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Top 7 Excellent AVI to MOV Converter: Providing a Lossless Media Outputs

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Are you still using an AVI file? This software is a media file format that contains both audio and video files with high-quality resolutions. However, do you know that AVI files do not provide local support from MP4 codecs? For that, a lot of users want to convert AVI to MOV. Because MOV provides local support from MP4 codecs, it also has an advanced ability with its technology. It also provides subtitles, unlike the AVI format. Therefore, there are already enough reasons why numerous people are converting their AVI files to MOV videos. If you belong to these people, this post might help you find excellent software that will enable you to convert files.

We will now review the seven of these most fantastic converting software in the market. These seven converters are Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter, Vidmore Video Converter, Wondershare UniConverter, Adobe Video Converter, and Pavtube Video Converter, Vsdc Free, Video Converter, and FFmpeg. Without further introduction, let us start reviewing.

best AVI To MOV Converter
Part 1. Best 7 AVI to MOV Converter Part 2. How to Pick up an AVI to MOV Converter Part 3. FAQs of AVI to MOV Converter

Part 1. Best 7 AVI to MOV Converter

Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter

Aiseesoft Free Online Vid
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Online

Price: Free

Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter belongs to the free online AVI to MOV converter that you can utilize with Web Browsers. Every user can use this tool, even the new users, because of its accessibility, accountability, and easy conversion. As a review of its features, here are some specific details we need to know about this converter. Firstly, Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter supports all the popular video formats, including AVI and MOV. its friendly and easy customizable parameter settings have a huge part in contributing a less hassle conversion process. In addition, customization of the video resolutions of your files can also be instantiated with Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter.

No limits with file size.
Ultra-fast conversion speed.
It is safe and secure.
Batch conversion features are available.
It lacks extra features.

Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore AVI To MOV Video Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: $19.95

Media enthusiast considers Vidmore Video Converter as the most comprehensive and outstanding multiple video formats converter globally. That is because of its ability to produce a high-quality converting process for everyone. That will not be possible without the help of the advanced Hardware Accelerated processor. In addition, optimization for a Multi-core processor allows the user to experience the super accelerating speed of conversion fully. The best thing about Vidmore Video Converter is that it provides extra simple yet powerful features like video editing. All of these are the features that you can utilize when you convert AVI to MOV. Overall, Vidmore Video Convert is an all-in-one AVI to MOV video converter too.

Free Download Free Download
It has accelerating hardware for fast conversion speed.
The software provides extra features.
You may claim a free trial.
Super less complicated conversion speed.
The free version is limited.

Wondershare UniConverter

WonderFox Video MP3 To MP4 Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: $29.99

Wondershare UniConverter is excellent media software that offers numerous features. It is a perfect choice for an AVI to MOV video converter. Let us start with its features. This converting tool can convert with full GPU acceleration. Thus, it provides a high-quality output instantly. In addition, it also offers extra features wherein you can enhance your converted AVI or MOV files. Overall, Wondershare UniConverter is a beautiful video converter for quality, immediate, and smooth converting. Share the wonder of converting with Wondershare UniConverter.

It performs excellently as expected.
Basic converting process.
A bit expensive subscription.
No batch conversion.

Adobe Video Converter

Adobe Video MP4 To AVI Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Price: $20.99

Adobe Video Converter came from infamous incorporation that offers different software that can perform great. Therefore, utilizing a converter such as Adobe Video Converter is best to convert AVI to MOV. This video converter comes with super-advanced technology that other software does not possess. However, this tool is not recommended for new users because it will take time to master it.

Eminent video converting software.
Professional video converter.
It's a bit complicated to use.

Pavtube Video Converter

Pavtube Video Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows

Price: $35

Pavtube Video Converter is a software that offers a free downloadable AVI to MOV converter. This software is an all-in-one software that provides numerous abilities for our media files. Users commonly use Pavtubbe Video Converter for converting different video files. However, it also comes with editing features, perfect for modifying some elements of your converted video files. Overall, with its easy-to-use settings and functions, we can say that it is excellent software for everyone.

Fantastic functionality
Smooth conversion speed.
The full version is expensive.

VSDC Free Video Converter

VSDC Free Vid Convert
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: Free

VSDC Free Video Converter is one of the free AVI to MOV video converters. Even though it is a free converter, it never offers what the users deserve. The software possesses advanced export presets. This feature allows you to choose the quality or formats of our files immediately. Other than that, its conversion speed is incredible.

Effective converter.
A bit slow with converting with a huge file size.


FFmpeg Video Audio Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: Free

FFmpeg also belongs to the list of being the best video converter in the market. This converter offers numerous features that are beneficial to our media files. It will enable you to convert AVI to MOV files with ease. Furthermore, it possesses an ultimate toolbox that will transcode almost every format. In addition, a fast conversion speed is a guarantee here because its Hardware acceleration became fantastic.

It supports multiple formats.
Intuitive interface.
It was a bit overwhelming at first.

Part 2. How to Pick up an AVI to MOV Converter

In choosing a worth converting software, we should consider some elements that will help you evaluate the suitable software. That is why, in this portion, we will give you some guides that you can consider.


Choose the converter that will help you to convert a lot of files with super-fast speed. This factor will alleviate a complication with the process.

Lossless Quality

Can your converter provide a high-quality output? This element is a must to make sure of a professionally converted outcome.


You need to make sure that your computer is compatible with all the converted software's system requirements. This element will help you alleviate lags and complications with the converting process.

Part 3. FAQs of AVI to MOV Converter

How to convert AVI to MOV online?

Converting an AVI to MOV using an online converting tool is just easy. Let us say that you are using the Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter. Click the Add Files, then select the AVI file you want to convert. After adding the file, choose MOV files. Then select the Convert button to start the process.

How long does it take to convert AVI files to MOV?

This situation depends on the tool you are going to use. The speed of converting with an online tool will depend on the connectivity. The desktop software is more effective and efficient to use. Therefore, converting an AVI to MOV will take less than a minute.

Can I convert multiple AVI files simultaneously using VLC Video Converter?

Yes.VLC Video Converter offers tons of fantastic features. One of these is batch conversion for a very time-efficient process. You try it now.


We have met seven of the most amazing AVI to MOV video converters in this post. All the converters we have reviewed offer various features and functions. They may vary with platforms or price, but they will surely help you convert files instantly. If you find this post very helpful, you may share this post to help other users.

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