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3 Ways to Change the App Store Location Quickly

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We all know that Apple’s App Store is a virtual space that allows us to find all available apps for download. It also has regions and locations on it. This means that various apps will be available for download in each country. For that, some apps are available globally, while others are restricted to specific countries or only one country. This is determined by the app, the creators, and their strategy for App Store publishing. That is why it is stressful for us whenever the app that we want to install is not available in our place.

For that, in this article, we will show you how to change your App Store location in order to find a specific software that may not be available in your current location. Let us now ease your stress by following this guide.

Change App Store Location
Part 1. Ways to Change the App Store Location Part 2. FAQs How to Change App Store Location

Part 1. Ways to Change the App Store Location

Method 1: Aiseesoft AnyCoord

In the process of changing the location of the App Store, we will need a great tool to make it happen. One tool that can provide a spoofing feature that we need in order to make the process easy. Good thing Aiseesoft AnyCoord exists.

Aiseesoft AnyCoord exists to provide services to different users in modifying or spoofing the location on their mobile devices. That means, with this tool, we can now easily change the location of our Apps Store so that we can continue to install applications you need that are not available in our region. Let us now see how we can make it.


First thing and foremost, we need to Download Aiseesoft AnyCoord and install it on our computer devices.

Free Download Free Download

After that, make the tool functional and go to its main interface. From there, kindly click Start to begin the process.

Aiseesoft AnyCoord Start Button

At this moment, the tool will now show you the different features it offers. Among the options, remember that we only need to click Modify Location to change the region of our App Store.

Aiseesoft AnyCoord Modify Location

From there, we will notice a Map shown by the tool. That map will be used in selecting the location we want to set for our App Store. Then, after choosing the preferred location, please select Confirm Modify to continue the process.

Aiseesoft AnyCoord Confirm Modification

Now, let the tool change your location on the App Store by doing the final step. The tool shall now prompt a tab where we need to click the Move To button. Then, see the App Store with an update region.

There you have it. A simple way how we can change location on the App Store using the incredible location changer tool. We can see that the modification process is very easy as long as we are on the right track and have the right tools to do it. Remember, whenever you need to change location, Aiseesoft AnyCoord exists to help.

Method 2: Using Apple ID Account Settings

Our iPhone possesses an Apple ID account that contains important information about our device. These details include the location of your App Store. For that, we can change the region of our App Store by setting it up straight from the Apple ID account. Kindly continue reading in order to make it possible.


Open the Settings app on your iPhone as we touch on your Apple ID. Then see the iTunes & App Store to set your Apple ID. From there, please select View Apple ID and enter your password in the pop-up window. (Forgot Apple ID password?)

iOS Apple ID Account

Next, we can change the location of our App Store by tapping on Country/Region.

iOS Apple ID Country Region

After that, there will be a list of several locations you can choose. That means choose the one you want to change to. Tap Agree and confirm one more.

iOS Apple ID Agree

Finally, you will be taken to this Payment Method page, where you must complete your Payment details and input your Billing Address. This information is a must to proceed and succeed in the process.

iOS Apple ID Billing Address

That is the role of our Apple ID in changing the location on our App Store. From there, you'll receive a notification stating that your Apple ID is now ready to shop in the country you choose. However, we can see that billing information is a must in order to make the method complete.

Part 2. FAQs How to Change App Store Location

How can I locate my Apple ID Country?

On your iPhone, launch the Settings app and click on your name. From there, we need to select Media & Purchase, where View Account will appear. Next, click Country/Region. Tap Change Country or Region. If you don't see it, go to and scroll down to check which nation is listed.

What happens if I change the country of the App Store?

Some apps are only available in specific countries or geographical regions. This implies that if you change App Store countries, such apps may cease to function, vanish totally from your device, or cease to receive future updates. This holds for novels, music, TV shows, and music.

Can I revert to my previous App Store location after changing it?

You can return to your original App Store location. However, bear in mind that your access to some apps and information may vary depending on your location. To update your location, repeat the steps under Settings; after that, you only need to set the proper location you have.

Are there any limitations while modifying the location on the App Store?

Yes, there are factors to consider. Changing your App Store location may impact your ability to access region-specific apps or services. You may also need to change your payment method to one that is accepted in the new region.

Does changing my App Store location have an impact on my current app purchases?

Your existing app purchases should be unaffected. Some apps or in-app purchases, however, may not be available in the new region, and you may have to re-download or re-purchase them if they are not portable across regions.


At the end of this article, we shall now learn how to change our location in the App Store. Above this, we can see different methods we can apply in order to fix the issue with the topic. In addition, we can see the effectivity of Aiseesoft AnyCoord in changing the location of our device.

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