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Experience to Use Spotify DJ: How to Get and Enable It

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Dec 05, 2023AI

Spotify stays ahead of the curve in the fast-paced music streaming industry by consistently offering innovative features that enhance the user experience. One of these features is the AI DJ tool, which uses artificial intelligence to create seamless playlists for any occasion. This tool is a must-have for anyone who loves music and wants to create the perfect listening experience.

The AI DJ tool is powered by Spotify's artificial intelligence technology, which can learn and adapt to users' listening habits. This means that the playlists created by the AI DJ tool will always be tailored to the individual user's preferences. Additionally, the AI DJ tool can consider various factors when creating playlists, such as the user's mood, the time of day, and the activity they are doing. This ensures that the playlists are always relevant and enjoyable to listen to.

In this article, we'll go into the realm of Spotify AI DJ, how to use it, how to get it, and how it can completely change how you listen to music. Continue reading below to experience AI help curating the playlist that suits your liking.

Use Spotify DJ
Part 1. What is Spotify AI DJ Part 2. How to Use Spotify DJ Part 3. Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up Part 4. FAQs About Spotify DJ

Part 1. What is Spotify AI DJ

Spotify AI DJ is a game-changing feature harnessing machine learning algorithms to deeply understand your musical preferences, listening habits, and the context of your music consumption. This revolutionary technology empowers Spotify to craft playlists that seamlessly adapt to your ever-changing moods, activities, and even the time of day. Whether you're seeking upbeat tracks to energize your morning jog or craving soothing melodies for a relaxing evening at home, Spotify AI DJ is your musical companion, ensuring that the perfect soundtrack accompanies every moment.

How to get AI DJ Spotify? Enabling Spotify AI DJ is a straightforward process, although its availability may vary depending on your region and subscription type. By keeping your Spotify app up-to-date and exploring its features, you can unlock the potential of AI-driven music curation, enhancing your listening experience and discovering new tracks that resonate with your unique tastes. Immerse yourself in this musical journey and let Spotify AI DJ transform how you enjoy your favorite tunes.

Part 2. How to Use Spotify DJ

How to Enable AI DJ on Spotify

Enabling Spotify AI DJ is a straightforward process, but it's important to note that not all users may have immediate access to this feature. Spotify often rolls out new features gradually so that availability may vary by region and user account. Here's how to access AI DJ Spotify:

Update Your Spotify App: Ensure that your Spotify mobile app is current. AI DJ may not be available on older app versions.

Update Spotify App

Check Your Account: Some features, including Spotify AI DJ, may be limited to premium subscribers. You might need to upgrade to Premium to access this feature if you're using a free account.

Check Your Account

Availability in Your Region: Spotify sometimes introduces new features in specific regions before expanding globally. Check Spotify's official announcements or community forums to see if AI DJ is available in your area.

Keep an Eye on Updates: Spotify frequently updates its app with new features and improvements. Even if AI DJ isn't available now, it may become accessible in future updates.

Availability and Updates

Using Spotify AI DJ


Open the Spotify app

Open Spotify

Navigate to Search, then type DJ.


Tap on it, then enjoy the experience.

Search and Tap DJ

Using Spotify AI DJ is easy to locate and use. From opening the app to searching for the DJ tab, Spotify made sure these new features don’t interrupt your experience in the app by making some changes/adjustments. Some users even only discover the features by scrolling on the home page of Spotify.

Part 3. Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up

If Spotify AI DJ is not showing up for you, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are some common explanations why Spotify AI DJ is not showing up.

1. Region Restriction. Spotify rolls out new features gradually, and some are region-locked. Check Spotify's website or forums for availability.

2. Outdated App. Using an outdated app can be a factor in not seeing the DJ in the app. Make sure that you are updating your Spotify app to its latest version.

3. Platform Compatibility. Check Spotify's website for a list of compatible devices for AI DJ. This feature is not available on all devices.

4. Account Type. Certain Spotify features, including AI DJ, may be restricted to Premium subscribers.

Clear your Spotify cache and data, or reinstall the app to resolve the issues. If it’s still not appearing, try contacting Spotify support, for they can provide assistance and help resolve any account-specific issues.

Part 4. Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up

Is Spotify AI DJ only for premium?

Spotify AI DJ is currently available exclusively to Spotify Premium subscribers. Premium users can enjoy the benefits of AI-driven music curation, which includes personalized playlists and a more tailored listening experience. If you're using a free Spotify account, you may need to upgrade to Premium to access this feature.

Is Spotify AI DJ available?

The availability of Spotify AI DJ may vary depending on your region and the type of Spotify account you have. Spotify often rolls out new features gradually, so not all users can access it immediately. To check if Spotify AI DJ is available, ensure you have the latest app version and visit your app's home screen for AI DJ recommendations. Additionally, you can refer to Spotify's official announcements or community forums for updates on feature availability in your area.

Is Spotify AI DJ real?

Yes, Spotify AI DJ is a real and innovative feature offered by Spotify. It uses the user's algorithms to analyze user preferences and create personalized playlists. This technology enhances the music listening experience by curating playlists that adapt to users' moods, activities, and contexts. While AI DJ may not be available to all users at all times due to regional and account-specific factors, it is a legitimate and exciting addition to the Spotify platform.


Spotify AI DJ is a harbinger of the future in music curation, simplifying the quest for the ideal soundtrack for any occasion. Its remarkable capability to adapt to your musical preferences, moods, and activities makes it a game-changer in personalized playlists. While the availability of this feature might fluctuate by region and user account type, staying current with app updates and actively exploring Spotify's offerings can unlock a more enriching and tailored auditory journey. So, don't hesitate to immerse yourself in AI-driven music curation, allowing Spotify AI DJ to enhance your musical exploration and elevate your listening adventures.
In a world where musical diversity and accessibility are paramount, Spotify AI DJ empowers users to discover, create, and enjoy playlists that resonate with their unique tastes. By staying attuned to the latest updates and watching your account type and regional availability, you can open the door to a more enjoyable and individualized music-listening experience. Embrace the future of music curation with Spotify AI DJ and embark on a journey where the perfect tune for every moment is just a click away.

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