Part 1. Features and Tutorial of Screenflick
Part 2. Pros of Screenflick
Part 3. Cons of Screenflick
Part 4. Alternatives to Screenflick
Part 5. FAQs about Screenflick

The Review and Alternatives to Screenflick

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 16, 2022Video Recorder

If you are looking for a powerful screen recorder for your Mac to capture gameplay or online meeting, you should consider Screenflick. It provides you high-performance recording with HD video and audio. This Screenflick review will show you the functions, pros, and cons of it. You can also find several alternatives to Screenflick.

Screenflick Review

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Part 1. Features and Tutorial of Screenflick Part 2. Pros of Screenflick Part 3. Cons of Screenflick Part 4. Alternatives to Screenflick Part 5. FAQs about Screenflick

Part 1. Features and Tutorial of Screenflick

1. Well-organized and clear interface is friendly to all the users.

2. Allows you to record multiple audio sources including system sound, internal microphone, and external USB microphone. To capture system audio, you need to install a plugin called Screenflick Loopback.

3. High frame rate recording up to 60 fps. This function is useful for gameplay recording. The high performance of the Screenflick engine allows you to capture smooth and sharp video with a high frame rate.

4. You can display keystroke and mouse click in the recording.

5. Create a picture-in-picture video by adding a webcam on the screen capturing. If you try to record a gameplay video, you can record your reaction by the webcam and overlay it on the screen.

6. Add notes and highlights to your recorded video. You can use a paintbrush to draw and write on the screen you are capturing. The colors and sizes can be changed too. It’s an ideal function for students who are attending online courses.

7. Remote control allows you to display the Mac screen on other devices including iPhone when they connect to the same network. You can monitor, pause, resume, and stop a recording on your iPhone.

Here is the tutorial of Screenflick:


First, you should adjust the record settings. You can set video, audio, and camera options in the interface. After that, you should set the parameters of the capture screen like size and scale.

Adjust Reocrd Settings

Then you can click the Record button to start capturing. During the recording, you can pause, resume, or stop at any time.

Recording Interface

When you finish your recording, you can adjust export details in the interface. Choose to show or hide the mouse cursor and keypress on your video. Then select the video format, quality, and frame rate you want to save.

Export Video

Part 2. Pros of Screenflick

1. It allows you to adjust the resolution of the video. you can also choose Capture Retina to enhance the quality of video up to 5K.

2. There are various formats and qualities you can choose when you are exporting your video. you can download large-size high-quality video or small-size low-bandwidth video. you can even create time-lapse effects for your video by adjusting the Time Scale.

3. Screenflick supports you to export video in QuickTime MOV, Flash F4V, and ProRes files so that you can edit it on professional software like Final Cut Pro.

Part 3. Cons of Screenflick

1. It doesn’t have video editing features to trim and add special effects to the recorded video.

2. Screenflick might crash when you adjust the preference.

Part 4. Alternatives to Screenflick

There are some alternative screen recorders to Screenflick and you can use them to capture high-quality videos with various functions.

1. Screenium

This flexible tool, Screenium, provides you 4 different capture modes: full-screen recording, individual windows recording, capture any selected area on the screen or the screen of other devices like an iPhone or Apple TV.

Screenium Interface
Edit and cut your recorded video with a comprehensive tool to create sophisticated effects.
Customize parameters including screen size, audio sources, mouse, and keyboard capturing.
Directly export video on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr.
It may crash during use.
Error occurs when it runs on the older version of Mac.

2. AnyMP4Screen Recorder

As one of the best screen capture tools on Mac, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can record high-quality videos and mix sounds from system sounds and microphone voice. It is being used in various areas like live streaming, gameplay recording, and capturing online meetings and courses.

Free Download Free Download
Anymp4 Screen Recorder Interface
It allows you to reduce the noise of the microphone to get lossless audio.
The GIF recorder enables you to capture and save videos in GIF format.
You can add a watermark or logo to your video.
It doesn’t have advanced editing tools to cut your video.
Doesn’t support capture based on keyboard event.

3. RecordPad

If you just want to capture sound on Mac, then you can try RecordPad. It can record microphone audio and system sounds such as voice messages and audiobooks in MP3 or WAV format.

Recordpad Interaface
Support audio editing to cut and add impacts on your audio.
You can compress audio files and copy them to a CD to save storage space.
It’s free to use.
It only supports limited file formats to export.

Part 5. FAQs about Screenflick

1. Is Screenflick safe and legal?

Yes, it is. It’s a legal and virus-free software and all your private information is under protection.

2. Is Screenflick free to use?

No, you have to purchase the license of Screenflick. Before paying, you can download Screenflick from the official website for a free trial.

3. How can I improve the performance of Screenflick?

First, you should close unnecessary background processes which can use CPU and memory on Mac. Then you can adjust the video quality in the preference menu. Lower quality and frame rate can improve the performance of CPU and memory.


To sum up, Screenflick is a versatile screen recording tool on Mac. You can capture high-quality audio and video with various editing features. And you can learn the pros and cons of Screenflick if you want to purchase it. Also, this article provides you 3 alternatives to Screenflick. If you have any questions about Screenflick or want to know more about it, do not hesitate to comment.

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