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Reviewing 7 of the Amazing Zoom Video Call Recorders for Instant Saving Information

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 02, 2022Video Recorder

The easy communication process is now possible through different video call software. One of these is the fantastic Zoom, where we can perform a group call with a high-quality call experience. In addition, it is also one of the great software that we can use for virtual presentations, online discussions, or online hangouts. These moments are crucial for all of us. Recording these virtual activities is also great to save these moments and agendas. In regards to that, having a great screen recorder that can manage to capture your activities with Zoom is essential. In line with that, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, Snagit, Movavi Screen Recorder, ShareX, RecordIt, ScreenRec, and AZ Screen Recorder can help you record Zoom meetings.

This article will review their capabilities by digging deep into their features. In the end, we may know the recorder that is suitable for us. We will also give you some criteria for choosing a Zoom recorder. For that, we shall now start reviewing these seven recording tools.

Best Zoom Video Recorder
Part 1. Best 7 Zoom Video Recorder Review Part 2. Comparison Chart of Zoom Video Recorders Part 3. How to Choose Zoom Video Recorders Part 4. FAQs of Zoom Video Recorders

Our Top Picks

Part 1. Best 7 Zoom Video Recorder Review

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: $25.00

Overall Rating:
Aiseesoft Screen Zoom Recorder

First on the list of being the best recording tool is Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This fantastic screen recorder possesses specific features, effective in many aspects. One of its abilities is to record Zoom meetings with complications. In addition, this recording process produces high-quality outputs for more professional and presentable recordings. As we give you an overview of its features, this recording tool is suitable for those people who have a lot of virtual meetings even as a guest. The audio recordings of the outputs are also significant due to their audio optimization features. For that, with high-quality resolutions and crystal clear audio, users must choose Aisseesoft Screen Recorder rather than the other tools.

Free Download Free Download
Professional and effective meeting recorder.
It is a cost-efficient tool.
The software is safe to use.
The full version is not free.

AZ Screen Recorder

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
AZ Screen Recorder Zoom

AZ Screen Recorder is an excellent Zoom meeting recorder for mobile devices like Android. Therefore, even without a computer or laptop, we can freely capture the meetings using this application. We only need to download and install it from the Google Play Store. As an overview of its ability, it can give us high-quality outputs up to 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60 FPS. In addition, it does not have a recording time limit which means you can record your meeting all you want without limitations with the AZ Screen Recorder.

It is an effective tool for mobile devices.
High-quality recording tool.
The software is free.
There is a complication with the recording process.


Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: $62.99

Overall Rating:
Snagit Video Zoom Recorder

Another excellent Zoom recorder is the Snagit. This software is infamous for capturing virtual events with our screen. In line with that, Snagit is capable of capturing your Zoom meetings with complications. Because this recorder is straightforward to use and even new users can use this at ease. In addition, using Snagit, you can now instantly share your video recording output with teams through the use of the communication feature of it. Overall, with the simple features and design of Snagit, you may now achieve an instant high-quality Zoom recording.

Clean and intuitive interface.
Easy to use recording tool.
Flexible recording tool.
The premium is expensive.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: $59.95

Overall Rating:
Movavi Screen Zoom Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an infamous recording tool that we can use with different aspects of our grind. That means utilizing it for capturing your Zoom meetings is possible. It is a great video and audio Zoom recorder that can give us the most high-quality output for our presentations of tutorials recordings. That is possible because it possesses professional tools for everyone.

Fast and smooth recording tool.
Professional recording tool.
The full version is not free.
Overwhelming to use at first.


Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
ShareX Zoom Recording

ShareX is the free yet powerful screen recorder that we can use to record our Zoom meetings. It comes with a powerful audio recorder with an audible sound and an explicit video visual. Many users choose this for recording because it is an open-source recording tool, has no advertisements, and is super easy-to-use recording software.


Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
RecordIt Zoom Recorder

RecordIt is the sixth among the best recording tools for Zoom meetings. This recording tool is the most minimalist recording tool that we can use for our Zoom meetings. It serves as a function icon on your taskbar. That results in instant access with a recording tool whenever you have an emergency meeting. Overall, this screen recording tool is an excellent tool for fewer complications of recordings.

Super simple to use.
It does not contain complications with launching.
The recorder is free.
Limited features.
It is not safe to utilize.
It does not concern your privacy.


Platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
ScreenRec Zoom Recorder

ScreenRec is another fascinating screen recorder that we can use in recording our Zoom meetings without complications. Many users are constantly using it because it is accessible yet can offer professional tools. As we support the details above, there are already 4M screen recordings using the ScreenRec. In addition, it is also safe to use. That is why you may grab it now and record your calls using ScreenRec.

Simple and powerful recording features.
It possesses very responsible customer tech.
It lacks editing features.
It does not offer advanced features.

Part 2. Comparison Chart of Zoom Video Recorders

Platforms Price MoneyBack-Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-Use Interface Features Noise Reduction Editing Tools Audio Recording Ability Other Features
Windows and macOS $25.00 30-day Money Back Guarantee 9.4 9.4 9.3 9.7 Trim Internal and External Audio Set task schedule, set the length of recording
Android Free Not Applicable 9.0 9.2 9.0 9.1 None Internal and External Audio Spectrum Analyzer, background recording
Windows and macOS $62.99 30-day Money Back Guarantee 9.2 9.3 9.2 9.5 Trim, add captions, color, video effects Internal and External Audio Panoramic scrolling capture, grab text, create animated GIFs, cloud library, annotations
Windows and macOS $7.5 30-day Money Back Guarantee 9.2 9.2 9.0 9.4 Add color, trim, cut, split Internal and External Audio WebCam Capture, Draw, schedule recording, screencast
Online Free Not Applicable 9.2 9.3 9.3 9.2 Trim , split, crop Internal and External Audio Hotkey settings, folder history
Online Free Not Applicable 8.7 8.5 9.0 8.5 None Internal and External Audio Create GIF
Windows,macOS, and Linux Free Not Applicable 9.2 9.2 9.4 9.2 None Internal and External Audio Annotation, sharing, analytics

Part 3. How to Choose Zoom Video Recorders

We have many recordings in the digital market; choosing the right tool is essential not to waste time, effort, and even waste money in utilizing a particular software. That is why in this part, we will show you a few criteria that you can use as a reference when choosing your recording tools for Zoom calls and meetings.


We first need to consider knowing what features we can get with the software. Most of the time, the software features decide why we choose software. Other than that, software's ability is the primary purpose that can help us with our grinds. We need influential video recordings to help us record our call instantly via its features. That is why, if you choose a recording tool for Zoom calls, then select the software that is rich in features.


The second criterion we need to look at in recording software is its quality. You may ask if the recorder provides the best quality outputs we need for our video recordings. Also, by looking at its resolutions, we can see how effective your recording is in terms of quality. Remember, a recorder that produces low-quality outputs cannot make sense for our tasks.


On the third criterion, we need to know if the software we will use is safe in terms of bugs, malicious malware, and viruses that can harm our computer devices. A secure recording software also contributes to the smooth process with our software. For that reason, it is essential to choose the secure recording software for the best quality video recordings and the sake of our computer's safety.

Part 4. FAQs of Zoom Video Recorders

Can you record video calls with Zoom?

Yes. Tons of screen recording software can help us record video calls. The Snagit, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, and Aiseesoft Screen Recorder are recorders. These screen recorders can give us the features we need to record a Zoom call at the most quality.

Does the Zoom host know if you screen record the meetings?

Every activity within a Zoom meeting is manageable by the Host and co-host. That is why you can be the Host or the co-host so that there will be no problem recording Zoom meetings.

Can I capture the internal and external audio in a Zoom meeting using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder?

Yes. Using the most flexible video recording tools in the market like the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a great help in capturing the external and internal audio within the Zoom meetings. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can give us a crystal apparent audio recording ability, whether external or internal audio. That is why with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you do not need to worry about your recordings.


Therefore, we can see the effects of modernization in terms of our media files. Using different screen recorders, the instant saving of our virtual meetings is now possible. Above are the seven fantastic Zoom screen recording software that we can use to record Zoom meetings. However, the success of this recording process is only possible if we have great software. Thus, choosing the most suitable recorder is essential. You may choose the right software for you. In addition, do not forget to share this post to help others find great recorders for them.

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