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7 Amazing Windows Password Reset Tools: Review of their Features

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Dec 22, 2022Windows Tips

You add a password with our Windows local account to protect all of the information and files within our computer devices. That is why it is essential to secure it and ensure that you will not forget it. However, forgetting your password will be a significant problem, especially if you are doing some work purposes within our computer. In line with that, this article exists to present to you the most efficient Windows password reset tools. Let us review their features and ability to alleviate the possible process. These resetting tools are the Tipard Windows Password Reset, PassFab 4WinKey, Knoppix STD, Cain & Abel Windows Password Cracker, PCUnlocker, iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer, and Trinity Rescue Kit. We will include their pros, cons, and a comparison chart that can help us choose the most suitable tool for our Windows password.

Best WIndows Password Reset Tool

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Part 1. Our Top Picks Part 2. Best 7 Windows Password Reset Review Part 3. Comparison of Windows Password Reset Tools Part 4. How to Choose Windows Password Reset Part 5. FAQs about the Best Windows Password Reset Tool

Part 1. Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Part 2. Best 7 Windows Password Reset Review

Tipard Windows Password Reset

Tipard Windows Password Reset Tool

Platforms: Windows 11/10/XP/8/7

Price: $31.96

Overall Rating:

Tipard Windows Password Reset belongs to the most excellent tools we can use for resting our Windows passwords. This tool is one of the leading tools to access your Windows administrator and change the user password. This tool is suitable for different units of Windows, including 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and more. Another fantastic thing about it is the ability to reset Windows 10. passwords using USB and disk. It includes your flash drive, CD, and DVD password. We can see the flexibility of the Tipard Windows Password Password Reset Tool. That is why it is one of the best tools nowadays. You may download it now for free.

Free Download
It has flexible features.
The software supports multiple units of Windows.
Professional-wise resetting tool.
A safe and secure process is guaranteed with this tool.
You need to purchase the full version.

PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab WinKey

Platforms: Free

Price: Windows

Overall Rating:

PassFab 4WinKey is another effective and super beneficial tool that can help us to reset our Windows without complication. It is a free USB and CD/DVD Windows password reset tool. This tool is one of the most straightforward and comprehensive mediums we can use to ease our problem with our WIndows password. One of the biggest flexes, PassFab 4WinKey, supports Windows computers with UEFI and Legacy BIOS. In addition, it has comprehensive support in terms of computer brands like Dell, Asus, Samsung, and more. Therefore, do not worry about whatever brand we have. It can also be considered as a Windows administrator password iSO reset tool. Grab it now.

It is safe to use.
Smooth process of resetting.
There is an issue with the reset disc feature.

Knoppix STD

Knopping STD

Platforms: Free

Price: Windows and Linux

Overall Rating:

Knoppix STD is a fantastic tool that is from Linux. It belongs to the best one because it can also help us reset our password with the Windows operating system. As an overview, Knoppix STD possesses tremendous open-source security that is beneficial with resetting our password in Windows. Its procedure is through the command line, making it unique from other tools.

Advanced tools.
It uses a command-line for the process.
There is a security issue.
It isn't straightforward to use.

Cain & Abel Windows Password Cracker

Cain and Abel Windows Password Cracker

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

Cain & Abel Windows Password Cracker is another tremendous yet simple tool that we can utilize in resetting your Windows password with ease. The process is possible by sniffing the network, brute-force, and cryptanalysis attacks. In addition, the developer is continuously upgrading to get faster features and operations.

It is a free tool.
Continuously upgrading.
Confusing to use.
There is not enough information about it.



Platforms: Windows

Price: $29.95

Overall Rating:

PCUnlocker is ready to help in resetting your password on Windows. Many users argue that you need to choose the tool because it offers a 100 percent recovery and resetting rate. It also can reset your local admin and other passwords. Overall, this tool is very effective and valuable for all of us.

It has broad compatibility for different Windows units.
It does not meet system requirements.
It is not free.
There are not many advanced features.

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Android

Price: $19.95

Overall Rating:

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is the sixth on the list of useful tools you might be looking for to alleviate your problem. It is a powerful reset tool. This software brings us easy ways of resting the forgotten password within our Windows. One unique ability of this tool is its availability with macOS and Android. Honestly, it is one of the flexible tools we can use in whatever device we have.

User-friendly tool.
Broad compatibility with devices.
The full version is expensive.

Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit Screen

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

The fast procedure of resetting.
Beneficial TRK and Osdisc procedure.
Hard to utilize.
Still developing.

Part 3. Comparison of Windows Password Reset

Platforms Price MoneyBack-Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-Use Interface Features Reset password with other Mediums Create and add a new administrator or other account Other Features
Windows and macOS $31.96 30-day Money Back Guarantee 9.5 9.4 9.3 9.7 Bootable USB, CD, and DVD Add and reset Windows Local and Domain admin
Windows Free Not Applicable 9.0 9.2 9.4 9.6 iOS image file, Microsoft account, Bootable USB, CD, and DVD Remove local admin, remove, RAID server
Windows and Linux Free Not Applicable 9.0 8.9 8.5 9.2 Bootable USB, CD, and DVD , Command line Security tool
Windows Free Not Applicable 8.9 8.9 8.7 8.9 None SSH-1 and HTTPS encrypted
Windows $29.95 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.9 CD, DVD, USB Flash Security tool
Windows, macOS, and Android $19.95 30-days money back guarantee 8.7 8.9 8.8 8.8 None Android version
Windows Free Not Applicable 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.7 None OSdisc and TRK procedure

Part 4. How to Choose Windows Password Reset


We need to consider the safety and security we can get to the Windows password resetting tool. It is one of the essential criteria we need to consider because it can affect your device's security. We need to avoid malicious malware and trojan viruses because we do not want to lessen the outstanding performance of our Windows computers.


Another criteria we can consider is the effectiveness of the tools. We may view it by looking for the features it offers for the users. The elements it provides will barely decide why we choose specific devices rather than other tools. We need to ensure the functions to prevent wasting time and money.


In addition, we can also see how easy the tools are in terms of the procedure they can give. We can look for the resetting tools that cannot give us a hard time in terms of making the process of resetting our Windows password.

Part 5. FAQs about the Best Windows Password Reset Tool

May I use PassFab 4WinKey for resetting my Mac computer password?

Unfortunately, the PassFab 4WinKey is only for Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP. However, as an alternative, you may use the Recovery Mode of your macOS as the best solution in fixing the password for your Mac devices.

May I bypass my Windows password?

Yes. You may bypass your Windows. Thus, even if you forgot your password there is still a chance to fix it by choosing the best resetting tools for Windows.

Is the command line hard to use with resetting passwords on Windows?

The usage of the command line in the process of resetting passwords on Windows is a more complicated medium to use. This way is applicable for users who have enough knowledge in line with technology. Knoppix STD is one of the tools that offer a command line for the process of resetting. Overall, it may be hard to do, but it is practical, which is crucial.


As we conclude, these seven Windows password resets are not the best for nothing. They are leading because of a particular thing. One of the factors is the excellent features they can give to all of us. We hope you may choose the most suitable tool for you by considering the details below. Also, please share this post as we help other Windows users assist them with the problem.

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Tipard Windows Password Reset

Reset all types of password for Windows 11/10/8/7 with USB and CD.

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