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PDF mergers are essential especially when there are projects with team involvement. In line with that, if there is a project that has a group involved, they are required to submit several documents. For example, a proposal for a new business will need to gather reports from entrepreneurs, business men, accountants, architects and engineers for constructing the place. Consequently, multiple PDF documents will be provided. And to make this several PDF documents be in one big and secured document, that certain team will be needing a PDF merger.

Furthermore, hospitals, schools and malls used to keep multiple documents. Thus, the agencies who are responsible for recording important files need to use a PDF joiner so that they can secure all their documents in a single file. And to avoid losing the PDF file pages from their original places. So, we listed the leading 7 free software to combine PDF files for you.

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Part 1. Best Free PDF Merger – Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger Part 2. Top 7 Free PDF Mergers Part 3. FAQs about PDF Merger

Part 1. Best Free PDF Merger – Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger

Are you a heavy PDF user? Are you in need of merging your PDF documents into one file? Well, the Aiseesoft Free PDF merger can give you what you need. This PDF Merger is the most effective software when merging two or more PDF files into one new file in the easiest way. The good thing about the Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger is that, even if you have merged several PDF files, the combined new file is still readable. This means it has no messy code. More so, this software allows its users to remove some unnecessary parts from the main PDF files and can only take the useful ones. In line with that, users can divide the most relevant pages from PDF files and merge them into a new file. In addition, with Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger, merging batch PDF files can be done quickly without waiting for a long time. This software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. And unlike the other PDF merger, this software is a standalone tool. This means that you can totally use it without installing Adobe Acrobat. Lastly and most importantly, this software can combine PDF documents with great accuracy and correctness. Also, all the merged PDF files into one file are 100 percent safe and secured. Take note: you can use this software 100% free!

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Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger

How to Merge PDF Files:


Kindly launch Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger on your device and open it to see its full function.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger Interface

Then, you can begin uploading PDF files by dragging them on the Add File button located at the upper-left side of the interface. It's your choice on how many files you would want to merge.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger How To Add Files

Click the File Name placed below-left side of the interface to set the name of the new single output.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger Setting The File Name

Then, click the Destination Folder under the File Name to choose the location on where you would want to save it.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger Destination Folder

Finally, kindly click the Merge button located below-right side of the interface. Wait for a second or minute, to completely merge all your PDF files into a new file.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Merger Pocessing Output

Part 2. Top 7 Free PDF Mergers

1. PDF Split & Merge

PDF Split And Merge

Let us discover the second most effective PDF merger – PDF Split & Merge. This software is also a hundred percent free. And it allows the users to merge, split, rotate, convert, edit, sign PDF files, and more. In line with that, there are three commercial solutions in PDF Split & Merge:

a. PDFsam Basic – this is good for casual users for it is free and offers an open-source solution. It allows its users to merge, split, rotate PDF files, etc.

b. PDFsam Enhanced – this is fit for professional users and allows them to edit, convert, insert, review, sign and secure their PDF files and;

c. PDFsam Visual – this commercial solution is also good for professional users and allows them to compress, visually compose, organize pages, delete pages, convert images to PDF, extract pages, extract text, convert to grayscale, repair, split, merge, rotate, encrypt, decrypt and crop PDF files.

Most importantly, this software promotes privacy. With that being said, all your PDF documents will remain private on your used device.


Combine PDF.Com

Are you looking for an online tool to combine several PDF or image files? Let's proceed to the next option. The Combine PDF allows its users to merge multiple PDF and graphical data into a single PDF file. Hence, you can select up to 20 PDF files and images from your device to combine them into one file. Also, this online tool is for free, no need to download or install it. Just visit on your browser and it will lead you to the interface.


PDF Joiner.Com

Let's move on to another online tool for merging PDF files. The PDF Joiner is also an online tool that allows the users to join multiple PDF documents and photos into a single file. Same as with the Combine PDF, you can select up to 20 PDF and image files from your device to join them and make them a single file. Just visit and it will show you where you can drag PDF files and join them into one file. In just a few clicks, you can unite your multiple files.

Furthermore, this free online tool allows the users to convert PDF files into any text format and image format and vice versa. You can also convert all your text formats and image formats into PDF files.

4. DocuPub

Docu Pub

Another effective online PDF merger is the DocuPub. Kindly search for DocuPub and it will lead you to the interface. This online tool allows you to convert multiple Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images formats into PDF files. If you are in a rush, this online tool is good for you because you don't need to download it on your computer. You can directly upload the file and select your delivery method. This online tool allows its users to compress PDF files to reduce the large size of the files. Also, you can merge up to 24MB PDF files into a single file. Lastly, this online tool allows you to change the page size of your PDF and at the same time, it can maintain the proportions of the pages by scaling the contents as well. This online tool is 100 percent free and easy to use.

5. Adobe


Merging PDF files into one glorious file is effective and possible using the Adobe Acrobat DC. This tool allows its users to combine PDFs and any other file such as word documents, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint (PPT) files, JPGs, PNGs, and more. Once the files have been merged into one file you can easily send and share them with others. Moreover, you can also organize your PDF file pages after merging several files into a single PDF document. In line with that, this software will allow you to navigate your PDF file pages – by using bookmarks, headers, footers, and page numbers. You can also customize the pages by adding watermarks and backgrounds. The good thing about this software is that it offers a free trial for any online user. Thus, they can practice and master utilizing it.

6. PDFSam


Let's proceed to the last but not least option. The PDFSam, this excellent PDF merger allows the users to merge PDF files – select multiple pages and merge bookmarks and interactive arrangements. Another, this tool splits a PDF file at a given page number, bookmarks level, or the given size of the file. Furthermore, using PDFSam, you can extract pages from PDF files, rotate every page, or select pages of the PDF files. And most importantly, you can mix or combine all your PDF files into a single file. This PDFSam is perfectly available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since 2006, this tool has been 100% free and open source since 2006.

Part 3. FAQs about PDF Merger

Does your program convert PDF to JPG format?

Some of the PDF mergers listed above can convert PDF files into JPG formats such as,, Adobe Acrobat DC, and DocuPub.

Why should I use PDF Merger over an online service?

You will be needing to use PDF Merger over an online service when you don't have enough space on your device and if you are in a rush. Through online PDF mergers, you can combine multiple PDF files into a single file like,, and DocuPub.

How do you insert PDF into a PDF?

You can do this by dragging other PDF files. Kindly click the Add file button that is shown on the interface.


To sum up this article. Merging, combining, and joining several PDF files into a single file is easy and possible with the help of the top 7 PDF mergers. Some software will require you to download it on your device, and it is free. Some will let you merge multiple PDF files into one file through online services, and it is a hundred percent free as well. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best PDF mergers that will surely help you. You can share all these articles with others if this has greatly helped you.

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