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Snapseed Review: A Photo Editor For iOS and Android for Free

Skylar ReidSkylar ReidUpdated on Feb 22, 2023Photo Editor

Are you aware of the trend on social media? One of them is making and creating an aesthetic photo and posting them on various social media platforms. For that reason, users tend to seek the best photo editor online which is easy to use and can be used everywhere. The good news is Snapseed is available for you! You can use this for free. But just in case you want to consider more tools, you can use these photo editors as an alternative; AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, CollageIt, PicCollage, Canva, BeFunky, PicsArt, and VSCO. Kindly read this review now to get more ideas for each of them.

Snapseed for Desktop
1. What is Snapseed? 2. Top 7 Alternatives to Snapseed for Mac and PC 3. Comparison Table 4. FAQs of Snapseed

1. What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a photo editor which you can download on your mobile devices. It could be on Android or iOS. If you are a user of Android, you can download it from Play Store, and if you are an iOS user, download Snapseed from Apple Store.

Since Snapseed is a well-known photo editor app, there are many inquiries if Snapseed on PC and Mac is available. Unfortunately, it is not. Snapseed only allows you to edit using mobile devices.

Moreover, it provides numerous features, and we will discuss that later. But before anything else, we want to share with you its advantages and disadvantages. Please see them below:

Its user interface is clean and straightforward.
It is free without Ads.
It offers many editing tools.
Its new update is buggy and glitchy.
It cannot be used on a PC.
It does not have enough filters.

Edit an Image on Snapseed using an iOS Device

Snapseed for Desktop Edit an Image

Snapseed is easy to use, and this app aims to edit your images using various editing tools. And to edit an image, of course, you need to add it from your Device. You can also add from your Camera. Therefore, you need to take a picture first. Or you can also Open the Latest Image.

After adding your image, Snapseed provides two Editing Options; Looks and Tools. When you tap the Looks button, you will add Filters to your photo, and the available filters are; Last Edits, Portrait, Smooth, Pop, Morning, Bright, Fine Art, Structure, and more.

On the other hand, when you proceed to the Tools button, you will have a chance to enhance your photo. You can Tune the Image, which can adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Highlights, Shadows, and Warmth.

When you choose the Details Editing Tools, you can adjust the Sharpening and Structure. What else? There’s more; you can also choose Curves, White Balance, Crop, Rotate, Perspective Expand, Selective, Brush, Healing, HDR Scape, Glamour Glow, and so on.

After the editing process, Snapseed lets you Share and Open your editing image using your social media accounts and more. Furthermore, you can also Save and Save a Copy. Plus, you can click the Export button to create a copy with permanent changes.

2. Top 7 Alternatives to Snapseed for Mac and PC

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Snapseed Alternatives AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Price: 1 Month License costs $29.69, Lifetime License costs $59.96, and Business License costs $119.96.

Platform: Windows, Mac.

Overall Rating:

We are now aware that Snapseed for Windows 10 is not available. That said, you can use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate as an alternative to Snapseed. Originally, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a converter software. But the good thing about it is this software can also be a photo editor.

Free Download Free Download

You can click the Collage Icon and choose one of the many templates. In addition, it also offers Filter, such as Warm, Gray, Sketch, Hong Kong Movie, Orange Dots, and more. The unique part of AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is allowing you to add Audio. Overall, this photo editor software will not fail you to produce an outstanding output.


Snapseed Alternatives Collageit

Price: $29.90

Platform: Windows, Mac.

Overall Rating:

As we can see, the user interface of CollageIt is too simple, but it still counts as one of the alternatives to Snapneed. In addition, CollageIt focuses on editing photos in Collage Layout. It provides numerous built-in collages you can use. If you are using the free version of CollageIt, you will enjoy 15 free Collage Templates.

After choosing a Collage Template, you will see another panel of CollageIt. It provides Preview, and this Preview feature will help you see every image you upload. In addition, the options that CollageIt gives you are; File, Photo, Collage, Options, and Help. Then, in the editing process, you can adjust the Space, Margin, Rotation, Sparse, and more.


Snapseed Alternatives Picollage

Price: $4.08 monthly and $35.00 yearly.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices.

Overall Rating:

Another Snapseed photo editor alternative is PicCollage. It is also an application you can download on your mobile devices, like iOS and Android. This photo editor app lets you create not only fun photos but also videos.

PicCollage allows you to use their Collage and add extra using Editing Tools. Moreover, if you do not want to use a Collage, you can make your own using the Freestyle feature. This feature lets you bring out your creativity. What’s more? You can also edit the built-in Templates with several categories.


Snapseed Alternatives Canva

Price: Canva Pro: $42.52, Canva for Teams: $72.94

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:

It was mentioned a while ago that Snapseed for PC and Mac is not possible. But if it is okay with you, you can use an alternative to Snapseed, which we are introducing to you, Canva. It is an online photo editor and offers a comprehensive editing tool.

If you are not familiar with Canva, you can use Canva for every occasion. It provides many categories you can edit and use, like creating a Birthday Card, Thank You Card, Love Letter, Business Card, Wedding Invitations, etc. Not just that, you can also use Canva for school projects and create unique templates.


Snapseed Alternatives BeFunky

Price: $9.99 a month and $4.99 a month, payable for a year.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:

Since Snapseed for Mac is unavailable, you can use BeFunky as an alternative to Snapseed. It is an online photo editor; of course, it lets you edit your images. Like other photo editors online, BeFunky also offers a lot of categories, such as Oil Painting, Glitch Art, Cartoonizer, and more.

In addition, it allows you to make a Collage, also with the use of the built-in layouts of BeFunky. You can Customize the Background Color, Spacing, Corner Rounding, Orientation, etc. BeFunky also offers Layout Preserts, like Features, Grid, Big Photo Wrap, Shape, Facebook Cover, and Pinterest.


Snapseed Alternatives PicsArt

Price: Monthly Plan costs $11.99, and Yearly Plan costs $4.66.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:

PicsArt is almost similar to Canva. This photo editor works online, and of course, it lets you edit photos online. When you visit an official online site, you will immediately see the choices to edit images to create stunning photos; Create, Batch Editor, Editing Tools, Design, Discover, Templates, and more.

Furthermore, PicsArt also offers a Design for Customize Size, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This photo editor also offers Templates and Collections. For that said, you will never go wrong once you consider PicsArt as an alternative to Snapseed.


Snapseed Alternatives VSCO

Price: Monthly Membership costs $7.35, and Yearly Membership costs $18.28.

Platform: Android, iOS

Overall Rating:

Same as Snapseed, VSCO is an application to edit a photo. But this time, we will use VSCO as an alternative to Snapseed. The question is, what makes VSCO different from Snapseed? VSCO is used for professional editing.

It provides many filters and editing tools, especially if you purchase it. However, it would help if you learned that VSCO is too pricey. And as we reviewed VSCO in our previous article, purchasing its Pro version is not worth it. But overall, it is a good try to use VSCO as an alternative app.

3. Which One Is the Best Snapseed Alternative

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Easy-to-use Interface Safety Editing Tools Editing Process Features Best For
Windows, Mac Starts at $29.69 9.8 9.5 9.6 9.5 9.6 Convert Video, Video Maker, Edit Photos, Create Collage Beginners
Windows, Mac Starts at $29.90 9 8.5 8.8 8.8 8.6 Create Collage, Edit Photo Beginners
Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices Starts at $4.08 9 9.3 9.5 9 9 Grid Photos Create Freestyle Photos Edit Templates Beginners
Online Starts at $42.52 9 9.4 8.9 9 9.1 Create Cards, Edit Images, Edit Templates Professionals
Online Starts at $9.99 8.8 8.7 8.8 8.7 8.8 Photo Editor, Collage Maker, Graphic Designer Professionals
Online Starts at $11.99 8.8 8.9 8.8 8.7 8.8 Create Design, Edit Projects, Photo Editor, Edit Templates Professionals
Android, iOS Starts at $7.35 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.6 8.8 Create Spaces, Edit Photo, Apply Filters Professionals

4. FAQs of Snapseed

Is Snapseed free?

The good news is you can download and use Snapseed for free. Unlike other software, Snapseed is 100% free and offers many features and editing tools without worrying about Ads. Therefore, Snapseed does not also have Ads and has no limitations.

What is Snapseed used for?

Snapseed is basically used for editing photos. In addition, it does not edit videos, and it can only edit photos. You can use Snapseed if you want to enhance your images. For example, you can Tune Images, Details, etc.

Is Snapseed for desktop free?

Once again, Snapseed is free for everyone. Nonetheless, it is not possible to use it on a desktop. Why? Snapseed is only suitable for mobile devices like iOS and Android.


We are done reviewing Snapseed and its alternatives, namely, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, CollageIt, PicCollage, Canva, BeFunky, PicsArt, and VSCO. Furthermore, there is a comparison table where you can distinguish all their differences. To end this review, do not forget to hit the like button and read another like this on our official site. See you there!

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