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The Best 7 Phone Mirror App: Utilizing Their Pros, Cons, Main Features, and More

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Dec 21, 2022Screen Mirror

It is time-consuming when look for the best phone mirror app. You need to download, install, and try one by one to know what is the best among each one. In this article, you do not have to waste time looking for a phone mirror app because we have done it for you! We present Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, ApowerMirror, Your Phone Companion, Vysor, LetsView, Mobizen, and AirParrot. You may proceed with reading now.

Best Phone Mirror App
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Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Best 7 Phone Mirror App

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Phone Mirror App Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Price: 1-Month License costs $15.96, 1-Quarter License costs $23.96, and 1-Year License costs $31.96.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Overall Rating:
It is affordable.
It has a beautiful user interface.
It has a high quality while mirroring the screen.
It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
It is user-friendly.
It offers a lot of features.
It offers also offers a free upgrade and tech support.
It requires you to purchase the product after the free trial.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is included as one of the seven excellent phone mirror apps. It can mirror whether you are using an iOS or Android device. In addition, it has a beautiful interface that is easy to manage because you will see all the options available.

Again, it can mirror your screen and even your audio. The unique part of the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is that it has two Window Modes; it allows you to move the Window with the Toolbar and the Windows without a Toolbar.

What else? It has an extra feature that can record your phone screen while mirroring it. It also has a Recording History where you can see all your recorded mirrored phone screens. It is excellent, right? No wonder why it is included as one of the best!

Free Download


Phone Mirror App ApowerMirror

Price: The yearly-plan costs $39.95, and the Lifetime Plan costs: $59.95.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Overall Rating:
It has a friendly user interface.
It supports customer support.
It also supports a free update.
It provides your VIP accounts once you buy the product.
It is safe to use.
It requires you to download as well as install the ApowerMirror application on your phone to recognize the ApowerMirror software.
It does not allow you to mirror your phone in half screen and full screen.
It has a slow installation process.
It takes 10 minutes only to mirror your phone while using the free trial.
The free version has a watermark.
It crashes and lag sometimes.

ApowerMirror is software that can mirror phones to PC, laptops, and so on. You will appreciate its features because ApowerMirror lets you customize the Display Settings first before proceeding to the phone mirror.

Furthermore, it also lets you record your phone mirror while talking with friends using FaceTime, Snapchat, and more. When you are finished recording your mirrored phone, you can view it on an ApowerMirror.

In addition, another feature is ApowerMirror can control your phone using a PC. Yes, it is possible using this phone mirror app.

Your Phone Companion

Phone Mirror App Your Phone Companion

Price: Free

Platform: Windows and Android

Overall Rating:
It is safe to use.
It has many features to offer.
It is free to use.
It is limited.
It does not apply to iOS devices and Mac.
It is not easy to use.

Your Phone Companion is a free app to mirror phones to TV, computer, and laptop. It can mirror Android devices, especially Samsung. In addition, Your Phone Companion is not just a focus on a phone mirror, but also it lets you link your messages, notifications, and calls.

Furthermore, you are lucky to be a Samsung user because your Phone Companion lets you connect to Samsung Gallery. With that, you can access all your files quickly.


Phone Mirror App Your Phone Companion

Price: 1-Month: $2.50, 1-Year: $10, Lifetime: $40, Enterprise: $2.00

Platform: Android, Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Browser, and Linux.

Overall Rating:
It has a simple user interface.
It offers a free trial.
It is quick to download and install.
It is not guaranteed as safe to use.
Its mirroning quality is super low.
It is a must to enable debugging on your phone.
It is not easy to use.
It is expensive, and it is not worth buying.
It is not recommendable for beginners.
Wireless mirroring is for Vysor Pro only.

Vysor is a basic user interface. It is an app to mirror phones with a unique and extraordinary feature. Allow us to share them with you. It can take screenshots on your mirrored device. The good thing about this is this feature is free, and you can take screenshots as much as you want.

In addition, Vysor lets you type on your phone using your computer’s keyboard. Isn’t it amazing? Supposing you need a type a long paragraph on your phone, you can use Vysor and connect it to your device. Then, you can start typing using the computer’s keyboard for a quick result.


Phone Mirror App LetsView

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Overall Ratings: 4.5

It is free to download, install, and free to use.
It is safe to use.
It offers a free service for every user.
It also provides numerous kinds of languages.
It does not require you to download the app on your device.
Its quality is not so good while mirroring the device.
It lags sometimes.
It automatically disconnects.

LetsView is one of the free phone screen mirror apps that does have an excellent user interface. Even though it is free, it looks like you purchased it. It has a feature that can screen mirror devices while chatting with your friends using the FaceTime app, and it has a computer screen mirroring where you can control your computer using your device.

Furthermore, it offers editing features where you can fulfill your editing skills. It lets you add filters and more.


Phone Mirror App Mobizen

Price: Starts at $2.80

Platform: Android devices.

Overall Rating:
It lets you record your device screen fastly.
It also lets you see all the features quickly.
It is an animated user interface.
It allows you to take unlimited screen recordings.
It has a straightforward interface.
It is not applicable on iOS devices.
It is necessary to add the payment method before using the app.
Its editing tools might affect the video output quality.

Mobizen is an app to mirror a phone or someone’s phone with their permission. It lets you record your device screen while mirroring it. Moreover, it enables you to take a screen capture, and it provides a Capture Image Folder.

Plus, it has features you can draw on your screen, such as lines, borders, and changing colors.


Phone Mirror App AirParrot

Price: AirParrot Universal costs $21.99, AirParrot Windows Only costs $17.99, and AirParrot Mac Only costs $17.99.

Platform: Windows, Mac

Overall Ratings: 4.5

It does not require adapters.
It is safe and easy to use.
It has customer service support.
It is necessary to have an Apple TV to connect iOS devices.
It occasionally lags.

AirParrot can screen mirror phones to TV, Roku, and FireStick. Moreover, it can mirror your device wirelessly, so you do not need an adapter. It offers features that can extend your desktop, stream media files, and share specific applications simultaneously.

Comparison of Best 7 Phone Mirror

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Features Quality Other Features Best For
Windows, Mac Starts at $15.96 Yes Yes 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.8 Recording History, Whiteboard Beginners
Windows, Mac Starts at $39.95 Yes Yes 9.0 9.0 9.0 8.8 Recording Beginners
Windows, Android Free No No 8.5 8.0 8.4 8.6 Organizing Files Professionals
Android, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, etc. Starts at $2.50 Yes Yes 8.7 8.5 8.3 8.7 Take Screenshot Professionals
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Free No No 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.8 Control your Phone using Computer Beginners
Android Starts at 2.08 Yes Yes 9.0 8.8 8.5 8.7 Editing features. Beginners
Windows, Mac Starts at $21.99 Yes Yes 8.9 8.8 8.9 8.9 Stream media Beginners

FAQs of Best Seven Phone Mirror

Is there an app to mirror my phone to TV?

Yes. You can use Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, ApowerMirror, LetsView, and AirParrot to mirror your phone to TV. To know each of them completely, you can read their description above or visit their official page.

What screen mirroring apps are compatible with Mac and Windows?

Actually, with the best seven-screen mirroring app mentioned above, only the Mobizen is not applicable on Windows and Mac.

What are the most recommendable phone mirror apps to use wirelessly?

We highly recommend Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. Again, it lets you mirror your phone wirelessly. We also suggest AirParrot.


Using the best seven phone mirror app is a great feeling. We hope you consider these seven phone mirror apps: Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, ApowerMirror, Your Phone Companion, Vysor, LetsView, Mobizen, and AirParrot. with their pros, cons, price, etc. We are looking forward to you soon on our next article!

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