1. Does Google Meet Have Screen Sharing?
2. Share Screen in Google Meet Using Phone
3. Share Screen in Google Meet Using a Laptop
4. Google Meet Screen Share is Not Working
5. FAQs

Can you Share Screen on Google Meet?- A Guide to Screen Sharing on All Devices

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on May 27, 2024Screen Mirror

Have you ever wanted to be able to share with your complete team, in a Google Meet call, exactly what's on your computer screen? You're in luck, though! A built-in screen-sharing function for both PCs and smartphones is available in Google Meet. Whatever device you're using, this article will walk you through the process of how to share screen on Google Meet step-by-step. In the unlikely event that you have any difficulties, we'll go over some troubleshooting advice. You'll be an expert at screen sharing by the end, and you're all set to work together on Google Meet like a pro!

Can You Share Screen on Google Meet

Table of contents

Part 1. Does Google Meet Have Screen Sharing? Part 2. How to Share Screen in Google Meet Using Phone- Built-in App and Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Part 3. How to Share Screen in Google Meet Using a Laptop Part 4. Google Meet Screen Share is Not Working Part 5. FAQs about Share Screen on Google Meet

Part 1. Does Google Meet Have Screen Sharing?

It can be annoying to switch between windows when on a Google Meet conversation and trying to explain things verbally. But worry not! Screen sharing is a great built-in feature of Google Meet! Collaboration is facilitated by this feature, which lets you share screen on Google Meet

or a selected window with every member of the conference. Your one-stop resource for learning how to use Google Meet screen sharing will be this tutorial. We'll go over everything you should know, including How to screen share on Google Meet Duo, sharing options, and troubleshooting tips. After reading this tutorial, you should be an accomplished Google Meet screen-sharing user, ready to improve online teamwork and dazzle colleagues with your screen-sharing abilities. So, let's get started and utilize Google Meet to its fullest!

What is Google Duo?

Google developed the well-known video and audio calling tool Google Duo. When it first launched in 2016, it provided a simple means of making one-on-one or group calls to friends and family. It worked similarly to video chat apps on Facebook Messenger or Apple FaceTime.

Here are some key features of what Google Duo offers

◆ Simple and Quick to call

◆ High-quality Calls

◆ End-to-End Encryption

◆ Cross-Platform Compatibility

Google Meet, a different Google video calling service, and Duo were to join. This indicates that the Google Duo service and app are no longer accessible on their own. These days, Google Meet is a more complete option because it includes all the functions that were previously available in Duo, in addition to extra features for meetings and video conferencing. So join me here on how to screen share on Google Duo or Google Meet.

Part 2. How to Share Screen in Google Meet Using Phone- Built-in App and Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Imagine using your phone to submit ideas during a Google Meet call or work collaboratively with coworkers! With Google Meet or Duo, you can share the screen of your phone straight during a meeting, which really elevates teamwork. This tutorial looks at two ways how to share screen on Google Duo or Google Meet: the Built-in app on a phone and the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.

Method 1. Google Meet’s Built-in app

Are you sick of adjusting windows on your phone when on a Google Meet call? The integrated screen-sharing function of Google Meet saves the day! Using Google Meet software on your Android device, this introduction will walk you through the simple process of sharing your screen on Google Meet with everyone in the meeting.


On your phone, launch the Google Meet program. Attend or organize a meeting.


Once in the meeting, In the lower-right corner of the video meeting screen, tap the icon with three vertical dots.


Select the Sharing screen option from the menu that appears. To confirm and begin screen sharing, simply press Start Sharing or Start Broadcast.


Click the Stop Presenting button in the toolbar to end screen sharing.

Share Screen on Phone

Method 2. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Can you screen share on Google Meet using Aiseesoft? A common tool for distant cooperation and communication is virtual meetings. It can occasionally be difficult to share material via a mobile device during these meetings, though. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, one of the best screen mirroring apps, is an adaptable utility that permits smooth screen mirroring between your PC and phone. It is the perfect tool for improving your Google Meet experience because of its comprehensive features and easy-to-use design, which make sharing your phone screen simple. In this tutorial, we'll look at how to use Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to share your screen with Google Meet from your phone so you may deliver information, work with colleagues, and interact with attendees with ease. Let's get started and utilize Google Meet's mobile screen-sharing feature to its fullest.

Free Download

Key features:

◆ Cross-Platform mirroring

◆ Multiple mirroring methods

◆ Screen recording

◆ Screenshot capability


We first need to click the download button above to access Aiseesoft Phone Mirror's official website if you're an iPhone user. Click the Register this product icon and enter your email address and registration code in order to work properly.

Register Email or Pin

Choose iOS mirror to cast your phone to a PC

Select iOS Mirror

Please confirm that the computer and your iPhone are linked to the same WLAN or Wi-Fi before attempting to connect. Kindly choose the Screen mirroring option if you wish to mirror your iPhone screen onto a computer.

Click Screen Mirroring

Go to Control Center and select Aiseesoft Phone Mirror from the pull-down list by tapping on the Screen Mirroring icon. It will take some time for your iPhone and PC to connect fully.

Start Screen Mirroring

Open your Google Meet on your phone, then share your computer screen in Google Meet. Select the mirrored phone screen option by clicking the three dots at the bottom. In the Screen sharing options, choose the window or application that displays your mirrored phone screen to Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.

Screen Mirror Google Meet to Aiseesoft

Part 3. How to Share Screen in Google Meet Using a Laptop

Can you screen share on Google Duo? Have you ever wanted to show everyone exactly what's on your computer screen during a Google Meet call? You can brainstorm ideas, show off some software, or just show off some slides. Guess what, though? There's an integrated feature for that in Google Meet! The steps below will walk you through the process of sharing your laptop's screen during a Google Meet conversation.


On your laptop, join or start a new meeting in Google Meet. Once in the meeting, locate the toolbar located at the lower part of the screen.

Start New Meeting

Next to the symbols for the microphone and camera, click the Present Now button. You'll see a menu with various options for what you can display. You have the option to show a Chrome tab, a single window, or your whole screen.

Select Present Now

Decide which option best meets your needs. You'll then have to decide the window or tab you wish to share if you want to present a specific one. Once you've decided what to display, hit the Share button.

Share Screen on Laptop

The other meeting attendees will now be able to see your screen.

Part 4. Google Meet Screen Share is Not Working

Are you annoyed that screen share on Google Meet isn't functioning? Fear not. It occurs! The following troubleshooting procedures will help you get back on track:

Standard Checks:

Restart: The age-old fix! Temporary issues can occasionally be resolved by just restarting your computer and the Google Meet application.

◆ Make sure Google Meet has authorization to view your screen capture. These settings are often located under the Privacy or Security settings on most systems.

Internet Connection: For seamless screen sharing, a reliable internet connection is essential. Verify the strength of your internet or Wi-Fi signal.

Update your browser: Compatibility problems may arise with outdated browsers. Get the most recent version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Interference from Extensions: Screen sharing may encounter issues from specific browser extensions. See whether turning them off for a while fixes the problem.

◆ Try screen sharing in incognito mode to make sure there are no conflicts with extensions or browser cache.

Host Permissions: As a participant, be sure the meeting host has allowed everyone to share their screen.

If the problem continues:

Describe the issue: Is a single window or your whole screen not sharing? It can help locate the primary cause.

Look Online: Look for answers unique to your circumstances by searching for error messages that you may be seeing.

Google Meet Support: If you need any additional help, think about contacting Google Meet support.

Part 5. FAQs about Share Screen on Google Meet

How to grant permission to share the screen in Google Meet?

The host, not the attendees, manages screen-sharing permissions in Google Meet. The host has the option to allow screen sharing for all guests or just certain of them. To provide authorization, participants simply need to see the shared screen or receive a notification if screen sharing isn't possible. If the host permits it, participants may be able to ask for momentary control of the shared screen.

What's on my screen that I can share?

Depending on your browser, you can share your whole screen, a particular window or application, or even an audio-enabled Chrome tab.

Can you share a collaborative document or whiteboard?

Although Google Meet lacks an integrated whiteboard, you can use third-party apps like Google Jamboard or Miro to collaborate in real-time while sharing a screen.


During meetings, can you share screen on Google Meet? Yes, screen sharing can be easily facilitated with the help of Google Meet. Users can share their screens by using third-party apps like Aiseesoft Phone Mirror or the built-in app on their phones. Likewise, laptop users can use the “Present now” button to share their screens. But if you need help with things like screen sharing not working, Verify that your software is current and your internet connection is reliable. Using Google Meet's screen-sharing feature improves the efficiency and communication of virtual meetings.

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