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3. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Review
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Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Review: The Trusted and Compatible Software for iOS and Android

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Screen Mirror

If you love watching your phone on a bigger screen, phone mirror software can help you in many ways! If you are unaware of phone mirror software, here is your chance to learn more about it. The software can mirror your screen to your PC to share with others. The good news is that we have software here, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, that can make your tutorial videos more extravagant! Let us obtain more ideas upon reading this review article. Start reading now!

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Aiseesoft Phone Mirror 3. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Review 4. FAQs of Aiseesoft Phone Mirror 5. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror VS AirPlay

1. Our Verdict

It is affordable.
It has an excellent user interface.
It provides you with high-quality screen mirroring.
It also provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee.
It supports the newest iOS and Android devices.
It has a free upgrade upon purchasing it.
It also has free tech support.
It is easy to use.
It provides different kinds of features that you will love.
You need to pay for full features.

Overall Ratings

9.1 Overall


Screen Mirroring Quality:9.0


2. What is Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Best for: Mirroring your iOS and Android devices quickly and effortlessly. In addition, it is also best for beginner and advanced users.

Price: 1-Month License: $15.96, 1-Quarter License: $23.96, and 1-Year License: $31.96

Platform: Windows and Mac

Main Features

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best when it comes to mirroring your iOS Screen and Android Screen using Wi-Fi Connection and USB Connection. It allows you to do two options; Screen Mirroring and Audio Mirroring.

However, to screen mirror your devices, you must ensure that your device and your PC are connected with the same Wi-Fi or WLAN. If you use a USB Connection or USB Cable, you need to use an original USB cable to avoid any possible problems.

Free Download

Below, you will see the interface of Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. Please take a look at them:

◆ It allows you to screen mirror your iOS and Android devices.

◆ It also allows you to mirror your audio.

◆ It lets you record while screen mirroring your screen.

◆ It also enables you to take snapshots while doing screen mirroring.

◆ It lets you move your Window with Toolbar or without Toolbar.

◆ It has a Recording History.

◆ It can mirror all types of iOS and Android devices.

◆ It has a Whiteboard that allows you to draw and input text on your phone screen.

◆ It can show your phone screen with full or half screen.

3. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Review


Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Interface

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror has a super simple interface. It has a color of dark gray and black. Upon launching Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, you will see the options on the right upper corner of the interface such as Purchase this product online, Register this product, Send us feedback, Menu, Pin interface, Minimize, and Close.

Furthermore, you will see the two boxes on the middle part of the interface, the iOS Mirror, and the Android Mirror. If you are an iPhone user, select iOS Mirror; if you are an Android user, select Android Mirror. Then, on the latter part of the interface, you will see the PC Name, Current Net, and IP.

Screen Mirroring and Audio Mirroring iOS and Android Devices

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Screen Mirroring and Audio Mirroring iOS and Android Devices

This phone mirror software is highly compatible with Android and iOS devices.You can mirror your device using two Window Modes; Move the Window with Toolbar and Move the Window without Toolbar. When you choose the first option, you can move your mirrored screen and toolbar at the same time. On the other hand, when you select the second option, you can move the mirrored screen alone as well as the Toolbar.

Moreover, you will appreciate the quality Aiseesoft Phone Mirror can show and give you. In addition, you will not experience lag.

Recording Phone Screen

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Recording Phone Screen And Recording History

As stated a while ago, you will see the Recording button on the lower-left corner of the interface. You can start recording by clicking the recording button. You have the option to pause and continue the recording process.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror lets you record while mirroring your device because you might need it in the future. Therefore, you do not need to repeat the process. Plus, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror provides a Recording History. It will show you all your recordings and allows you to Rename your recorded file. Moreover, this software will let your Import your file to your computer to save it permanently.

As you can see, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror also provides a Preview window in order for you to view your recorded file. To see the Preview, double-click the recorded file, and you will proceed to another window, the Preview. It has player control that lets you play and stop the file.

Also, you can adjust the Volume and take Snapshots while playing the file and Full Screen. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror also allows you to export your file by tapping the Export button.

Take a Snapshot while Mirroring

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Take a Snapshot While Mirroring

One of the features of the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is taking Snapshots while mirroring your device. Once you click the Camera icon on the lower left side of the panel, the Snapshot will automatically save on the Recording History. You can also Rename your Snapshot file and Import it to your computer.

Moreover, the format available on your screenshot or snapshot is PNG, JPJ/JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. You can change the format on your snapshot in the Settings.

4. FAQs of Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Can I mirror my two iPhones at the same time?

Unfortunately, you cannot. iPhone can only detect one phone on your computer.

Can I mirror my Android device in Aiseesoft Phone Mirror using Bluetooth?

No. To mirror your Android device using Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, you only have two options; connect your device using the same Wi-Fi or WLAN, or connect your device using a USB Cable.

Is Aiseesoft Phone Mirror safe to use?

Of course, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is 100% clean and safe. Therefore, your files are safe even if you record and take snapshots while mirroring your screen and audio. In addition, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror protects your data, and they will not sell it to anyone. Try this software now for free!

5. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror VS. AirPlay

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror VS. AirPlay

AirPlay is one of the features of Apple that you can watch, share, and listen to. It allows you to stream video from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into your TV. In addition, you can also use AirPlay to stream your favorite game and share your victories with your loved ones!

Furthermore, in the latter part of this review, we will show you the differences between Aiseesoft Phone Mirror and AirPlay. One of the cons of AirPlay is that it is for Apple devices only. Therefore, you cannot use it for your Android devices.

The great thing about Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is that it is software that you can install to mirror your iOS and Android screen and audio. Plus, it is compatible with all types of iPhones and Android. To see more, please see the table that we provide below:

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror VS AirPlay
Price starts at $15.96 Price Free
Windows and Mac Platform Windows, Mac
Windows and Mac Platform Windows, Mac
Mirror on TV
9.0 Safety 9.0
9.5 Interface 9.0
9.0 Features 8.5
9.0 Quality 9.0
9.5 Compatibility 8.5
9.0 Manageable 8.5

We can clearly see that Aiseesoft Phone Mirror still excels. Do you wonder why? Allow us to explain further to you. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is more efficient in mirroring your device to a computer or Mac. While AirPlay focuses on mirroring your Apple device into the TV.

Both have different advantages. However, if you aim for an all-around and most compatible phone mirror software, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best! Furthermore, we will have a review of AirPlay soon, so stay tuned!

Free Download


There you go, we are done reviewing Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. We make sure that you will learn not only the pros and cons of Aiseesoft Phone Mirror but also you will learn about its functions and main features because you deserve to know all of that!
Also, we expect that the comparison table helped you choose the best phone mirror software. Overall, we had fun reviewing Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, and we hope you enjoyed reading too! See you again at our next one!

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