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Best 7 Background Screen Recorder in 2024

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A background recorder is used to capture or record activities on a computer or device without being visible or requiring direct user interaction. This type of software works discreetly in the background, recording screen activities, audio, or other data without drawing attention to itself. In today's world, where discreet and efficient video recording is crucial, it has become increasingly important to find the best background recorder. Whether you need to enhance security, monitor digital activities, or keep a watchful eye on your surroundings, having the right tool is essential. Join us as we explore various tools, empowering you to make an informed choice for your unique recording needs.

Best Background Video Recorder
Part 1. Best 7 Background Video Recorder Part 2. Comparison of Best Background Video Recorder Part 3. FAQs about Best Background Video Recorder

Part 1. Best 7 Background Video Recorder

To assist you, we have organized a list of the top seven background video recorders. You can read the following tools to see if the background screen recorder can meet your demand.


1. Best Video Recorder for Mac Users: Screenflow

Platforms: macOS, iOS

Price: $169

ScreenFlow is a well-known screen recording and video editing tool for Mac users. It offers many features for creating professional-grade recordings and videos with ease, including HD screen recording and advanced video editing features such as annotations, video filters, and in-video zoom. However, it’s a bit pricey and may be confusing for beginners.


2. Best Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows: ShareX

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

ShareX is a reliable and efficient tool that offers screen capture, productivity, and file-sharing features. If you need a functional and dependable background screen recorder, ShareX is the ideal pick. You can easily select a spot on the screen and record it. The program has many amazing features, including multiple upload options, various capturing modes, and more, but its best feature is its screen capture tool. It is an excellent tool for quickly and efficiently sharing files, and you can even use it for your blog.


3. Best Free Recorder Tool Without Limit: ScreenRec

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

ScreenRec is a free tool for capturing your screen and taking screenshots with a single click. Its features include the ability to capture system audio and audio from a microphone, webcam recording, and, most importantly, screen recording. In addition to screen recording, ScreenRec allows users to create annotated screenshots and share videos online instantly and provides analytics and content management capabilities.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

4. Best User-Friendly Background Recorder: Vidmore Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: $29.95

One of the most user-friendly background video recorders available, suitable for all skill levels, is Vidmore Screen Recorder. This robust screen capture software allows users to create amazing video or audio recordings. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals. With this software, users can capture any screen at any time, whether it’s for recording computer screens, online lectures, webcam videos, favorite music, exciting gameplay, or just taking a screenshot. Moreover, Vidmore Screen Recorder is powered by industry-leading video editing tools that enable users to record and edit video materials effortlessly before sharing them. In conclusion, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the ultimate screen capture and video recording software.

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

5. Best All-in-1 Free Online Video Recording Tool: AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Online

Price: Free

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is an all-in-one screen recording tool that enables everyone to capture on-screen activities without any watermarks effortlessly. With this software, you can choose from three recording options, including full-screen displays, specific windows, or custom regions, ensuring that your recordings are of the highest quality. One of its best features is that it allows you to capture system and microphone audio simultaneously. Moreover, it comes equipped with basic editing tools that can help you fine-tune your recorded videos. This software highly supports HD, making it the best free background screen recorder for Windows available in the market.

AZ Screen Recorder

6. Best Handful Background Video Recorder for Android: AZ Screen Recorder

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

AZ Screen Recorder is a useful application that allows you to record your screen and audio effortlessly. However, it requires a microphone to function. The screen recording feature is very accurate and can be initiated with just one click, making it one of the best Android background recorders available. The playback is seamless and smooth. Users can adjust various settings such as resolution, bit rate, and orientation, as well as set a time limit or pause the recording. However, the app currently lacks a countdown timer for recording, which can be inconvenient for some users.

Videosolo Screen Recorder

7. Best Easy-to-Use Recording Tool: VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: $14.95

VideoSolo Screen Recorder allows you to capture activities on your computer screen in the background, such as gaming moments, online meetings or lessons, movies, video calls, and more. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for everyone to use. It offers various recording modes that enable you to record almost everything on your computer screen. Additionally, the software has advanced features like task scheduling and locking the recording window to enhance your screen-capturing experience.

What you have read is the recommended background video recorder in the market. Choosing the best tool depends on individual needs and preferences.

Part 2. Comparison of Best Background Video Recorder

Platforms Price Money Guarantee Back Interface Easy-to-Use Webcam Recorder Watermark Output Format
macOS, iOS $169 9.3 9.2 (in the free version) MP4, MOV, GIF
Windows, macOS Free 9.2 9.1 MP4, AVI
Windows, macOS Free 9.1 9.2 MP4
Windows, macOS $29.95 9.5 9.5 MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV
Windows, macOS Free 9.5 9.5 MP4, WMV
Windows, macOS Free 9.3 9.3 MP4
Windows, macOS $14.95 9.2 9.3 MP4, WMV, MOV

Part 3. FAQs about Best Background Video Recorder

What is background video recording?

Background video recording is a feature that allows a device to capture video footage without displaying it on the screen or interrupting other applications running on the device. This function enables users to record videos without drawing attention to the process, making it more discrete.

What features have the best background recorder?

The best background recording applications should provide high-resolution recording, customizable settings, and user-friendly interfaces that cater to your specific needs, enabling a seamless recording experience.

How does background video recording work?

Background video recording is the process of capturing video footage using a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer while allowing the user to perform other tasks or use other applications simultaneously without being noticed.

What is the best background video recorder app for Android?

While opinions on the best background video recorder app for Android can vary based on individual preferences and needs, AZ Screen Recorder stands out as one of the top choices. Its handful screen recording feature makes it exceptionally easy for users to initiate recording without navigating through complex menus.

What is the best background video recorder?

If you're searching for a free screen recorder with a professional, easy-to-use, and intuitive user interface, AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is the perfect choice for you. You can check its features above.


When it comes to selecting the best tool, the one that saves you time and produces high-quality content for your audience should be your top priority. Before selecting an app, you should have a clear understanding of your target audience and use case. We have listed some of the best background video recording software options that are either free or have trial versions. Therefore, give them a try and see which one you like the most.

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