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Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 16, 2022Video Converter

Are you seeking a video converter that will convert your FLV file to a WMV file extension without compromising its quality? This article is perfect for you! Save your time looking for a video converter because we provide you with the 7 most outstanding converters namely AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter, Aiseesoft Free Video Converter, Vidmore Video Converter, Prism Video Converter, VLC Video Converter, Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe, and Xilisoft Video Converter. With this article, you will become acquainted with their main features and more. You will also learn about how to contemplate the effectiveness of the software. Are you excited to read this article? Me too! So, let us read now!

Best FLV To WMV Converter
Part 1: Best 7 FLV to WMV Converter Part 2: How to Pick Up an FLV to WMV Converter Part 3: FAQs of Best FLV to WMV Converter

Part 1: Best 7 FLV to WMV Converter

AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter

AnyMP4 Vid Convert

AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter allows the user to convert FLV files to WMV file extension with ease. It can also support a wide range of video formats and lets you import over and above 300 formats and you can convert them into a high-quality video using AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, M4V, WebM, and many more. In addition to this, AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter offers you not only the list of output formats but this FLV to WMV freeware also allows you to customize the output parameters before conversion. What does it mean? It allows you to adjust your video for a better result.

Aiseesoft Free Video Converter

Aiseesoft Vid Convert

Aiseesoft Free Video Converter has the best free FLV to WMV converter that enables you to convert your FLV file to WMV file format effortlessly! It has the power to convert exceeding 300 formats without a cost. Also, it can support multiple digital devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, LG, Google devices, and a lot more. In addition to this, you are free to add opening and ending titles to the video. Upon editing the videos, you can also select the theme you want. What's more? You can pick or download a love, cute and funny animal theme, or aesthetic landscapes, and more. Otherwise, Aiseesoft Free Video Converter allows you to edit your words with the title, author, time, etc. so you can specify your video before sharing it on YouTube.

Free Download Free Download

Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video Convert

Vidmore Video Converter is the complete video toolbox that permits you to convert your FLV file to WMV file extension. Also, it enables you to convert all standard media formats counting AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, WebM, and M4V. Along with Vidmore Video Converter, it enables you to control the quality of your videos completely. It can keep the original quality of your videos like those in 1080p HD and Ultra HD. When it comes to professional video processing algorithms, it can preserve the high visual quality, but with a smaller file size. That is great, right?

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Prism Video Converter

Prism Video Convert

Prism Video Converter is the most stable converter that allows you to convert your FLV file to WMV file format easily. What more can a Prism Video Converter do? You can convert or compress video files in just a minute, it is a universal video converter that supports all famous formats and it offers a batch conversion which means, it can convert a lot of videos at once. Moreover, it allows you to preview your video file to check edits, effects, and settings. It has a direct DVD converter that can easily convert DVDs to digital files with just a few mouse clicks. Plus, it supports High-Res files that enable you to import your video files with support up to 4K resolution. When it comes to its editing features, you can add video effects by adding color, watermark, and create a text or caption, and you can trim or split your video before conversion.

VLC Video Converter

VLC Video Convert

VLC Video Converter is a well-known media player that can play everything such as files, discs, webcams, devices, and streams, yet it offers conversion by converting your FLV file to WMV file extension. You can convert between a broad range of supported video files using the player. The good thing about this software is you do not have to pay for it because VLC Video Converter is free. Also, it works with most videos along with audio files. Plus, it can also download video streams or audio streams.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Convert Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe allows you to convert your FLV file to WMV file format efficiently. In addition to this, you can trim your long video file into small clips so you can share it immediately on your social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, you can crop your video to your desired area or correct frame portion, optimized for YouTube, Instagram, widescreen TV, etc. At the same time, you can enjoy merging several video episodes into a complete one, or maybe combine YouTube footage into the latest one, and set the desired output format, aspect ratio for you to be able to share it with your loved ones, and friends.

Xilisoft Video Converter

Xilisoft Video Convert

Xilisoft Video Converter is a conversion expert. For that reason, it enables you to convert your FLV file to a WMV file extension. Moreover, it offers editing features to make your video creative by cutting clips, joining clips, footage adjustment, audio extraction, audio removal, adding subtitles, adding watermarks, adding effects, and taking snapshots. In addition to this, you can make your CD, DVD, Blu-ray DVD, just like a skilled one.

Part 2: How to Pick Up an FLV to WMV Converter

In this part, we will give you a hint that you might want to reflect on while choosing the most pertinent FLV to WMV converter.


You must have a converter that is compatible with your device/devices. Because no matter how good the video converter is, if your device is not compatible with the software, it is just a waste of time. That is why there is a need to know about its system requirements.

Easy to use

It is a must to seek a video converter that is user-friendly and easy to use so we can convert a video hassle-free. We all want a video converter that can convert easily without putting much effort into it. Therefore, consider looking for an easy-to-use video converter.


It is important to contemplate the safeness of the software. Since it will protect your data or files.

Part 3: FAQs of Best FLV to WMV Converter

What is the FLV file?

FLV file is a metafile format that is defined by Adobe Systems and is used to deliver digital video content like TV shows. Movies, etc. It generally contains material encoded with codecs.

Do I need to consider the price when selecting a converter?

Yes, of course. We deserve to know if the software is worth buying.

Which is better, Aiseesoft Free Video Converter or VLC Video Converter?

Aiseesoft Free Video Converter is way better than VLC Video Converter in view of the fact that Aiseesoft is most focused on converting videos but the priority of VLC Video Converter is to play movies. Therefore, VLC Video Converter has enough features to convert videos.


Wrapping up, we are done exploring the 7 most outstanding FLV to WMV converters. As we talked about their features we learned that some converters have the features of editing tools and more. We hope that you've learned a lot!

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