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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Discord Unblocked

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Discord is one of the easiest social media platforms to talk over voice, video, and text and is a good space for game communities and developers. Discord became popular, especially among young users such as teenagers and students with different interests. This platform is commonly blocked in schools and colleges, disallowing students from using it. If you are a student searching for a solution, specifically Discord's unblocked website for school, this article will help you even if it initially seems impossible. So come along with us to know why and how to get Discord unblocked.

Discord Unblocked
Part 1. Why Is Discord Unblocked? Part 2. How to Fix Discord Unblocked? Part 3. FAQs about Discord Unblocked

Part 1. Why Is Discord Unblocked?

Young people, specifically students, usually ask why most schools and universities are banning Discord.

The answer is simply to prevent students from using the platform inappropriately, such as sharing sensitive content from one to another. But because students nowadays need a good platform for sending files, they wish for Discord to unblock. The unblocked Discord will be shown in the next part of this article with step-by-step guidelines to do it successfully.

Part 2. How to Fix Discord Unblocked?

Method 1: Using a VPN

Most likely, your school has restricted access to websites and the Discord app for your system's IP address. Given how frequently VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are offered online, you have certainly previously heard about it. Using a VPN, your IP address and the entire device can be hidden to access applications and websites you block. Most offers require you to pay a specific amount for subscriptions to VPNs, but fortunately, some are VPN extensions.


Login to your school network.


Create an account with ExpressVPN and log in.

Express VPN Sign In Log In

Open the application, then select the Connect button.


Once you've set up a connection to your ExpressVPN network, open Discord in your browser or app and log in.

Browser App Discord Log In

Those are the steps we need to follow to use VPN in unblocking Discord on your devices. See it is easy and you can make it quick.

Method 2: Use Discord in Browser

Discord on a browser instead of an application is another method to get around Discord's ban in schools and colleges. Discord on browser and application are almost alike, though you must use a web browser to sign in to your Discord account.


Visit the Discord website.

Discord Website

Click the Login button.

Discord Website Log In

Click Log In after entering your login information. The Discord unblocked website will now be shown.

Discord Unblocked Website

This is an easy alteration for an application to unblock Discord. The desktop application is worthwhile, but the web application is fantastic because it lowers the entry bar.

Method 3: Copy the IP Address (For Windows)

You may be unable to access websites at some schools and colleges because of content blocks based on keywords. These methods will restrict some words a website might include rather than blocking the VPN. This method is one of the simplest ways for schools to block websites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Fortunately, if you're using Windows, content blockers are simple to avoid.


Type Command Prompt into the Windows key, then click Open.

Command Prompt on Windows

After entering the command, click the Enter key.

Enter Key on Windows

The IP address of the website will now be shown.


Copy the IP address and copy/search it using the Google browser.

Website IP Address

This is the simplest method to unblock websites like Discord, yet you need to remember that you shouldn’t click any ip loggers or suspicious links to keep your ip address safe on Discord.

Method 4: Use Remote Chrome Remote Desktop

As a student, having a personal desktop is helpful in matters like this. You can use Chrome Remote Desktop, which provides remote access to your personal computer. You can access, manage, and utilize Discord from school using this tool.


Open Chrome and navigate to Chrome Remote Desktop on your school computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Select Access to my computer.


On the menu on the left, select Remote Support.

Remote Support

Enter the Access code after finding Connect to another computer.

Access Code

Finally, connect your Home computer by clicking the Connect button.

Connect the Home Computer

This is how accessible unblocking Discord is. Overall, Chrome Remote Desktop is a useful tool to remote access, but it may not provide all the functionalities required for collaboration.

Method 5: Use Discord by using Google Translate

Using Google Translate to access a school computer to unblock Discord is uncommon.


Check out the Google Translate website.

Google Translate

Enter in the translation field.


You'll see a link in the translated box.

Discord Link

When you click on this link, a discord unblocked Chromebook will appear.

It’s quite impossible, but you can unblock Discord in just 4 easy steps. So what are you waiting for? Go to your Google Translate and do it now!

Method 6: Use the Alpha Testing Version of Discord

When blocking a particular website for students to use, schools and colleges often do not prohibit the popular versions of apps, leaving students wondering how to unblock Discord at school. If this is the situation at your school, you can still use the Discord Alpha Testing Version to learn how to unblock Discord on a school Chromebook.

There are two ways to access the Discord Alpha Testing Version:

Way 1. Through Google Chrome


From the Start menu, choose Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

To download and install Discord, enter Canary. discord app in the search window.

Discord Canary

Then hit Enter, and click the top search result.

Way 2. Through Command Prompt


Open the Command Prompt.


Ping by typing it in and pressing Enter.

Canary Discord

The IP address of the website will now be shown.

Canary IP Address

This method provides two high-quality different ways that are both worthy of use. Choose one and enjoy unblocked Discord!

Method 7. Use Discord Unblocked Extension

When using the internet, extensions can be a very helpful tool. If your school forbids students from using a particular website or program, such as Discord. To access the website, utilize the Discord Unblocked Extension. To learn how to unblock Discord and get Discord unblocked at school, follow these easy steps to apply this extension to your Google Chrome browser.


First, you have to open your Google Chrome from Start.

Start Google Chrome

The next step is to go to Discord Unblocked Extension.

Discord Unblocked Extension

Click the Add to Chrome button.


To complete, click Add.

Add Discord Unblocked

Finally, an extension will be added to Chrome in just a second.

Thankfully, there are extensions on the Internet that will make the app more enjoyable to use and will save your time when searching for specific chats. In just a snap, you can finally unblock your Discord.

Part 3. FAQs about Discord Unblocked

Is there an unblocked version of Discord?

The answer is yes; an unblocked version of Discord allows users to freely share text, audio, video, and files with another end user. Other countries like the Philippines are not strict regarding using the platform.

Why is Discord blocked at school?

Discord is commonly blocked in schools and colleges, disallowing students from using it to prevent them from using the platform inappropriately, such as sharing sensitive content from one to another. In addition, other schools believe that Discord is a distraction platform since it has game communities, etc.

Is Discord unblocked safe?

It's possible to use Discord safely with the correct privacy settings. But there is always a risk in using such a platform. Only accepting friend requests and taking part in private servers with people you already know, such as classmates and family members, is the safest method in Discord.

Why can’t 12-year-olds use Discord?

Just like any other social media platform, Discord does not allow 12-year-old users for the sake of their safety and to prevent them from a lot of potential for improper content, including

What happens if an 11-year-old is on Discord?

The social media platform Discord will automatically lock an 11-year-old or below end user out of their account if their accounts are reported unless they can provide formal IDs to prove their age.


These easy step-by-step methods are helpful for everyone, especially for students wanting to get their Discord unblocked. Choose one method, follow it carefully, and rest assured you can enjoy Discord freely. If you find this article excellent, don’t forget to share it with your colleagues, friends, and classmates.

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