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2. What is LicenseCrawler
3. LicenseCrawler Review
4. FAQs
5. LicenseCrawler VS PassFab Product Key Recovery

LicenseCrawler Review: A Free To Use Product Key Finder For Windows

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 06, 2022Windows Tips

There will be a situation when you think you must reinstall the software on your computer, and the reason is you lost the product key. There is so much hassle about it, right? Well, hassle no more because LicenseCrawler is here to be the savior of your software! It is a free-to-use tool, and it is filled with many features! Also, it can show your product key in just a few minutes. To end your curiosity about this software, catch a glimpse of this review, and we will make sure that it is worth reading.

LicenseCrawler Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is LicenseCrawler 3. LicenseCrawler Review 4. FAQs of LicenseCrawler 5. LicenseCrawler VS PassFab Product Key Recovery

1. Our Verdict

It is portable.
It has an easy to use interface.
It can scan serial numbers and product key.
It can copy the keys it finds.
It allows you to export all the keys into a text file.
It lets you backup your private computer at no cost.
It will enable you to copy, share, distribute, and transfer LicenseCrawler.
It does not support Windows 11.
Some results are disordered with the registry details and some non-product key information.
It has a few annoying nag screens.
LicenseCrawler for Mac is not yet available.

Overall Ratings

8.5 Overall




2. What is LicenseCrawler

Best for: Users looking for a tool that let lets you find your product keys and serial numbers.

Price: $11.00

Platform: Windows

Main Features

LicenceCrawler is included with the product key finder tools that offer a free trial. In addition, the good thing about this tool is it is portable. Moreover, LicenseCrawler aims to find your Office 2013 and earlier license key. And, of course, it will show you your Windows product key. Furthermore, let us see more of LicenseCrawler features:

◆ It can find and show you your product keys.

◆ It can also show you the serial numbers.

◆ It has a portable version that can be run with a USB Drive.

◆ It allows you to backup your computer.

◆ It provides effective tech support.

◆ It has a batch processing feature.

3. LicenseCrawler Review


LicenseCrawler Interface

LicenseCrawler has a simple interface. It has a color while and light blue combination. On the top of the interface, you will see the File, Tools, Batch Processing, and Help. Then, you will also see the Computer, Start Search, Searching, and Exit on its lower part. After that, in the middle part, you will notice all the results and details such as Serial Number, Product ID, Product Type, Product Name, Owner, and License Version. Moreover, LicenseCrawler is a free download tool. Try it now!

Finding Product Keys

LicenseCrawler Finding Product Keys

After downloading LicenseCrawler, you can now find your lost product key. To start finding your product key, click the File on the top of the main interface. Then, you will see the Localhost, and a new pop-up window will appear. Nonetheless, if it is not working, you can choose the three options such as REMOTE1, REMOTE3, and WEBSEVER1. After that, you have an opportunity to change your Registry path. However, we advise you to leave your Registry path to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE as a default. Then, you can now click the Search button and wait patiently for the results because they will appear automatically after the searching process. And that is it! LicenseCrawler is very simple yet powerful in searching your product key and your product ID, product name, and Serial Number.

Saving Product Key

LicenseCrawler Saving Product Key As Encrypted

One of the good things about LicenseCrawler is that you can save your product keys as encrypted, and to do that, you need to click the File menu on the upper part of the interface. Then, select Save Encrypted. After that, a dialog box will appear. With that, you can now start selecting a folder where you can save your product key and after choosing a folder, click Save. After saving, a small panel will appear. You need to enter a password and tap the OK button. Following that, you will now see your encrypted text file.

4. FAQs of LicenseCrawler

Is LicenseCrawler safe?

Yes, License Crawler is 100% safe and clean. Also, the software owner said that their interest is to keep their software clean for every user. Moreover, they were also tested by various software distribution teams against spyware, adware, viruses, and trojan, and they concluded that LicenseCrawler is clean and safe to use..

How does LicenseCrawler work?

LicenseCrawler works during a scan process, and it will open a commercial screen. Then, users can select a button to open a Website that will forward them their product, and after that, they can decide if they want to purchase or learn about it.

The Serial Number that LicenseCrawler found is not the same as the Serial Number printed on the computer. How can it happen?

The manufacturer probably used one OEM number for all their clients rather than a unique one for every machine. For that reason, the Serial Number that is printed on your computer has not been activated already.

5. LicenseCrawler VS PassFab Product Key Recovery

One of the advantages of LicenseCrawler is it is portable. Therefore, you do not need to install anything. Nevertheless, the LicenseCrawler alternative is PassFab Product Key Recovery. We are all aware that PassFab Product Key Recovery has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and it is also efficient in detecting your Windows product key. So, in this part, allow us to show you the difference between the two product key finder software. Please see the table below:

LicenseCrawler VS PassFab Product Key Recovery Review
$11.00 Price $15.95
Windows Operating Systems Windows
8.5 Safety 9.0
8.5 Interface 9.0
8.5 Convenient 8.5
It can recover Serial Key from SQL Server
It has a portable version that can be run with a USB Drive.

Summing up all the results, we conclude that PassFab Product Key Recovery leaps out. However, both software have unique features, and they are reliable. It is up to you now what software you want to use. But if you ask us, we will recommend you PassFab Product Key Recovery.


We are happy to share this review with you, and we are confident that it is a comprehensive review of LicenseCrawler as we tackle its features, functions, and more. Since we satisfy you with this review, we will see you next time!

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