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iRec App Screen Recorder Review: Recording Calls, Games, and More

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 06, 2024Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

Users of iOS 11 can utilize the built-in screen recording function to record video/audio and take screenshots for free. However, there are limited screen recording and editing functions. So, if you need to screenshot or record your iPhone and iPad frequently, the iRec app is a wonderful option. Well, this page provides a review, tutorial, and alternative to the iRec app. If you want to learn more about this screen recorder tool, read the following paragraphs.

iRec Review
Part 1. What is iRec Part 2. iRec Review Part 3. FAQs about iRec Review Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

iRec Screen Recorder has been upgraded to work with EveryCord. It is a faultless screen recorder for iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 and later. This is the greatest option for capturing the complete screen for gameplay or video tutorials.

8.0 Overall




It is a non-jailbreak screen recorder for iOS and Android.
Built-in live streaming to many social media networks.
Work with a wide selection of smartphone apps and games.
Record and capture high-quality screen videos.
It is incompatible with old iPhones running iOS or earlier.
Screen recordings require a significant amount of time.

Part 1. What is iRec

The iRec app has been renamed EveryCord since iOS 10. To be more explicit, if you have updated your Apple device to iOS 11 or iOS 12, you must download and install EveryCord rather than iRec. It is safe to use the iRec app for screen recording if you have upgraded to iOS 10 or older. In short, iRec functions as a screen recorder in iOS 10.

So, what is the biggest difference between iRec and EveryCord? In fact, iRec was the first screen recorder software available on Cydia. Only jailbreakers can use iRec to capture screen video or audio. However, you may now access EveryCord without jailbreaking. There is no need to install Cydia Impactor anymore. Furthermore, the iRec updated version is compatible with all iOS models. You may also run iRec on Android and MacOS.

Key Features

◆ Record the full screen, including gaming and web videos.

◆ Stream iOS screens to YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.

◆ Save screen recordings as HD videos with a frame rate of up to 60 FPS.

◆ It's lightweight and records the iPhone screen flawlessly.

Part 2. iRec Review

iRec’s Interface

iRec Recorder has a simple and easy-to-use interface for recording audio. The interface is sleek and user-friendly as an iPhone screen recorder, with clearly labeled buttons and simple choices. When users launch the app, they are met with a simple dashboard that allows them to start recordings, access settings, and manage their audio files with ease. The design focuses on practicality while retaining aesthetics, resulting in a smooth user experience.

iRec Interface Review

iRec Recorder Ability

iRec Recorder provides a comprehensive range of recording features designed to fulfill the demands of both casual and professional users equally. Users can select from a variety of recording modes, including regular, high-quality, and lossless, providing flexibility based on the intended use case. The app also enables background recording, allowing users to record audio while using other apps or with their device's screen locked.

Other prominent capabilities include the ability to pause and resume recordings, add new audio to existing ones, and employ real-time effects like noise reduction and EQ tweaks. Overall, iRec Recorder offers a complete set of recording capabilities that meet a wide range of audio recording requirements.

iRec Recording Feature Review

Quality Output of iRec

In terms of audio quality, the iRec Recorder shines, producing crisp and clear recordings across a variety of recording settings. Whether recording voice notes, interviews, lectures, or musical performances, the app dependably delivers high-quality audio with minimal distortion or distortions.

The app's capabilities for lossless recording ensure that even the most picky users can produce studio-quality results, setting it apart from other recording apps on the market. Furthermore, iRec Recorder's real-time effects and editing capabilities enable users to enhance their recordings further, enabling flexibility and control over the final audio output.

iRec Quality Recording Saved

iRec Editing Feature

As an additional feature, this tool also offers some editing features like the GIF Recorder. Thi tool can be tapped to record gifs or convert videos to gifs. Easy to use gif editor for creating and editing animated gifs. More than that, it also has cute stickers with hilarious stickers and GIFs; you may create a popular film in a few simple steps. Other than that, the tool also comes with fully licensed music. That means you can either download music online or add tracks from your device. To make your video more famous, you can use voice-over, record your voice, and add sound effects like cartoon characters or robots.

iRec Editing Features

Part 3. FAQs about iRec Review

Is iRec Recorder available on both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, iRec Recorder is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones. Users can get the software via the Apple Software Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android devices. This cross-platform interoperability ensures that users can benefit from iRec Recorder regardless of which mobile device they prefer.

Can I record audio in different formats with iRec Recorder?

Yes, iRec Recorder supports recording audio in a variety of formats to meet different needs and tastes. Users can select from formats such as MP3, WAV, and M4A, providing greater versatility in terms of file compatibility and audio quality.

Does iRec Recorder support background recording?

Yes, iRec Recorder allows for background recording on both iOS and Android smartphones. This means that users can continue recording audio even after switching apps or locking their device's screen. Background recording is especially beneficial for filming extended interviews, lectures, or performances uninterrupted, giving users more freedom and ease.

Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

You can also record your iPhone's screen by mirroring it to your PC. Simply use the Airplay mirroring capability to display the iPhone screen on a PC. As a result, you will have more options to record, edit, and screenshot all iPhone activity.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder might be your top choice for recording the iPhone screen after reflection. You can receive a simple yet professional approach to recording all on-screen events. The iRec app replacement has streamlined all functionality into a secure, clean, and user-friendly interface. As a result, even beginners may rapidly use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to record their screen.

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Above this article, we learn what iRec Screen Recorder is and how you can use it to capture the screen of your iOS device right? Simply by reading the post above, you can find out more about the software and the best alternatives. Moreover, we can also see that AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can capture the mirrored iPhone screen and offer other features to create a satisfying video. Please try it now!

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