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Top 7 Games Similar to Little Big Snake (For Mobile and PC)

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jul 03, 2024Games

Have you ever played the famous Snake game from the days when Nokia phones ruled? We all know that the thrill and competition to see who could build the longest snake were amazing, right? For that, with the evolution of phones and the internet, the game evolved into a more modern title, Little Big Snake game, which is easily accessible to anyone, whether on a smartphone or a PC. Furthermore, Little Big Snake, like the classic snake game, features a snake that consumes dots to grow longer. With the option to play online, hundreds of people can collaborate and compete with one another. Yet, if you're tired of it and looking for games like Little Big Snake, then you are in the right phase. See these for more games.

Best Games Like Little Big Snake
Part 1. What is a Little Big Snake Part 2. Best 7 Games Like Little Big Snake Part 3. Little Big Snake Unblocked Part 4. FAQs about Games Like Little Big Snake
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Part 1. What is a Little Big Snake

As we start this review, we must define Little Big Snake. It is a multiplayer online snake game that mixes features of traditional snake games with modern competitive gaming. More than that, the game is frequently likened to, although it includes new mechanisms and more complicated gaming components.

In this game, players control a snake that increases in size as it consumes food spread over the map and other players' corpses. The goal is to be the largest snake on the server. Furthermore, Little Big Snake incorporates social features that allow users to collaborate, establish alliances, and compete in clans, adding a cooperative element to the game. That’s basically the overview of the game.

Little Big Snake

Part 2. Best 7 Games Like Little Big Snake


Best For: Wide availability of skins.

Platform: Android

Orborous is the first Little Big Snake game alternative greatly inspired by the original game and shares the same goal. You control a snake, collecting dots to grow bigger and defeating your opponents in the process. What distinguishes the game from Little Big Snake is that it has over 325 unique skins and many various game modes, including free-for-all, timed-free-for-all, teams, timed teams, capture-the-flag, survival, soccer, and domination. Therefore, no wonder why it is included on the list of being the best game, similar to the Little Big Snake gameplay.

Orborous 2

Best For: Adventurous gameplay.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Web 2 is another excellent game that is similar to Little Big Snake. Yet much improved in different aspects. In the game, you control blocks rather than a snake on a big area, and the goal is to capture as much territory as possible by enclosing it in the trail you leave. You can capture other players' areas in the same way, but keep in mind that if they cut off your trail, you will have to restart from the beginning. Overall, the game still possesses the object, and 2 is a fresh game for you, especially if you are tired of seeing the same visual of the snake in the Little Big Snake.

If you like such adventurous types, then you may like adventure movies.

Paper iO 2

Best For: Physic-based puzzle gameplay.

Platform: Android and iOS

In the next game, Little Big Snake is a Voodoo creation. is a physics-based puzzle game that we can all enjoy. In this entertaining game, you will take on the role of a black hole determined to consume the entire globe. Though the concept differs slightly from Like Little Big Snake and, the never-ending desire to eat anything that comes your way will give you goosebumps. In addition, the battle to see who has the largest hole in the city feels quite similar. So, I don't see why it can't keep you entertained for hours!

If you like such puzzle games, you should not miss Mahjong Solitaire games.

Hole iO

Super Snake

Best For: Infinite gameplay of a snake.

Platform: Android

Moving forward, if the team had to choose one game that pairs well with Little Big Snake, we would go with Super Snake. Why? First and foremost, it allows you to play as a snake and compete to become the longest in the game. And the only way to beat everyone out there is to eat as many snakes as possible. It is pretty similar to Little Big Snake, right?

However, we need to keep in mind that if your head contacts another player, your game is finished. The gameplay is strikingly similar as if you are playing Little Big Snake. Furthermore, it has a leaderboard where players are ranked according to their performance.

Super Snake

Best For: Original and traditional snake game.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Web

On the fifth one, we have This game is a great Little Big Snake alternative for those who enjoy the original Snake game and want to compete against other players offline or online. Furthermore, in the game, you control a worm, and your goal is to eat as many food pellets as possible to grow bigger. The greater you grow, the less endangered your worm is by its online adversaries.

Moreover, you can enhance your worm and compete against other players for rank. If you don’t want to spend money on upgrades, you can still play it for free. Many people have spent a lot of time playing this game and have suggested it to everyone.

Wormax iO

Best For: Customizable character in games.

Platform: Android and iOS is another excellent Little Big Snake option in which, as the name implies, you control a snowball that expands as you advance. In this game, remember that we can score points by using the snowball to knock opponents off the playing surface. The game allows you to control a single huge snowball or divide it into multiple little snowballs to snipe your opponents. More than that, the game's controls are quite simple to learn, but they can get increasingly difficult as you go. Here, the game also allows you to personalize your character, which is an extra advantage. With that feature and gameplay, we are convinced that is deserves to be one of the best games like Little Big Snake.

Snowball iO

Best For: Wide range of skills in the game.

Platform: iOS is the seventh on the list, but not the least. Here, you can have a spin-off in which you control a blocky avatar wielding a bow and attempt to shoot down your enemies. Unlike with other games,'s map features barriers that you can hide behind to shield yourself from your opponents' arrows.

In addition, as you level up, you gain access to various talents that can help you defeat your opponents or defend yourself from their arrows. The game's controls are fairly straightforward, and it includes both single and multiplayer modes to keep you interested.

Arrow iO

Part 3. Little Big Snake Unblocked

Depending on the situation, Little Big Snake could be limited for a number of reasons. The following are some typical reasons why the game might be restricted. Some schools and workplaces are blocked. To reduce distractions and preserve productivity, educational institutions and workplaces frequently prohibit access to gaming websites. Also, certain games and websites may be restricted in some countries because of content restrictions, licensing concerns, or local rules. For that, here is an overview of what you can do to unblock Little Big Snake.

Employ a VPN for the Game

A virtual private network or VPN can help you circumvent restrictions by hiding your IP address and creating the impression that you are accessing the internet from a different location. CyberGhost, iTop VPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN are a few well-known VPN providers.

Turn Off Network Limitations

Network administrators may set limits if you are on a network, such as at work or school. If you have the authority to unblock the website, ask the network administrator.

Using a Proxy Server for Access

Proxy servers function as a bridge between the internet and your computer. You can access banned websites by using free proxy services provided by websites like KProxy and HideMyAss.

Part 4. FAQs about Games Like Little Big Snake

Are there any Little Big Snake cheats?

It is not recommended to use cheats on Little Big Snake. But you can use tricks in the game; the goal here is to observe other players, focus, and jump into the arena with confidence each time. Be slow if you know the enemy is passionate with acceleration, and fast if you see someone slow. Avoid Surround & Strangle whenever feasible: Don't rely on circling a snake; instead, avoid it as much as possible.

How to become a VIP in Little Big Snake?

To become a VIP in the game Little Big Snake, we must do the following: First, log into your LittleBigSnake account. From that, we need to choose Shop in the lower left-hand corner. Next, select your preferred VIP by clicking the Subscribe or Buy button below. Finally, choose your payment process, approve the permission after reading the conditions of use, and click Pay Now.

Why is Little Big Snake so laggy?

First, we need to make sure you have a reliable internet connection. You can test your internet speed at; we recommend at least 20mbps for smooth performance. Also, make sure no one is streaming or playing high-bandwidth games on your internet connection. These two can help you have a smooth game on Little Big Snake.


Games like Little Big Snake are entertaining to play. The challenge and strategy that we need to perform is our own to discover. That is why we ensure that the ten games above are also something that you will love to play. At the junction, you can choose what’s the best for you based on the reviews we gave you, or else you may try them all and regret nothing. Share this article with your friends so that you can play together for a much more enjoyable experience.

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