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Mirroring360 Review: Is it a Good Screen Mirroring App

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on May 22, 2024Screen Mirror

To seamlessly share screens across various devices is essential for collaboration, presentations, and entertainment purposes. Mirroring360 is a screen mirroring app to cast screens wirelessly with ease. Is Mirroring360 safe? Is Mirroring360 free? In this comprehensive review, we will test its features, performance, and user feedback of Mirroring360 to help you make a smart decision to download it or not.

Mirroring360 Review

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Part 1. Overview of Mirroring360 Part 2. How We Test Part 3. Mirroring360 Review Part 4. Best Mirroring360 Alternative Part 5. FAQs

Part 1. Overview of Mirroring360

Mirroring360 is a software application developed by Splashtop Inc. It allows users to mirror or cast the screen of their devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, onto other devices like TVs, projectors, or computers wirelessly. This phone mirroring tool supports mirroring across different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Mirroring360 is popular among educators, trainers, presenters, and business professionals for its ease of use and versatility in screen sharing.

Key features of Mirroring360 include:

◆ Mirror screens wirelessly from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

◆ Support mirroring from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, enabling versatile usage scenarios.

◆ Deliver smooth and high-definition mirroring experience for presentations, gaming, and multimedia sharing.

◆ User interface with minimal complexity and ease of installation.

◆ Ensures encrypted connections for secure screen sharing, safeguarding sensitive information.

Part 2. How We Test

To review Mirroring360, we conducted a series of tests focusing on its performance, ease of use, compatibility, and overall user experience. These tests were carried out across various devices and usage scenarios to assess the software's versatility and reliability.

Here is our testing process:

How we test Description
1. Installation Testing Verify that the installation process is smooth and intuitive across different operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android). Make sure it installs without errors and doesn’t conflict with other software.
2. Compatibility Testing Test the app with various devices (phones, tablets, computers) and OS to ensure compatibility.
3. Connection Testing Test the app’s ability to establish a stable connection between the source device (e.g., smartphone or computer) and the target device (e.g., computer or smart TV). Verify that the connection remains stable over extended periods and doesn’t drop unexpectedly.
4. Screen Mirroring Quality Testing Check the quality of the mirrored screen, including resolution, frame rate, and color accuracy under Wi-Fi and cellular data to ensure smooth mirroring without significant lag or degradation.
5. Audio and Video Sync Testing Verify that audio and video remain synchronized during screen mirroring, especially when streaming multimedia content.
6. Advanced Features Testing Test its features such as remote control, annotation, or multiple device support, etc.

Part 3. Mirroring360 Review

Seamless connectivity across multiple platforms.
Intuitive user interface for easy navigation.
Reliable performance with minimal latency.
Secure encryption for data protection.
Occasional compatibility issues with certain devices.
Limited customization options for advanced users.

User Interface

Mirroring360 shines in this department with its straightforward installation process and intuitive user interface. Setting up mirroring from various devices to your computer or other screens is a breeze, making it accessible even to less tech-savvy users.

I found the step-by-step instructions clear and concise, reducing any potential frustration during setup. The seamless connection establishment and minimal lag further enhance the overall user experience.

Mirroring360 User Interface

Compatibility Across Device

Another important consideration is the software's compatibility across different devices and platforms. Mirroring360 boasts broad compatibility, supporting various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Then, you can mirror Android and iPhone screens effortlessly.

I appreciate this wide-ranging compatibility as it ensures that I can mirror content from any device I own without encountering compatibility issues. It provides a cohesive mirroring solution regardless of the devices in your ecosystem.

Quality of Mirroring

The quality of mirroring is a crucial aspect, especially when dealing with multimedia content or presentations. Mirroring360 delivers impressive performance in this regard, offering high-definition mirroring with minimal latency. Whether you're streaming videos, showcasing presentations, or demonstrating apps, the mirrored content maintains clarity and fidelity.

Personally, I've used Mirroring360 for presentations in professional settings, and its ability to faithfully replicate content without sacrificing quality has been commendable.


Mirroring360 provides robust security measures, including password protection for mirroring sessions and encrypted connections to safeguard sensitive data. These features offer peace of mind, particularly when mirroring confidential information or conducting presentations in secure environments.

Personally, knowing that my mirrored sessions are encrypted and protected by passwords instills confidence in using Mirroring360 for both personal and professional purposes.

Performance and Stability

Mirroring360 Security


Mirroring360 Pricing

Mirroring360 offers competitive pricing with flexible licensing options tailored to individual or organizational needs. The software's feature-rich capabilities, coupled with its reasonable pricing starting from $11.99, make it a compelling choice for users seeking affordability without compromising functionality.

Mirroring360 VS Mirroring360 Pro

Mirroring360 Pro

Mirroring360 Pro is an advanced version of the Mirroring360 software. It is intended to provide more features and functionality than just screen mirroring. Mirroring360 Pro provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for screen sharing, remote control, screen recording, and live streaming.

Features Mirroring360 Mirroring360 Pro
Screen Mirroring Yes Yes
Remote Control Limited or None Yes
Screen Recording Limited or None Yes
Live Streaming Limited or None Yes
Price Generally more affordable Typically, higher pricing due to additional features
Use Cases Basic screen mirroring needs Advanced use cases requiring additional features
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Support & Updates Regular updates and support provided Regular updates and support provided

Part 4. Best Mirroring360 Alternative

If you want to get rid of the outdated interface of Mirroring360 or want an alternative to Mirroring360 with more advanced features, then AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is your good option.

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is the screen mirroring software for Windows users. It lets you cast your iPhone and Android screen to Windows 11/10/8/7 computer, and record phone screen on PC. Moreover, its control from the phone on a PC lets you do some actions without notifying the app on iPhone and Android.

◆ High-definition mirroring without lag.

◆ Screen recording and screenshot capabilities on PC.

◆ Control Android phones and iPhones from a PC directly.

◆ Record screen with audio in real-time.

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Interface
Free Download

Part 5. FAQs

Is Mirroring360 Sender safe?

Mirroring360 Sender itself is generally considered safe to use. It's a software tool developed by Splashtop for screen mirroring device screens onto other devices such as computers or projectors. However, as with any software, to reduce any possible security risks, make sure you're using the most recent version and that you downloaded it from a reliable source.

Is Mirroring360 free?

Mirroring360 does offer a free version with limited functionality. This version allows basic screen mirroring from a device to a receiver. However, it might not have all of the sophisticated capabilities included in more expensive versions, like Mirroring360 Pro.

What is the danger of mirroring?

The primary risk associated with mirroring depends on how the technology is used. Some potential dangers include unauthorized access, privacy concerns, security vulnerabilities, and Data interception.


In conclusion, Mirroring360 offers a seamless and reliable solution for screen mirroring across various devices and platforms. With its intuitive interface, secure connection, and high-quality mirroring capabilities, it proves to be a valuable tool for presentations, collaboration, and entertainment purposes. While there are minor areas for improvement, such as enhancing compatibility and customization options, Mirroring360 remains a top choice for users seeking effortless screen-sharing experiences. That is why you can try the Mirroring360 alternative, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror.

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