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Know Dxtory Recorder More: A Comprehensive Review

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 10, 2024Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

Dxtory capture is a film capture device designed specifically for tools like Direct or OpenGL applications. That means it captures DirectX and OpenGL video information directly from your framework's surface memory for fast recording with no loss of quality. More than that, Dxtory's preferred interface will provide you with everything you need to capture the media you require applicable for gameplay. From the main window, you can access screenshots, hotkeys, video, gameplay, and audio options.

In addition to the fact that the Dxtory screen recorder has a conventional set of tools, there are some neat hidden features. The Dxtory may also manipulate screen captures with edge, scaling, and cutting options. You can also store cuts in various configurations, enable High Speed and Auto Repeat options, and adjust JPEG quality. That is only an overview of Dxtory Screen Recording tool that allows us to give you more details about it via this review post. Please continue reading for more.

Dxtory Review
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Our Verdict

Ultra-amazing screen recording tool for DirectX and OpenGL apps. This tool possesses incredible features in screen recording a clip that can come with high-quality resolution and codec.

8.5 Overall




Part 1. What is Dxtory?


Since we already gave you an overview of the Dxtory Tool above. Now, we go much deeper into its features and function. As we all know, this tool is a versatile capture tool that can record audio from a variety of sources and supports external video codecs and broadcast output. This will be useful for those of you with gaming experience as well as those who require more than the standard freeware programs that are now available. It has been designed specifically for OpenGL and DirectX applications. As such, it would simply capture OpenGL and DirectX video data from your framework's surface memory rapidly, consistently, and without loss of value. It's a lightweight tool with an easy-to-use, tailored UI that provides you with everything you need to capture the video you require. Please take a look at many technical things about it.

Best Settings for Dxtory

In terms of setting up the settings on Dxtory, you can choose between HD, 720p, and 1080p for the resolution, with up to 60FPS. Yet, users are recommended to set the setting to 1080p with 60 FPS. This setting will give you a great output of recording. However, that setting also requires a great high specification, like at least i5 processors with at least 4G RAM and more.

Dxtory Best Code

Through different testing and observation in regards to the best codec we can use in the Dxtory app, users found out that Lagarith Lossless is the one you are looking for. That is because this codec is composed of vast superior details compared to other codecs. Yet, you can expect a 50 GB file size output after a 40-50 minute recording of files.

Part 2. Dxtory Review


First, let us review its interface. At first glance, one thing we can notice about the app is the traditional-looking function, buttons, and text on its design. For that, with its interface, we can classify the tool as old fashioned and outdated. On the other hand, this kind of approach with the interface gives users an impression of its simplicity and being available for every user. Overall, the look of its interface is fine and can contribute to an immense experience of recording using this tool.

Dxtory Interface Review

Lossless Recording Output

We are all now aware that the Dxtory app can give us a high-quality output after recording because of its codecs. That is right because Dxtory's codec can record original pixel data in its entirety, ensuring that every element of your movie is accurately retained. This capability allows you to achieve the finest quality recordings possible while keeping the integrity of your material without sacrificing visual fidelity. This is especially useful when utilizing codecs such as Lagarith Lossless, which is well-known for its ability to compress video data while maintaining quality, resulting in flawless recordings that catch every nuance and detail with remarkable clarity. For that, no wonder why many users are choosing this tool for a heavy-duty process.

Dxtory Lossless Recording

Dxtory Distribution Writing

As we proceed with the next features, in order to get to know more about this tool, we shall describe what Distribution writing does. Some of you may know that Distribution writing is an important part of high-bitrate capture, and the first barrier is generally caused by the restrictions of writing speed to storage. In situations with various storage alternatives, using this function can considerably improve writing speed and efficiency.

This technique does not require the use of a dedicated file system, which is especially advantageous. By simply selecting numerous folders for data storage and ensuring that speed parameters are properly specified, the preparation procedure can be done quickly, optimizing the entire recording process for best performance and productivity.

Dxtory Distribution Writing

Audio Sources Recording

Several Audio Sources Recording of Dxtory enables the simultaneous capture of several audio sources, such as game sound and microphone input, resulting in greater flexibility and adaptability in content creation. This feature of this audio recorder allows two or more audio sources to be recorded simultaneously, with each preserved in its stream within the AVI file format. More than that, this separation enables the seamless editing of each audio source individually during post-production, allowing artists to fine-tune their content with precision and creativity.

Furthermore, to activate this functionality in Windows XP, two or more audio devices are required, assuring compatibility and optimal performance when capturing multiple audio streams at the same time.

Dxtory Audio Resources

Part 3. FAQ about Dxtory Review

Why is Dxtory not recording game sound?

There could be various reasons why Dxtory isn't recording game audio. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try. First, we need to check Audio Settings. This ensures that Dxtory's audio settings are properly adjusted. Make sure the appropriate audio devices are selected for recording. More than that, we must check the Driver Compatibility. This makes sure your audio drivers are up-to-date and compatible with Dxtory. Outdated or incompatible drivers can occasionally cause problems when recording audio.

Why did Dxtory not stop recording?

There must be various reasons behind it, but these are the common reasons. First, Hotkey Issue. For that, we need to double-check the hotkey assigned to cease recording in Dxtory. Make sure the hotkey does not interfere with any other program or system functionality. More than that, see if there is a software glitch. Sometimes, software flaws or conflicts hinder Dxtory from properly responding to commands. Restarting Dxtory may fix the problem.

How to remove the Dxtory watermark?

If you use the free version of the software, the Dxtory watermark will appear on your recorded movies. There are some ways to remove the watermark; you must obtain a Dxtory license. Once you have a valid license, follow these procedures. First, we need to activate the license. To make it, please launch Dxtory and navigate to the settings or preferences menu. Look for the option to activate or enter your license key. Enter the license key that you received when you purchased Dxtory. You can now restart the tool. After entering the license key, restart the application to implement the modifications. Lastly, verify removal. Start a new recording and see if the watermark is no longer visible. If the watermark persists, ensure that the licensing key was input correctly and is valid.

Part 4. Best Alternative

Above this article, we saw incredible features of Dxtory in terms of giving us an incredible experience of recording in DirectX and OpenGL. However, there might be a huge possibility that users are intimidated by it or can say that it is hard to use. For that, having AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as our alternative is also a great decision we can make.

Free Download Free Download

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder possesses tremendous features that can allow us to record with any type of website or portion of the internet. That means we can also use this tool to record on DirectX and OpenGL. More than that, it also comes with high-quality output up to 4K UHD resolution with so many file formats supported. Indeed, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best alternative with an easy process of using it.


There you have it, the incredible Dxtory in terms of recording. At this junction, we are expecting you to see if Dxtory can be the best tool for you. If not, we can see that AnyMP4 Screen Recorder has so much more potential to give you the best process of recording.

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