1. Overview of VSCO App
2. VSCO App Review
3. VSCO VS Instagram
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VSCO App Review: Edit Photos With Built-In Presets

Skylar ReidSkylar ReidUpdated on Feb 23, 2023Photo Editor

Are you tired of using software to edit images? Well, if that is the case, you will change your software into an app. There are many photo editing apps, one of which is the VSCO app. It is suitable for Android and iOS devices. To know more about the VSCO app, this is a comprehensive review we have prepared for you; you can start reading now!

VSCO App Review
1. Overview of VSCO App 2. VSCO App Review 3. VSCO VS Instagram 4. FAQs of VSCO App

1. Overview of VSCO App

What is VSCO App?

VSCO is an app that can make your photos aesthetic. It is excellent to provide filters on your photos before uploading them to social media. This review will focus on the VSCO app; therefore, since it is an app, you need to download it on your mobile devices, which is suitable for Android and iOS devices.

Aside from the Filters, VSCO provides various effects allowing you to become creative. Furthermore, VSCO is a photo editor app that you can download on the Web, Apple Store, and Google Play Store. So much with that, let us start reviewing VSCO's advantages and disadvantages below:

It has a free version you can use every day.
It has a straightforward user interface.
It provides many filters.
It provides clean preset and editing tools.
It lags, especially when editing.
There is a big change in the new update.
Its free version is too limited.
It does not allow you to see who likes your uploaded images.
8.5 Overall



Editing Tools 8.5

2. VSCO App Review


VSCO App Review Interface

VSCO app has a straightforward user interface. As you see in the photo, we provide five screenshots: the interface of VSCO from Feed, Discover, Studio, Profile, and Spaces. From Feed to Spaces, you will notice that the color of the interfaces is white.

In the Feed part, you will see other people's uploads, and you can scroll anytime you want. Moreover, you can tap the Star Icon if you want to add the photo you see on Favorites. You will see the Search Bar and the Search Icon in the Discover part. Plus, Hashtags Content.

On the Studio part, you will see the options, such as All, Videos, Images, Edited, Unedited, Published, and Unpublished. Below are options like Take a Photo, Collage, Montage, and Import. The next part is the Profile; you can see your Gallery and Collection. And lastly, the Spaces part is where you can see the Contributing, Following, and Featured. Moreover, you can create your own first space.


VSCO App Review Pricing

One of the advantages of VSCO is they offer a free version. You can use this anytime and anywhere you want. Nonetheless, it does not have an exclusive feature. Therefore, it is limited to features and editing tools.

Furthermore, this part will explain how to join their membership, and we will discuss its price. I guess you are ready to know, so let us start now. To become a VSCO Member, you must purchase one of their subscription plans, and VSCO offers two subscription plans.

The first plan is VSCO Membership Monthly; you need to pay $7.33 per month for this plan. However, it does not offer a trial version, but the good thing is you will access all the features of VSCO. The next plan is VSCO Membership Annual, which costs $18.23, payable for a year, and offers a seven days trial.

Supposing you do not want to use and pay for VSCO anymore, do not worry because VSCO lets you cancel your subscription plan anytime. The question is, does the price worth it? We will know the answer after we discuss other features.

Import and Edit Images

VSCO App Review Import and Edit

Since VSCO is one of the professional photo editor apps, some users thought it was not easy to use, but it is not. It is manageable to use, and you will see all the options immediately. Before adding an image, you will see options like Take a Photo, Collage, Montage, and Import.

If you will edit an image, VSCO allows you to add an image by clicking the Import and Plus Icon. In addition, you can add Videos if you want. However, since we are talking about images, add the image you want to edit.

Furthermore, you can choose if you want to Add Presets to your image. The choices are; A4, A5, A6, and so on. You can also use the Editing Tools to create changes to your photo; you can Add Text, Adjust, Exposure, Contrast, Sharpen, Clarity, Saturation, and more.

As you notice, all the Editing Tools and Presets we mentioned are basic. Why? Because you can only use the basic Presets and Editing Tools if you use the free version of VSCO. For that reason, you will experience more features and tools once you join the VSCO Membership. Nonetheless, its free version is not that bad, so you can try it now!

Create with Collage

VSCO App Review Create with Collage

In this next part, let us discuss another feature of VSCO, which is that you can create a Collage using the app. When adding an image, you must be in the panel of Studio. This photo collage maker lets you create a collage when you select the Collage Icon.

Moreover, if you are a free version user, you can use this feature using the trial version. However, when the free trial ends, you will no longer use this feature unless you join the membership of VSCO.

For the free version users, it offers ten free Collage Layouts. Once you select a Collage Layout, you can click Create Scene. Now, it is time to add images. You can see images by tapping the Plus button on every Layout. You can also add Canvas, Media, and Shape.

The good thing about this feature is you can edit the image you added. Every image is editable and moveable. You can edit by adding Presets, Use Editing Tools, and more. What else? You can Copy the photo and Paste it into another Layout. Plus, you can edit the Opacity and change the Background. Again, while using the free version, you will experience limitations.

How to Use VSCO?

In this part of the article review, we will show you some steps to use the VSCO app. If you are unfamiliar with and new to VSCO, this is the perfect time to learn how to use VSCO properly. All you need to do is take note of all the steps correctly; please see the steps below:


After downloading and installing the VSCO app, it has five options on the bottom part of the panel app, which are the Feed, Discover, Studio, Profile, and Spaces. To edit an image, tap the Studio button or Plus Icon.

How to Use VSCO Five Options

Select the Import button and choose the image you prefer to edit. Then, click the Enhance Icon, and you will proceed to the next window, the editing panel.

How to Use VSCO Choose Image

You can now start editing the photo and apply built-in Presets, such as A4, A5, A6, etc. You can also use the Editing Tools. Just click the Text, Dodge, Burn, Adjust, Exposure, and more.

How to Use VSCO Presets and Editing Tools

After that, click the Next button on the panel's upper right corner. Then, you will proceed again to the next window. You have the option to select the Save button and the Post to VSCO button. However, you can also choose the two options. And that is it.

How to Use VSCO Save and Post

Using the VSCO app will not waste your time because it is super easy to use. You will appreciate every detail and panel. You can try it now, and please do not forget to use the steps above as a guide, especially if you are a beginner.

3. VSCO VS Instagram

We will now proceed with the comparison chart. In this part, we will see which is better, VSCO or Instagram. As we review VSCO, we can say that editing images and saving them to post on many social media accounts is better.

On the other hand, Instagram is a well-known social media account. It will kill your boredom by posting and scrolling images. In addition, it offers advanced editing tools you can use not just for images but also for videos. Let us now compare the two apps below:

VSCO App Instagram
Overall Ratings
Support Service
Platform Android, iOS Android, iOS
Pricing VSCO Membership Monthly: $7.33, VSCO Membership Annual: $18.23 Free
Supported Formats JPG, PNG, HEIC, GIF, etc. GIF, HEIC, JPG, PNG, etc.
Posting Images Moderate Fast
Editing Tools Advanced Advanced
Best For It is best for editing images using built-in presets and numerous editing tools. It is also best for sharing images without seeing who likes users’ posts. It is best for a user who loves using social media while bored. It is also best for editing images before posting them. Also, it is best to post Instagram Stories every day.
Free Trial 7 Days Free
  • Import Images
  • Edit Images
  • Create a Collage
  • Create Montage
  • Post Edited Images on Social Media
  • Create Space
  • Create Reels
  • Post an Image or Multiple Images
  • Create Story
  • Create Highlights
Pros or Advantages
  • It has a free version you can use every day.
  • It has a straightforward user interface.
  • It provides many filters.
  • IIt provides clean preset and editing tools.
  • It is free to use online.
  • It lets you post, create reels, and more.
  • It offers advanced editing tools, stickers, and GIFs.
Cons or Disadvantages
  • It lags, especially when editing.
  • There is a big change in the new update.
  • Its free version is too limited.
  • It does not allow you to see who likes your uploaded images.
  • It only posts photos by one or multiple, but not in college.
  • It has a fixed aspect ratio.

4. FAQs of VSCO App

Is VSCO free?

VSCO app is not 100% free. However, it offers a free version. In the free version, you can use limited editing tools and features.

How to post on VSCO?

Another way to post on VSCO is after editing an image. You need to click the Next button. After that, choose which you prefer. It could be the Save button or Post to VSCO. Of course, if you want to post, you must choose the Post to VSCO button.

What is VSCO girl?

VSCO girl is also an app that can be used as a photo editor. Teens usually use it up to adults. You can also create memes and more using VSCO girl.

Does VSCO tell you who views your profile?

No, unlike other apps, the VSCO app does not let you know who views your profile. For that reason, if you also visit another profile, that user will not know that you visited their profile. Thanks to the VSCO privacy policy.


Is the price of VSCO worth it? It is the question we left above, and now we will answer it. We can conclude that VSCO is not worth purchasing. It is too pricey, and when you purchase the plan, there are only a few features added, and that is. To end this review, VSCO is a good app, but there will always be the best app. You can try Instagram instead.

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