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AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is the powerful audio recording software that supports recording audio streaming files from major music websites, video platforms and live radio stations. It is reliable in various situations, whether you want to extract audio from video files or save the music from a popular music website. For choosing a good audio converter, more and more users values its simplicity and soundless audio recording. AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is easy to use with its simple and intuitive interface. To learn more features of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder, you can read this post to learn its main features, pros and cons, and alternatives.

Anymp4 Audio Recorder Review

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Part 1. Features of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder Part 2. Pros of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder Part 3. Cons AnyMP4 Audio Recorder Part 4. Alternative to AnyMP4 Audio Recorder Part 5. FAQs of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

Part 1. Features of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is a professional audio recording tool that can help you capture lossless audio from computer sound and microphone on Windows computer and Mac. Here are 4 features of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder you should never miss.

1. Record streaming audio source

AnyMP4 Audio Recorder lets you record audio from system sound, microphone, or both. You can record online audio from radio stations and streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, iTunes audio and more. Also, you can grab your voice from the microphone directly using this best mic recorder or add narration to tutorials, presentations, and more.

2. Adjust audio parameters

The powerful sound recording software lets you adjust volume, customize the output formats from MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, etc. and set the output audio quality from lowest to lossless. You can set the hotkeys to start, stop, pause or resume the recording.

3. Preset audio recording

If you have no time spared for the whole recording, you can use the Task Schedule feature to start a recording automatically. Just set up the start time, repeat schedule, record length, stop time and others, you can simply start a recording effortlessly.

4. Manage audio recordings

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is equipped with the built-in library for storing all recorded files. In the library, you can pre-listen to the audio file, rename/delete the recording, go to output folder, and even share the audio recording to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.

Part 2. Pros of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

1. Pre-listen to the captured audio in real time before saving.

2. Record local audio files, online streaming music, audio calls, online conference and microphone voice.

3. It offers a wide range of audio quality from lowest, low, middle, high, highest or lossless.

4. The interface is clean and simple. It is easy to start recording from computer.

Part 3. Cons AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

1. The built-in audio cutter is only available in the pro version.

2. The maximum time length for each recording in trial version is 3 minutes.

Part 4. Alternative to AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

If you want to compare AnyMP4 Audio Recorder with other audio recording software, you can try the three alternatives to AnyMP4 Audio Recorder.

1. RecordPad Sound Recorder

RecordPad Sound Recorder is the lightweight and simple audio recording software for Windows, which helps record sound, voice, music or any other audio type. You can use RecordPad to record audio notes, messages, music and announcements, and save the audio recording in MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC.

Recordpad Sound Recorder
It works on Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle.
Adjust MP3 encoding bitrate from 8 to 320kbps, select channel and CRC error checking.
Set hotkeys to record, pause, retake, stop, play the recording and open recording window.
Enable a certain time, daily or weekly scheduled audio recording.
The interface is simple but old-fashioned.
There is no other tools to edit the recorded audio.

2. MixPad

MixPad is the fast and easy-to-use multitrack music mixing software where you can mix all your music, vocal and audio tracks. With the intuitive interface, you can make your audio tracks in minutes and edit your tracks with an impressive range of editing tools.

Mixpad Multitrack Recording Free
Perfect for music recording. You can record single or multiple tracks at one time.
Edit audio track with trim, join, merge, split, silent, stretch/shrink and other features.
Upload the audio recording to SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox.
It has a royalty-free sound effect and music library to create your production.
Need to purchase all the different features and extensions available.
The free version contains only 10 tracks for mixing.

3. Windows Voice Recorder

Windows Audio Recorder is a built-in audio recording tool for Windows computer. It is free to record sound from microphone system sound on your computer.

Windows Voice Recorder
It is totally free and you can record your voiceovers freely.
All the recordings will be saved to Documents folder for easy access.
Share the voice recording through Mail, OneNote, Skype, Facebook, etc.
You can only export M4A audio recording file.
It lacks some basic editing tools and features.
It supports Windows 10 only, not for other older version of Windows.

Part 5. FAQs of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

What kind of audio can I record on AnyMP4?

You are able to record any types of audio files from system sound or microphone, and save the audio recording to several formats, namely MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC.

What software can I use to record a video?

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a powerful software for video recording. You can record all video files and sound that are playing on your computer screen, including a skype calls, webinars, online movies and more.

Can I trim audio recording in AnyMP4 Audio Recorder?

Yes. After recording, you can cut the audio recording to proper time length in the preview window of AnyMP4 Audio Recorder.


All in all, AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is a professional audio recording tool that enables you to capture audio on computer or record your own voice without quality loss. It is easy to record streaming music, live radio and capture your own narration. You can learn more about other alternatives to AnyMP4 Audio Recorder from this post.

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