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In-depth Review of Icecream Screen Recorder

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Dec 21, 2022Video Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder not only is a screen recorder but also provides many related useful functions including capturing screenshots, adding annotations, and editing the recordings in real time. And it can record any kind of materials like conference meetings, webinars, games, and Skype videos in HD quality.

Icecream Screen Recorder is famous for its easy use. But how it uses in reality? And what are the useful features of it? Please read this overall Icecream Screen Recorder review and learn more about it.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Part 1: Key Features of Icecream Screen Recorder

1. Record Videos.

Recording videos is the main feature of Icecream Screen Recorder. You can fluently record any video with different regions. It provides the options of the entire screen of your computer, a certain window, and the auto-detected region of combined several windows. And you can choose the special Around Mouse pattern to record a fixed size of the area around your mouse. It means the images you record is changed with the movement of the mouse, so you can choose what you want to record arbitrarily at any time during the recording.

Moreover, it has a Task function to start and stop a recording at the scheduled time. This is very helpful when you have no time to attend the meetings or lectures on time.

Capture video

2. Capture Games.

Icecream Screen Recorder can also be applied to capture games to save as a memorial or upload on YouTube. Because the games are always very long and you may only want to record the wonderful parts, thus Icecream Screen Recorder provides a user-friendly and useful design that you can press the hotkey-F6 to start/stop capturing the games without switching the windows.

Capture Games

3. Take Screenshots.

You can also take screenshots with one click through Icecream Screen Recorder. It provides the Full screen and Custom area options. If you want to take several screenshots, you can use the Last screen function to capture the same region easily.

Take a ScreenShot

4. Add Annotation.

After the recording starts, you can add annotations to the recordings in real time. There are many kinds of useful annotating tools including drawing freely, adding arrows, words, shapes, highlights, and step marks. The most important thing is that you can withdraw or move the added objects freely according to your need, which is very convenient to take notes.

Add Annotation

5. Powerful Video Settings.

The Settings option on the main interface includes all the settings of image, video, and audio format and quality. The integrated settings are easy to adjust all the parameters at the same time and it will be applied to every recording. But as for the frame rate, you can only change the Icecream screen recorder frame rate while recording. Moreover, Icecream Screen Recorder hotkeys can help you to record videos easily and you can change the hotkeys freely.

video Recording Settings

Part 2: Reviews of Icecream Screen Recorder: Pros and Cons

Simplicity of the interface with tons of functions makes you record videos and capture screenshots easily.
Multiple annotating and editing tools to help you take notes.
Not only record videos but also convert your recording files into GIF.
Provide a free trial with 5 minutes limitation that can meet the basic requirements.
Able to add logos on your recordings to protect your ownership.
Sometimes the sound and images will get twisted when changing the recording windows.
There are only several common output arrangements and video codecs, which is not enough.
Although the UI is simple to use, the guide is not very clear. For example, the call-to-action button is not very visible, and there's no guideline for it.

Supported system: Windows 7/8/XP, Mac, Android

Overall scores: 4.1/5

Price of upgraded version: $29.95 (one-time fee)

Part 3: Alternatives to Icecream Screen Recorder You Should Not Miss

1. Loom Screen Recorder

Loom Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recorder for Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android and iOS. It's good for recording webinars and lectures because the recordings can be shared directly through the link. And you can receive adequate reactions from the watchers like your students or colleagues.

2. Capto

When you are finding a screen recorder to capture videos for YouTube upload, Capto will be the best choice. And with the intuitive editing suite, you can add many effects to your recordings. After that, it supports sharing on Facebook, and YouTube directly.

3. ScreenFlow

If you want to edit your recordings easily, have a try on ScreenFlow for Mac. It's not only a screen recorder but also can be regarded as a powerful video editing tool. With its powerful editing function, you can even add animation to your recordings.

Part 4: FAQs of Icecream Screen Recorder

1. Is Icecream Screen Recorder Free?

Yes, it has a free trial. You can also use the Icecream Screen Recorder free version to record videos. But it only supports recording videos within 5 minutes limitation, and you can't change the video format and quality.

2. Can I use Icecream Screen Recorder on Mac?

Of course, you can. Icecream Screen Recorder is supported on Mac, Windows, and Android. You can download the Icecream Screen Recorder for Mac on your computer.

3. Is Icecream Screen Recorder safe to use?

According to the users’ report, it’s a safe screen recorder to use on your computer and Icecream Screen Recorder will bring no virus. But please download it on the official website or Google Play.


Icecream Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recorder to capture videos, games, and screenshots. The above article has introduced its features, pros, and cons in detail, and you must have learned more about it. You can decide whether to download it according to your need. If you have more questions about Icecream Screen Recorder, please leave your comment below.

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