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Speechify Review: Better Productivity via Text-to-Speech Tool

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Sep 11, 2023AI

Finding effective methods to consume and connect with the material has never been more important than in the current age of perpetual information overload and tight schedules. Reading long articles, academic materials, or even our notes can be time-consuming and demanding in today's society. Enter Speechify, a ground-breaking text-to-speech program that converts written text into spoken voice and provides a flexible means of streamlining information consumption and boosting productivity.

In this in-depth analysis, we'll examine Speechify's capabilities and nuances as we examine its features, advantages, disadvantages, and overall effectiveness. We'll analyze Speechify from various perspectives, from its underlying technology to the user experience it offers, illuminating its potential to change how we engage with text-based information. For that, dig deeper as we give you the most detailed Speechify Review post.

Speechify Review
Part 1. What is Speechify Part 2. Speechify Review Part 3. Speechify Alternatives Part 4. FAQs about Speechify Review

Part 1. What is Speechify

Speechify emerges as a game-changing tool transforming how we interact with text-based content. At its core, Speechify is a cutting-edge text-to-speech software that employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to convert written text into a natural-sounding audio experience. That is also one of the reasons why Speechify audiobooks have become one of the favorite features of the tool. This innovative technology doesn't merely read aloud; it synthesizes the text to mirror human speech patterns, resulting in an engaging and lifelike auditory experience.

What is Speechify

Best Features:

Natural and Expressive Speech Generation. Speechify offers a lifelike listening experience, ensuring converted text maintains a human-like intonation and rhythm.

Cross-Platform Compatibility. Explore Speechify's seamless integration across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, for uninterrupted access.

Customizable Reading Speed. Tailor the pace of speech to match your preferences, allowing for a personalized listening experience.

Language and Accent Diversity. Discover Speechify's support for various languages and accents, accommodating diverse user needs.

It allows for productive multitasking during daily activities.
It enables individuals with visual impairments to access written content.
Reinforces comprehension and retention of information through auditory learning.
Some users might desire more voice options to suit their preferences.
Complex words or unique terms may occasionally be mispronounced.

Part 2. Speechify Review

As we go further into our investigation of Speechify, it's time to analyze the practical facets of the program that have a big impact on its usefulness and worth. This section examines major Speechify characteristics, such as cost structures, customer support, usability, and important performance metrics.

Speechify Cost (Free VS. Premium)

Free Version

The journey begins with Speechify's free version, which gives users a taste of its capabilities. This version often serves as an entry point for those curious about the tool's potential. While it may offer limited features compared to its premium counterparts, it's an excellent way to test the waters and understand how Speechify aligns with your needs.

Premium Tiers

Delving further, we encounter the premium tiers that unlock many advanced features. These tiers typically involve a subscription fee, which grants access to enhanced functionalities. Users can expect benefits such as a broader range of voices, increased reading speed options, offline usage capabilities, and even integrations with other productivity tools, depending on the subscription level. The premium tiers cater to those who seek a comprehensive and versatile text-to-speech solution that aligns seamlessly with their workflow.

Speechify Customer Service

The effectiveness of any tool's customer support can greatly influence the user experience. In this aspect of our review, we delve into Speechify's user support. This includes evaluating factors such as the speed and efficiency of response, the quality of problem resolution, and overall user satisfaction. Reliable and responsive customer support can ensure a smooth experience, especially when users encounter technical issues or require feature assistance.

Speechify Customer Service

Ease of Speechify

We scrutinize Speechify's user interface across different devices to determine its intuitiveness and user-friendliness. How easy is navigating the Speechify app, chrome extension, or website? Is the process of converting Speechify text to speech straightforward? Evaluating these aspects helps us understand how seamlessly Speechify integrates into users' daily routines. In line with that, many users say navigating the tool is easy, and even novice users can easily use it. This information applies to both the application and website versions of the tool.

Speechify Ease of Use

Speechify Accuracy of Speech Generation

A pivotal measurement of Speechify's performance is its ability to accurately convert written content into spoken words. This involves assessing the software's pronunciation, intonation, and overall coherence proficiency. The accuracy of speech generation directly impacts the quality of the listening experience and determines how effectively users can engage with content.

Speechify Accuracy of Speech Generation

Speechify Speed and Efficiency

Efficiency is a vital aspect of any productivity tool. We examine Speechify's speed in processing and generating speech, noting any delays or lags. An efficient tool saves time and enhances the overall user experience, making content consumption seamless and uninterrupted.

Speechify Speed

Speechify Compatibility with Different Content Types

As users engage with various forms of content, it's essential to gauge how well Speechify adapts to different content formats. We analyze how the tool performs across these formats: articles, e-books, or PDFs. A versatile tool consistently performing across content types ensures a well-rounded and practical user experience.

Speechify Compatibility with Different Content Types

Part 3. Speechify Alternatives

Exploring alternatives to text-to-speech technologies that provide comparable features is crucial as we traverse the field. Although Speechify is a well-known participant in this market, several competitors exist. This section discusses and contrasts a few noteworthy alternatives, outlining their advantages and disadvantages.


Known For: Apple's Virtual Assistant

Overall Rating:

Siri, Apple's renowned virtual assistant, offers text-to-speech capabilities deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem. While primarily known for its voice-activated features, Siri can read text aloud, making it an accessible tool for iOS users. However, Siri's functionality might be limited compared to specialized text-to-speech tools like Speechify. Its performance and naturalness in speech generation might not match the dedicated capabilities of platforms designed explicitly for this purpose. You can also adjust the Siri voice with the Siri voice generators to create a special one for you.


Google Assistant

Known For: Google's AI-Powered Assistant

Overall Rating:

Google Assistant, Google's AI-driven virtual companion, also boasts text-to-speech capabilities. It offers a similar function to Siri, integrated into Android devices and various Google services. Yet, like Siri, Google Assistant might lack the precision and advanced features that dedicated text-to-speech tools like Speechify provide. Users may find its functionality suitable for basic tasks but require more robust solutions for complex content consumption. Moreover, it is still a great app like Speechify.

Google Assistant

Resemble AI

Known For: Voice and Speech Synthesis Platform

Overall Rating:

Resemble AI is a specialized platform focused on voice and speech synthesis. It empowers users to create custom voice models and generate speech that aligns closely with natural human tones. While Resemble AI may not be as mainstream as Siri or Google Assistant, it offers a unique value proposition for individuals seeking personalized and customizable text-to-speech experiences. However, it may require more technical know-how than user-friendly platforms like Speechify.

Resemble AI

Part 4. FAQs about Speechify Review

Is Speechify Free for Students?

Yes, Speechify offers a free version that gives users basic access to its text-to-speech capabilities. This version is an excellent starting point for students and individuals who wish to explore the tool's functionalities without committing to a subscription. However, it's worth noting that the free version might have limitations compared to the premium tiers. Students seeking a more comprehensive experience can explore Speechify's premium tiers, which often come with additional features at discounted rates to cater to educational needs.

Is Speechify Safe?

Speechify prioritizes user data security and employs various measures to ensure the safety of user information. The platform utilizes encryption protocols to safeguard personal and sensitive data, ensuring your content and interactions remain private. As with any online service, reviewing the platform's privacy policy and terms of use is always recommended to understand how your data is managed clearly.

Can I Use Speechify Offline?

Yes, some premium tiers of Speechify offer offline usage capabilities. This feature allows you to access and listen to converted content even when you're not connected to the internet. Offline functionality enhances flexibility, enabling users to engage with their content regardless of location or internet availability. It's recommended to check the details of your chosen subscription tier to confirm whether offline usage is included.

Is Speechify Suitable for Individuals with Visual Impairments?

Speechify is an excellent tool for individuals with visual impairments or learning disabilities. Its text-to-speech capabilities provide an accessible way for these users to engage with written content. By converting text into spoken words, Speechify breaks down barriers, allowing visually impaired users to consume information easily. Its customizable reading speeds and diverse language support further contribute to its suitability for various users with varying needs.

How to cancel Speechify?

To cancel your Speechify subscription, follow these steps. We need to Log In. Visit the Speechify website and log in to your account using your registered credentials. After that, please access Account Settings. This is usually found by clicking on your profile picture or username, often located at the top right corner of the page. Now, in your account settings, look for a section related to your subscription or billing information. This might be labeled as Subscription, Billing, or something similar. Within the subscription or billing section, there should be an option to manage or cancel your subscription. Click on this option to proceed. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your subscription. These instructions may vary depending on the platform you're using and the specifics of your subscription.

How to use Speechify on Mac?

Using Speechify on a Mac is relatively straightforward. Speechify offers a desktop application for macOS that allows you to convert text into spoken words. Here's how to use Speechify on your Mac: Visit the Speechify website at Then, After installation, find the Speechify application in your Applications folder or on your desktop. After that, we can convert and listen by copying the text you want to convert into speech. Then, paste the copied text into the Speechify application. Please click the play button or use the provided shortcut to start the speech generation.


Modern text-to-speech technology like that offered by Speechify aims to do more than just convert text into audio; it also aims to remove obstacles, increase productivity, and promote accessibility. Speechify meets user demands by generating expressive, natural, and cross-platform-compatible speech. This enables users to multitask without sacrificing their ability to take in material while on the go. Indeed, it is one of the most beneficial tools we can use, even if you are a student or already working in the corporate world. That is why, if you know someone who needs it too, then you must share this information with them so that we can lend them a hand too.

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