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AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Review: Mirror your iOS and Android Device to PC in Real-Time

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Screen Mirror

Sometimes, watching movies, series, etc., on phone devices is not satisfying because of the small screen and lower volume. We have great news for you to manage your favorite movies on a bigger screen! You can use AnyMP4 Phone Mirror to watch movies on Smart TVs and your laptops and PCs. The most astonishing thing about this software is it can mirror all units of iOS and Android. We hope you are excited to read it because we are so excited to share it with you. Read now!

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is AnyMP4 Phone Mirror 3. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Review 4. FAQs of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror 5. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror VS AirPlay

1. Our Verdict

It has an aesthetic user interface.
It provides a refund.
It also provides 24-hour free tech support.
It is clean and safe to use.
It allows you to get your license in an instant via email.
It is affordable.
It is free to download.
It is manageable to use.
It provides three kinds of subscriptions.
It requires you to purchase the product after the free version.

Overall Ratings

9.0 Overall



Screen Mirroring Quality:9.0

2. Screen Mirroring Quality:

Best for: People searching for the best screen mirror software they can use for their iOS and Android devices.

Price: 1-Month License: $9.90, 1-Quarter License: 19.20, and 1-Year License: $37.20.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Main Features

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror can mirror your screen and audio with your iPhone and Android devices. The good thing about AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is it has three kinds of subscriptions. It has a unique subscription because it has a version of a 1-Quarter License.

Moreover, you can use a Wi-Fi Connection or USB Connection to mirror your devices. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered some things like the Wi-Fi you will use on your device is the same Wi-Fi connection to your PC. If you want a USB Connection or USB Cable, use a working and original USB Cable.

Free Download

To know more, please see below all the features of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror.

◆ It provides different kinds of languages.

◆ It can record while mirroring your device.

◆ It can make a Snapshot while mirroring your screen.

◆ It allows you to move the Window with Toolbar and without Toolbar.

◆ It can stretch in full screen while mirroring or recording your device.

◆ It has Real-time Mirroring.

◆ It is compatible with all units of iPhone and Android devices.

3. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Review


AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Interface

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror has a manageable user interface, perfect for beginner and professional users. On the upper left, you will see its name AnyMP4 Phone Mirror, and on the upper right corner, you will see the options such as Send us feedback, Menu, Pin interface, Minimize, and Close.

In addition, in the middle part, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror allows you to choose between the iOS Mirror and Android Mirror. If you will mirror an iOS device, click iSO Mirror. On the other hand, if you desire to mirror an Android device, click the Android Mirror.

You will also notice the PC Name, Current Net, and IP on the lower right of the panel. Overall, you can use AnyMP4 Phone Mirror without hesitation. You can try it after you read this article review.

Mirroring your Screen and Audio of your iOS and Android Devices

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Mirroring your Screen and Audio of your iOS and Android Devices

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror will make your life easier by mirroring your screen and audio. Again, this software is easy to use, and you can mirror your device quickly! But before mirroring your device, you must ensure that your iOS or Android device is connected on the same WLAN.

Why? Because you will not be able to connect your iOS or Android device if the Wi-Fi connection you are connected to is not the same as on your computer. In addition, if you use a USB cable, you also need to ensure that the USB cable is working and use an original USB cable to avoid problems like disconnection, etc.

2 Types of Window Modes

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Window Mode

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror provides two types of Windows Modes; the first is the Move Window with Toolbar, and the second is Move the Window without Toolbar. You can move your mirrored screen or audio, including the Toolbar. You also have an option to hide the Toolbar upon clicking the Hide Toolbar icon on the lower-right corner of the interface.

On the other hand, the second option is to Move the Window without the Toolbar. You can move the screen mirror window wherever you want on your computer. You can place it on every side of your laptop while mirroring your device.

If you want the window to remain on top, click the Sticky on Top, you can also Minimize the windows and show the window again on your computer screen.

Recording Phone Screen While Mirroring

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Recording Phone Screen While Mirroring

Recording your mirrored device screen is one of the features of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror. To record your mirrored screen, click the Start Recording button on the bottom left side of the panel. It is a yellow circle and will start recording your mirrored device.

When you stop the recording process, your recorded file will automatically be moved to the Recording History on AnyMP4 Phone Mirror. With that, you can Rename your recorded file and Import it to your computer.

To play the recorded screen mirror file, double-click the file, and a new window will appear. It allows you to Play, Stop, Adjust Volume, Take Continues Snapshots, and Full Screen the recorded file. In addition, you can also export it by tapping the Export button.

What’s more? You can change the Resolution from 360p to 4K and an Output Resolution from 202*360 to 608*1080. You can also select the three kinds of speakers: phone speakers, PC speakers, and PC speakers.

Moreover, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror lets you choose the Location of Output Files. Plus, you can change the Video Format and Audio Format into different kinds of available formats from AnyMP4 Phone Mirror.

4. FAQs of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

Is AnyMP4 Phone Mirror safe to use?

Of course. One of the safeties phone mirror software you must have is AnyMP4 Phone Mirror. Why? Because it is committed to providing you with the best and a higher level of data protection for every user.
In addition, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror will only collect your data when necessary, and they do not intend to sell every user's data to any third parties. To know more about your protection, you can visit the Privacy Policy of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror.

Can I mirror my iOS device and Android device at the same time using AnyMP4 Phone Mirror?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot mirror both iOS and Android devices at the same time. Before you start mirroring your device, you need to choose between the two options: iOS Mirror and Android Mirror. Therefore, you cannot screen mirror the two at the same time.

Can I mirror the two iOS devices simultaneously using AnyMP4 Phone Mirror?

Yes, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror allows that. However, upon doing it, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror will mirror the Audio of one iOS device and mirror the screen of the other iOS device.

5. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror VS AirPlay

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror AnyMP4 Phone Mirror VS AirPlay

In this part of the review, we will learn who is the most effective of the two phone mirror software, namely AnyMP4 Phone Mirror and AirPlay. We discuss AnyMP4 Phone Mirror in the first part and now let us discuss what AirPlay is?

It is software that is built-in on Apple devices. Therefore, you can mirror your Apple devices using AirPlay. The question is, who is the most effective between the two? We know that AirPlay is free, but it only mirrors Apple devices to Apple TV and Mac.

But, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is an all-around phone mirror software that can mirror even your all types of Android devices. Nice, right? Below, we provide a comparison table to know which software standouts exactly.

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror VS AirPlay
Windows and Mac Platform Windows and Mac
Price starts at $9.90 Price Free
Stream Music to Multiple AirPlay
Android Mirror
Beginner User Best for Advance User
9.5 Quality 9.0
9.5 Safety 9.0
9.0 Quality 9.0
9.0 Compatibility 8.5
9.0 Interface 8.5

It is evident that AnyMP4 Phone Mirror standouts, right? Nonetheless, it is up to you what phone mirror software you want to use. Moreover, we recommend you try AnyMP4 Phone Mirror, it offers a free download, and you can use the free version.


Finally, we are done reviewing AnyMP4 Phone Mirror! We are proud to show you an honest review of its pros and cons, especially its main features. We also guarantee that when it comes to the comparison table, we review it fairly. Overall, see you again on our next upload!

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