unbiased and Full Review of ALLCapture

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 16, 2024Video Recorder

In this review, we're going to discuss ALLCapture. This efficient and user-friendly program records screen activity and can be used to immediately produce movies and online demos without the need for programming experience. These all fall under ALLCapture's functionalities. Check out this amazing program as we explore more of its extensive features in this article. Enjoy reading!

ALLCapture Review
Part 1. What is ALLCapture? Part 2. ALLCapture Review Part 3. FAQs about ALLCapture Review Part 4. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

Believe it or not, the worst way to record a tutorial, demo, screencast, or software test is to set up your old video cassette camera on a tripod in front of your computer, adjust the angle to account for changes in projection and recording speeds, and then continue using your computer. Fortunately, ALLCapture makes all of these possible. The professional screen recorder, ALLCapture 3.0, offers quick and simple one-click efficacy and supports full-screen, multi-screen, partial-screen, and even overlapping window recording.

8.9 Overall



Ease to use:9.0


It has a user-friendly interface.
It has a lot of graphical aids to be used and applied.
It has easy-to-use editing features.
It is a simple video recorder.
You can add special effects.
It is available in 5 different languages.
It allows only one hour of recording.
It is not compatible with all video formats.
The software only supports the Windows operating system.
It is a little bit pricey.

Part 1. What is ALLCapture?

Price: $169

Platform: Windows


ALLCapture is an e-learning tool created by a Swiss software company, Balesio. As the screen recorder, it records any activity on the screen and produces web-ready screen movies, presentations, software tests, and tutorials in just a few minutes. ALLCapture also can record multiple soundtracks either before or after the video is captured. Speech bubbles, text objects, and special effects are also editable by users for their projects through this software. Additionally, the editing process is incredibly simple due to the user-friendly time frame.

Main Features

◆ Videos can be exported as video files for DVD, VCD, or SVCD or as Flash, EXE, or ASF files.

◆ It can record all screen activity in real time.

◆ You can convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash videos.

◆ It offers easy editing in captured video and inserting captions, notes, and special effects.

Part 2. ALLCapture Review


Upon first review, it is evident that ALLCapture has an interface that makes it simpler to record screen activities, thanks to its accessible and user-friendly layout, especially the timeline. Based on user feedback, navigating through its settings has become effortless due to its intuitive interface with distinct icons and labels. As a result, recording controls make it easy for users to start, pause, and end recordings with just one click. All in all, ALLCapture is known for providing customizable settings for audio and video input quality, which enables users to adjust their recordings according to their needs and preferences.

ALLCapture Interface

ALLCapture Recording Features

Through ALLCapture, users can record everything that occurs on their computer screen. The software offers an option to record the whole screen or just a particular area. Based on what I reviewed you can customize the screenshot with your own preferred size, which is helpful for focusing on specific uses or interests. Additionally, users of ALLCapture can record audio in addition to screen captures. They have the option to record audio using their microphone, which enables them to give feedback as they go. Lastly, you can also add to your recordings the movements of your mouse.

ALLCapture Recording Features

ALLCapture Special Effects

It is considered great recording software if it offers editing features that add special effects to your recordings, which can greatly enhance the outcome of your recordings. No worries about that because ALLCapture offers this amazing feature. Upon review, you can see in the interface the option to add animated text objects and, speech bubbles, various transition effects for more attractive demonstration videos. It also has balloons, elastic bands, and zoom effects, which users can use to highlight points. Moreover, you can also add notes to display important messages. So, I must conclude that this feature is the asset of this software.

ALLCapture Special Effects

ALLCapture Pricing

ALLCapture's special introductory price offers €169 per user license. They also offer customers single-user, multi-user, and company licenses. Although it is a little bit pricey for beginners, they also provide educational discounts available on request. They also have ALLCapture Enterprise which has more functionalities, and its price is €249.

In addition, ALLCapture provides a free trial period so that users can review and explore its features and functionalities before purchasing a subscription. Also, users who are looking for high-quality screen recording solutions may be assured of accessibility and affordability because of this pricing plan.

ALLCapture Pricing

Part 3. FAQs about ALLCapture Review

What output formats does ALLCapture support?

Common video formats like AVI, WMV, and MP4 are among the many output formats that ALLCapture Video Recorder offers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and playback software.

Can gameplay videos be recorded using ALLCapture?

Without a doubt, ALLCapture Video Recorder can efficiently capture gaming recordings, allowing its users and players to produce interesting content by sharing with others or broadcasting.

Is it possible for ALLCapture Video Recorder to record particular screen regions?

Yes, users may focus on specific apps or areas of interest while recording by choosing and capturing only specific portions of the screen.

Does the ALLCapture have features for video editing?

ALLCapture Video Recorder is essentially a screen recorder, but it also offers basic editing features to help with editing changes. These features include trimming, combining, and adding notes to recorded videos.

Does ALLCapture have the capacity to record at scheduled times?

No, scheduled recording features are not supported by ALLCapture at present. To capture screen activity in line with their preferences and workflow, users can manually start and stop recordings as needed.

Part 4. Best Alternative - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

In case ALLCapture did not meet your expectations for a great recording software. The good thing because we offer you the best alternative screen recording tool. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is there to save you from your concern.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

The fact that It is an amazing choice because it is cheaper than ALLCapture and can do most of the things that a great screen recorder can do on Windows and Mac. It is also known as an all-in-1 screen recorder and editor, which can capture any activity from your screen with no lags. Also, it offers task scheduling for your recordings as it enables you to set the time of the beginning of your recordings and choose your desired recording mode and recording length. As you can notice, AnyMP4 is really a remarkable screen recorder software existing in the market. So, what are you waiting for? You can download it now below!

Free Download Free Download


In this review, we found out that the most suitable screen recorder for your desktop activities in real time is ALLCapture 3.0. As we may have discussed, it offers an array of features, including navigating in its editing features for producing quality screen captures and smoothly quick and easy screen recording tools. Moreover, if you want another alternative, you can rely on AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Overall, I hope this article has answered all of your queries about ALLCapture.

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