Is Cinch Audio Recorder the Desired Streaming Music Recorder – Here is the Ultimate Review

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What are the best streaming music downloaders and recorders? Cinch Audio Recorder should be one of the best choices to save music as MP3 from any streaming site. It supports most of the online streaming sites, such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more others. Is the audio recorder a worthwhile online music recorder? Just learn more about the review of Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, as well as the best alternative from the article.

Cinch Audio Recorder
6 Excellent Features
Review: Pros and Cons
3 Best Alternatives
Part 1: 6 Excellent Features of Cinch Audio Recorder Part 2: Cinch Audio Recorder Review: Pros and Cons Part 3: 3 Best Alternatives to Cinch Audio Recorder

Part 1: 6 Excellent Features of Cinch Audio Recorder

1. Record Online Streaming Music Offline. Whether you need to capture music files from YouTube, Spotify, and more other online streaming sites, Cinch Audio Recorder is designed to capture streaming music as MP3 files that can play on any device offline.

2. Apply High-Quality Adapted CAC Technology. It enables you to record the music from the raw audio data delivered from the sound cards. As for the case, you can get the exactly same sound quality of original music from the online streaming sites.

3. Capture Music Playlist with Spotify AD Filter. To record a playlist, you can record a Spotify with an AD filter feature, which allows you to get rid of these annoying ADs with just one click. Cinch Audio Recorder is the best choice when you have a free account for Spotify.

4. Make Ringtones from the Captured Music Files. If you want to make a ringtone from any part of a music file, you can select the beginning part and the end part. It enables you to copy your music, paste it into your local device, and then set the music as your ringtone.

5. Capture ID3 Info for Each Recorded MP3 File. Once you have captured the music files, you can add some information of the music files and edit the ID3 info with the build-in DI3 editor manually, which includes title, artist, and the album and album cover.

Cinch Audio Recorder

Part 2: Cinch Audio Recorder Review: Pros and Cons

Capture online streaming music from any website in MP3 320KBPS.
Detect the ID3 information of the recorded music files automatically.
Mute the sound while recording the online streaming music files.
Skip all the ads that pop-ups while recording for Spotify’s free account.
Provide the editing features to clip and trim the recorded music files.
Does not require a virtual sound card to capture the online music files.
It has an ad-free, clean, and user-friendly interface for audio recording.
It takes a large space to save the online streaming music to 320KBPS.
Lack of some essential features, like schedule recording and audio filters.
Support limited audio formats and save the recorded audio to MP3 only.

Part 3: 3 Best Alternatives to Cinch Audio Recorder

Are there some alternatives to Cinch Audio Recorder to record some online streaming music files? If you need to record the audio files in a lossless audio format, set up the scheduled recording, or use advanced editing features, here are the 3 best audio recorders you should know.

1. Audials One

<a href='/audials-one-review/'>Audials One</a>

Audials One

Platform:Windows and Mac


Batch conversion with automatic shut down in full 1080p HD.
Support all major streaming services, including Spotify.
Record online streaming music with double-speed acceleration.
Capture a list of songs with the recording scheduler in clicks.
Difficult to master the audio recorder with a steep learning curve.
There are duplicates after it finishes a large batch of audio recordings.

Audials One is another versatile audio recorder and editor to save music from multiple music streaming services. Similar to Cinch Audio Recorder, it enables you to capture the online songs with the highest quality, even with adaptive streaming.

Audials One

2. Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

<a href='/apowersoft-streaming-audio-recorder-review/'>Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder</a>

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Platform:Windows and Mac


Record sound from your computer and microphone simultaneously.
Identify music files in batch and saves your time on editing them.
Convert the recorded music to MP3, WMA, FLAC, and OGG formats.
Upload the recorded music to communities and sharing with others.
It does not support multi-track audio recording and advanced editing.
You should find sound quality loss during the music recording.

When you need to capture audio in other formats, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and WAV, Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the best Cinch Audio Recorder alternatives to capture audio files, convert file formats, and editing the recordings.


3. AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

<a href='/anymp4-audio-recorder-review/'>AnyMP4 Audio Recorder</a>

AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

Platform:Windows and Mac


Grab your voice from a microphone and the system sound within clicks.
Equipped with a built-in library for storing all the recorded audio files.
Trim the unwanted parts and save the necessary parts accordingly.
Capture the specified audio by setting its start and stop times.
Need to upgrade to the Pro version for the advanced editing features.
Provide 3 minutes maximum time length for each recording for trial only.

Whether you need to have a scheduled recording for music from broadcast, or record the audio files in another file format, AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is the best Cinch Audio Recorder alternative to capture lossless quality audio from a computer sound card and microphone.

Audio Recorder


When you want to record music files from online streaming sites, you can learn more about the review of Cinch Audio Recorder, including features, Cons, Pros, and more others. Moreover, the article also shares the 3 best Cinch Audio Recorder alternatives to record online streaming in more other audio formats and with more advanced features.

AnyMP4 Audio Recorder

An audio capture tool to grasp sound and voice on computer.

AnyMP4 Audio Recorder