1. Get Honeycomb in Minecraft without Being Attacked
2. Get Honeycomb in Minecraft with Shears
3. Automatically Harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft
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Getting Honeycomb in Minecraft: Play, Build, & Survive using These Guides

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Apr 26, 2023Games

The Minecraft community erupted when Mojang revealed that bees would be included in the game. And who can blame them, given how adorable these critters are? However, just as in the real world, adding a creature or item to Minecraft affects the rest of the game. Along with the bees, there was the new Honeycomb item. Honeycomb is useful for making candles, waxed copper, and even more beehives. Put another way; you can build your self-sustaining Honeycomb farm after you have enough Honeycomb. Without the stuffy white safety suits, it's beekeeping. Here are the ways to get Honeycomb in Minecraft using different tricks.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft
1. How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft without Being Attacked 2. How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft with Shears 3. How to Automatically Harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft 4. FAQs about How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

1. How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft without Being Attacked

To obtain a honeycomb in Minecraft, simply locate a bee nest or hive, wait for it to reach honey level 5, and then harvest three honeycombs with a pair of shears. However, as you may have discovered, removing honeycomb from a hive or nest enrages the bees sufficiently to provoke an attack. So, how does one obtain a Honeycomb with a Campfire without being attacked in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


Make a pair of shears. If you do not already have shears, you can easily construct them with two iron ingots. Activate the 3 x 3 crafting table. Then, place one Iron ingot in the grid's center. Now, fill the first box in row 3 with another iron ingot.

Minecraft Crafting Table

Locate a bee nest or hive. Bee nests grow naturally in the wild, whereas players build beehives. Bee nests hanging from oak and birch trees in Meadow biomes.

Minecraft Fine Behieve

Build a Campfire beneath the hive to extract honeycomb without upsetting the bees. The smoke from the campfire will soothe the bees and prevent them from attacking you.

Minecraft Build Campfire

Bees, like in the real world, are an important element of the Minecraft ecosystem. As long as the bees in the region are safe, you can continue to collect Honeycomb from this nest or hive whenever it reaches Honey level 5. Place a carpet over the campfire to allow smoke to pass through while keeping the bees safe. The Honeycomb is ready for collection using the Shears.

Minecraft Get Honeycomb Safe

In this method, we can see that getting a Honeycomb in Minecraft with Campfire is one of the amazing ways to prevent being attacked by the bees. That is why many players use this to survive in their game. This process is a great help because the poison coming from the bees may bring a serious problem to your gameplay. Being attacked by bees will hinder you from having mission-accomplished gameplay on Minecraft. For tha, make sure you are doing it right to prevent stings from the bees.

2. How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft with Shears

Getting a Honeycomb in Minecraft using Shears is infamous in the Survival mode of Minecraft. In Survival mode, you can insert a Honeycomb into your inventory by finding a bee nest full of honey and collecting the Honeycombs from it. In addition, this method is also one of the effective ways to get Honeycomb in Minecraft PE. So, let us get this party started!


You must first locate a bee nest in your Minecraft world. A bee nest is commonly found in Biomes, Flower Forests, or Sunflower Plains.

Minecraft Beehieve

Next, grip your Shears by picking them from the hot bar and placing them in your hand.


The honey level in the bee nest will rise as more bees carrying pollen enter. You will notice honey trickling from the apertures after the bee nest is full of honey. It is time to gather the Honeycombs from the bee nest with the shears.

Minecraft Use Shears

Take the Honeycomb. Make sure to collect the Honeycombs before they vanish.

Minecraft Get The Honey

When you use the shears to collect the Honeycombs, one of the bees will become enraged and attack and sting you. This will give you a Poison effect on your character. For that, players still preferred the method with Campfire because it helped them survive longer and get the Honeycomb without poison.

3. How to Automatically Harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft


The first stage in constructing the autonomous bee farm is to place a Chest. This chest will contain Honeycomb and honey bottles. Insert a hopper into that chest. Put a Grass/dirt block in front of the hopper now.

Minecraft Add Chest

Players must now place a beehive on the hopper leading to the chest. A beehive requires three Honeycombs and six planks to construct. Bee nests are an alternative to beehives for this Minecraft farm.

Minecraft Add Beehive

Bees can pollinate any bloom. The following step is to place a Flower on the dirt/grass block. Place the flower in front of the beehive. After placing the flower with glass blocks, as indicated in the figure above, surround it.

Minecraft Add Flowers

In place of glass, players can use any building component. Then, add 1 to 3 bees to the farm after you have surrounded the blossom.


Position the Dispenser on top of the beehive, facing down. Place shears and empty bottles inside the dispenser to farm Honeycombs and honey bottles. Fill the dispenser with shears or glass bottles to constantly receive the essential item in Minecraft.

Minecraft Add Dispencer

Include some Redstone magic. Redstone is the main component used to fuel most mechanized farms in Minecraft. A beehive produces a signal strength of five when ready to farm. In Minecraft, users can identify the signal strength from a beehive using a comparator.

Minecraft Add Redstone Magic

That method is an alternative method to get Honeycomb if you do not want to find a beehive on the field. However, we need to remember that this will require effort and proper ways to make it successful. If we missed tiny details in doing this, we could expect a failed process of getting a Honeycomb. With that, we must follow each step to prevent hindrances to the process.

4. FAQs about How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

How to get a Honeycomb in Minecraft without a beehive or bee nest?

Unfortunately, we cannot get a Honeycomb in Minecraft without a beehive. As we all know, the bees create the beehive or bee nest as their home and where they place honey. Without it, there is no way to get honey. That is why we need to find beehives to get Honeycomb for our survival in Minecraft.

How to Grow an Automated Bee Farm?

As you may have noticed, the bee farm operates on a simple mechanic. As a result, you can increase the number of bees. You must recreate the identical structure for each bee you add to the system. You may even link them together for quick access.

What do Bee Farms in Minecraft do?

Bee farms in Minecraft can serve several functions. The bee farms can be used to: Automatically generate honey, Collect Honeycombs, and Produce other bees. Also, in some circumstances, crop harvesting. The process for making a bee farm in Minecraft is the same regardless of how you use it. Furthermore, the materials needed to construct it are readily available. Overall, the bee farms are very helpful to your gameplay to survive in Minecraft.

What items should I use to create a bee farm?

Creating a bee farm in Minecraft is an easy way to get Honeycomb. You will need to build different items. You will need a flower or Flowering Azalea block, 5 Stone blocks or any other building blocks, A Dispenser, 2 Slabs, 4 Glass blocks, a Redstone Comparator, 2 Bees, a Chest, 1 Bee Nest, a Hopper, and do not forget the bottles for Honey and Shears for Honeycomb.


You are ready to make endless honey with your Minecraft autonomous bee farm. Please feel free to experiment and redesign the farm to your specifications. All you need to do is ensure sufficient Redstone triggers to match five levels of honey. As long as you follow the methods and tips below, we will not have any problem with your playing. We only need to remember that getting a Honeycomb might sting your character, be careful and enjoy the game!

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